Sprint rushing to a T-Mobile merger may have to do with a Democratic White House 2020

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint fell apart just a few short months ago, but rumors are swirling that they are at it again, this time determined to iron out the controlling stake differences, and really push for this thing to work. Why again and why now, you ask? Well, it turns out that debt-laden parent company of debt-laden Sprint sees only a limited window of opportunity to do it before the next, possibly Democratic White House kicks in when 2020 Presidential elections come.

A merger effort was once blocked by President Obama’s White House on the premise of limiting competition, …

How Cambridge Analytica used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others to put Trump in the White House

It sounds so creepy and far-fetched, almost like the plot to some B-list movie thriller. A company called Cambridge Analytica was able to help deliver the presidency to Donald Trump by getting inside the heads of the real estate developer’s supporters and non-supporters using social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Data that was supposed to be used for research only was sold to Cambridge Analytica, which in turn sold the Trump campaign on the power behind its use.

To the credit of the team running the Trump campaign, they understood that mining the Facebook profiles of 50 …

How many old phones do you still have lying around the house? (results)

We asked you last week how many old handsets do you still have lying around the house – you know, the type you switch off and throw in a drawer when you get your new device, thinking that you will use it as a backup phone, put it on Craigslist at some point, or give it to your mother, and it stays there for the next year… or two. Call them crazy, but a quarter of our 1963 respondents have 5 or more old handsets hiding in drawers. Actually, another quarter has just their current phone, or another backup handset, while all the rest have two or more clunkers in the house. Talk …

Pelosi delivers longest House speech ever in an attempt to save DACA


House Minority Leader has something she’d like to say: more than eight hours worth of things, to be specific.

Pelosi took to the House floor beginning at 10:04 am on Wednesday to advocate on behalf of young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers. Republicans in the House are hoping to pass a spending bill before Friday. Pelosi is refusing to sign any bill that doesn’t include a path to citizenship for this population.

Her #DACAbuster, clocking in at an epic 8 hours and 7 minutes, broke the record for the longest speech ever delivered in House history, not exactly a chamber known for its brevity. Unlike the Senate, filibustering is not allowed in the House. (Pelosi got around that as her speech wasn’t obstructing the passage of specific legislation.)  Read more…

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Notch in my house: iPhone X copies — not so popular

Apple’s iPhone X has a pretty signature — if divisive — look. Yeah, the notch, which eats into the rectangular shape of the screen, is a subject of many debates, the vertically-oriented dual camera module still feels like an oddity, the shiny frame completes the package. And while it’s a unique-looking device, it also has a unique price tag.

But, as with everything that is popular, there are already manufacturers out there making phones that have been so “inspired” by the iPhone X, they kind of look like copies of the phone. But they come at a 5th of the price, …

Results: no clones in this house!

Smartphone clones are such a fascinating thing. They come in their own variety of “quality” (read: how accurate and on point with the original they are), hardware, and prices. They also often pop up way before the actual device they are knocking off is even announced. And they sometimes tempt us into thinking about buying one — just to see how close it is to the original.

Of course, when we say fascinating, we don’t necessarily mean you should ditch Samsung or Apple and go for No. 1 or GooPhone. The question is, when you factor in the several times lower cost, is the clone still a foolish …

No eavesdropping in this house: Apple's HomePod might feature mutable microphones

It seems that Apple doesn’t want to reiterate the same mistakes Google did a few months ago – back then, it was discovered that a bug made some Google Home Mini constantly eavesdrop on their users, recording a ton of audio queries without being intended to. Although this was reportedly unintentional and promptly fixed, Google got a lot of bad rep. 
Apple is naturally unwilling to be on the receiving end of a similar treatment, so it seems to be taking preemptive countermeasures. Discovered by Filipe Espósito, a set of new assets unraveled within the iOS 11.2.5 …

White House government shutdown away message is a political attack on Democrats


Donald Trump’s White House sunk to a new level of petty on Saturday, as the United States government shutdown.

Callers dialing into the publicly available White House comments line — at 202.456.1111 — are greeted with a recorded away message. An unrecognizable female voice politely explains that the government is shut down because Democrats are holding it “hostage.”

Listen for yourself. This is a recording we captured ourselves when dialing the White House comment line shortly after 6:00 p.m. ET on Saturday. Read more…

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A bittersweet look back at Obama White House holiday decorations


If the holidays don’t feel right this year, it might have something to do with the White House. 

A few weeks ago we were gifted with Melania Trump’s White House holiday decorations, but something was missing…

The Obamas.

Every year we anticipated how the first family, specifically Queen Michelle Obama, was going to top her decorations from last year.  Alas, now we’re only left with memories of the past. 

So let’s forget for a moment about 2017 by looking back all the holiday cheer the Obamas brought us.  Read more…

2009: The first holiday tradition begins with lots and lots of decorative trees.

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How the White House press conference became 2017's must-see TV


On Saturday, January 21, 2017, the Trump administration began not with a gentle dose of diplomacy but with a red-faced tirade delivered by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, lambasting the media over reports of low attendance at the previous day’s inauguration festivities.

At the time, Spicer’s tantrum felt unprecedented, a press secretary shoved out to defend the embattled new president against charges that people didn’t like him (never mind that he lost the popular vote).

It proved to be the rule, not the exception. The outburst revealed three key characteristics that would be a part of just about every interaction between the Trump administration and the press: 1. Denial of facts; 2. Anger at the mainstream media; 3. The presentation of an alternate reality.  Read more…

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