Google Home smart speaker just $86 with coupon code

Normally priced at $129 when purchased from the Google Store, the Google Home smart speaker is available for only $86 from online retailer Rakuten with the use of a coupon code. The device can answer your inquiries related to the weather, news, sports scores and more. Google Home can set timers and alarms, confirm your flight information and stream your favorite songs. It also can control your smart appliances inside your home including the thermostat, lighting, entertainment systems, and more.

To take advantage of this deal, click on the sourcelink and you’ll end up at Rakuten’s online …

Google reportedly prepping version of Google Home with a screen

Google apparently plans on producing a new Google Home smart speaker with a screen so that users will be able to watch YouTube videos, get directions from Google Maps, browse the web, and more. The product is said to carry the code name of “Quartz,” and was discovered during a teardown of the latest Google app (v.7.14.15). References were found that included YouTube, and the words video and browser.

Currently, Amazon sells the Echo Show which features a 7-inch screen. Last month, Google pulled YouTube from the device because Amazon refused to allow users to select autoplay as an option. …

YouTube TV gains voice control on Google Home and Google Home Mini

Google has just announced it has improved its YouTube TV service with voice control support on Google Home and Google Home Mini. The search giant also confirmed Google Home Max will receive the same feature soon.

Obviously, you can only use it in those U.S. cities where Google’s YouTube TV service is available, and you’ll also require a subscription. If you don’t have a YouTube TV subscription yet, you can get one now ($35 per month) and receive a Chromecast for free (limited-time offer).

In order to cast YouTube TV on your TV, you must set up your Google …

Four ways to wake up the iPhone X screen. No home button? No problem!

So, the iPhone X is coming out in just under a month, and you may be one of the many waiting at the edge of their seats. And for good reason — the X is a long-awaited design evolution and a technological marble by Apple. But, being so drastically different, it also comes with slight differences on how you are going to physically the device.

For example:
There is no home button? How can I conveniently wake my iPhone now?
The little circular pad, which has been a signature feature of the iPhones ever since the original launched is now gone. Users have long been …

Some Google Home Mini units would spy on users 24/7, but a fix has already been deployed

Google introduced the Home Mini early this month and the AI speaker is already available for purchase in many countries. For example, in the United States, Google Home Mini costs $49 and ships by October 18.

If you’ve already got one, then there’s a slim chance that your speaker might have been spying on you 24/7 due to a hardware issue. A number of early units would constantly be triggered to listen to commands even when no one is around.

Moreover, these flawed Google Home Mini units were recording every time they were triggering and send the information …

Google Home 2-pack on sale for $199.99 at Costco; individual units now just $109 at Google Store

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time, the smart speaker category belonged to Amazon. After all, it was a product that they created with the Amazon Echo, and the Google Home was still a few weeks from being launched. Now, the market is getting crowded with the Microsoft Invoke and Apple HomePod on the way. In addition, new smart speakers are coming from Sony and Samsung. The device uses a virtual assistant to help users learn about the weather, news, sports scores, stock quotes and more. Smart appliances can be activated with these products and set lists from certain streaming …

You can now use “Find my phone” voice command with Google Home

Google Home is one of the most popular speakers on the market offers quite a few Google Home skills. Starting this week, Google Home owners will be able to use one more voice command: “Find my phone.”

Google enabled the new voice command earlier today, so Home users should be able to test it very soon. “Where’s my phone” or “find/ring my phone” are the commands one must use in order for Google Home to pin their smartphones.

But the new feature is a little bit more complex than that, as Google Home can also turn up the volume on the smartphone, which means …

PSA: Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with a free Home Mini only if you pre-order by October 19

Google’s latest smartphones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL,
come with a pretty cool gift – a free Google Home Mini (the new, tiny smart
speaker announced yesterday, at the same time with the two phones).


But, if you intend to get any of the two new Pixels, you
shouldn’t wait too long before ordering one. That’s because the free Google
Home Mini is offered only to customers who place a pre-order until (and
including on) October 19 – the day when the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will
actually launch. There’s also the likelihood that the Pixel 2 XL will be hard
to find if you don’t hurry, but …

Update to the Google Home app for iOS/Android brings new UI and Night Mode

The day before the Google Home Mini is officially introduced, Google has pushed out an update for the Google Home app for iOS and Android. The Google Home is Google’s vision of a smart speaker, the tech product that was created by Amazon with the Echo. The app version is, and it includes a new UI that makes it easier for users to make their way around the app. For example, three tabs (Watch, Listen, and Discover) are gone, replaced with Discover and Browse categories found at the bottom of the screen.

The Discover category shows users how best to use the Google Home smart speakers. …

New Google Pixel 2 XL photo revealed by Walmart alongside fresh Home Mini images

Google hasn’t been able to keep its upcoming Pixel 2
smartphone series under wraps, so we’ve already seen both devices (the 5-inch
Pixel 2, and the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL), while also learning quite a lot about
their features. 


Unlike the Pixel and Pixel XL of 2016 (which shared the same
design, though in different sizes), the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have fronts that don’t look alike. More exactly, the Pixel 2 XL sports a display with round corners and minimal bezels,
while the Pixel 2 has a more traditional screen with pretty large bezels at the
top and bottom. In case you’re doubting …