T-Mobile in feud with AT&T over the Un-carrier's holiday video

You might recall the holiday video that T-Mobile released this year. Based on stop-action Claymation animated classics like Gumby, the video features a talking snowman who recites a story about Verizon and AT&T (the “abominable carriers,” as they are characterized in the video) and how they only cared about taking silver and gold from the people of the world. Using a fog of taxes, fees, limits and restrictions, the two top stateside carriers ignored the needs and wants of their customers. At least, that’s the story passed along by the Snowman.

Today, a press release issued by …

Lin-Manuel Miranda's tender New Year's message made the holiday a little less horrible


Unless you live in a designated warm place like Miami or Los Angeles, New Year’s is widely accepted as the worst holiday of the year.

Thankfully, there are little tweets for us cold climate people that keep us goingHamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had one of the sweetest this year, with just the right amount of corniness to make it chug.

Miranda pulled up a Facebook post he wrote on New Years Eve six years ago as he was creating Hamilton.

“It’s very hard to write battle wraps between Jefferson and Hamilton when you’re nowhere near as smart as the people for whom you are writing. The hamster in the hamster wheel that runs my fevered brain needs a drink,” Miranda wrote at the time. Read more…

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Google Pixel 2 shows the largest bump in activations during the Christmas holiday weekend

Despite recent reports revealing multiple issues with the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL (mostly with the screen and speaker), the two handsets enjoyed a surprisingly strong Christmas weekend and showed more growth in activations than the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The percentage increase is computed by subtracting the number of activations from the Christmas holiday weekend compared to the average number from the prior three weekends. A phone is considered to be activated once it starts opening and using apps.

At the top of the list is the Google Pixel 2, which …

Google Pixel 2 beats out the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in activations this past holiday weekend

Despite recent reports revealing multiple issues with the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL (mostly with the screen and speaker), the two handsets enjoyed a surprisingly strong Christmas weekend and tallied more activations than the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. According to fresh data from  analytics company Localytics, the Pixel 2 accounted for a leading 38.61% of smartphone activations last weekend.

The Google Pixel 2 XL was second, with 31.41% of last weekend’s hook-ups. With 28.72%, the Apple iPhone X was in third place followed by the Apple iPhone 8 (17.7%) …

The 2017 holiday shopping season brought record sales to Amazon

Many consumers feel that they get a good value by spending $99 a year for a Amazon Prime membership. With a subscription, members get same day, one day or two day delivery of certain products. Subscribers also get free access to Amazon Prime streaming video and streaming music. During one week of this year’s holiday shopping season, the company added 4 million new subscribers who signed up for a free trial or paid membership to Prime.

According to Amazon, the company set a record for holiday sales this year. Amazon sold millions more of new devices in 2017 compared to 2016’s figures. In …

WOW Air is offering an amazing holiday deal, but you're going to have to act fast


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WOW Air is offering a great, last-minute Christmas sale on end-of-the-year flights.

Until 7 p.m. ET Saturday, travelers can book roundtrip flights to 38 destinations for 50 percent off. The Icelandic airline flies all over Europe (and Canada) from many American cities, including Boston, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and San Francisco.

The promo code to snag in the next few hours is WOWXMAS. Read more…

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A bittersweet look back at Obama White House holiday decorations


If the holidays don’t feel right this year, it might have something to do with the White House. 

A few weeks ago we were gifted with Melania Trump’s White House holiday decorations, but something was missing…

The Obamas.

Every year we anticipated how the first family, specifically Queen Michelle Obama, was going to top her decorations from last year.  Alas, now we’re only left with memories of the past. 

So let’s forget for a moment about 2017 by looking back all the holiday cheer the Obamas brought us.  Read more…

2009: The first holiday tradition begins with lots and lots of decorative trees.

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Pokemon GO holiday update brings back Santa Pikachu and a few frosty friends

It’s been a very busy month for Niantic, the studio behind Pokemon GO smash-hit. Several updates hit Android and iOS devices in December, which brought loads of new features and improvements meant to keep players engaged.

The latest update comes just in time for the holiday season and brings a host of Christmas-themed changes. For starters, the festive Pikachu is back for a limited time, and he’s bringing a few frosty friends in the form of Ice-type Pokemon.

Furthermore, Niantic announced that additional Water-type and Ice-type Pokemon that were initially …

Thanks, GOP! AT&T will give employees $1000 holiday bonuses when tax cuts pass

It’s not only T-Mobile that will benefit from the tax cut bonanza that Congress and Senate just passed, AT&T employees could feel the love, too. There seems to be a concerted effort to prove the trickle-down economic theory right, as many companies announced they will invest in the US and/or give employees bonuses if the tax reform passes before Christmas. We don’t know what kind of hand-twisting has been going on behind the curtain, but AT&T was one of the first to bring the good news. Besides $1 billion in new US investments, AT&T said that it will be able to give $1000 to more than …

Prince George and Princess Charlotte rock colour co-ordinated outfits for their holiday card


If there’s one thing the Royal Family can learn from the Kardashians, it’s this: colour co-ordinate your holiday card outfits. And, boy, have they gone all out with the colour co-ordination this year. 

For this year’s family Christmas card, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decked out their royal brood in matching blue outfits. 

Prince George reaffirmed his commitment to shorts, and Princess Charlotte sported her favourite summer dress. And, judging by the summery outfits, it looks like the pic was snapped during the warmer months.  Read more…

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