Sony to hold MWC 2018 press conference on February 26, new Xperia phones incoming?

Although Sony has already unveiled a trio of Xperia phones early this year at CES (Consumers Electronics Show), we expect the Japanese company to unveil a couple of more handsets next month at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018.

As a matter fact, we’ve just been invited to Sony’s MWC press conference scheduled to take place on February 26. The invitation doesn’t mention anything about phones, just that we’ll get to see their latest technological achievements.

However, since MWC is all about smartphones, we strongly believe that we’ll see at least two new Xperia devices, including a …

Hold up: Beyoncé changes her email address HOW often?


Beyoncé, queen of everything including online privacy protection, changes her email address so frequently that it’ll make you rethink your entire life.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, singer and recent Beyoncé collaborator Ed Sheeran revealed that his friend Bey changes her email address every damn week. And you probably thought you took extra precautions by occasionally changing your password. LOL.

When describing how he and Bey got in touch to work on their “Perfect” duet, Sheeran spilled about her ~extra~ methods of communication. Read more…

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Apple will hold a special Apple Watch activity challenge for Veterans Day in the US

Apple has a special Apple Watch Challenge planned for Veterans Day on November 11th in the United States. On Veterans Day, Apple Watch users will be able to unlock an exclusive badge and an iMessage sticker by completing a special challenge.

And what’s the challenge? As you probably expected, and in typical Apple fashion, the idea is to get you moving, and in order to unlock the special badge and sticker you’ll have to clock up 11 minutes of workout on Veterans Day. To record your time, you’ll either have to use the stock Workout app, or any other third-party app that uses Apple’s …

It's official: Apple to hold event on September 12th

It’s official, mark your calendars: Apple will hold an event on September 12th, and expectations are that we will see three new iPhones, two upgrades to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as a brand new, super premium iPhone model with a new full-screen design and OLED screen, as well as a 3D face recognition feature. A new edition of the Apple Watch – probably the Series 3 – is also expected to make a debut and introduce an LTE chip to the watch, so that you can use most of its features without tethering it to an iPhone.
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Official: Lenovo to hold its IFA 2017 keynote on August 31

With IFA 2017 less than two months’ away, it’s only normal for the more popular hardware manufacturers to start teasing and formally announcing their presence at the grand trade show.
Sony was among the first to do so, but Lenovo isn’t far behind — one of the largest China-based tech companies just revealed that it will be hosting a keynote event on August 31, just a day before IFA 2017 officially kicks in. Coincidentally, that’s the same day when Sony’s having its own moment, and it wouldn’t surprise us at all if other major manufacturers also …

Motorola to hold July 25th new product unveiling event in New York City

Looks like Motorola will be unveiling at least one new phone in New York City around the end of the current month (July 25th to be exact). Invites sent out by the company say, “You won’t want to miss this,” and colored tunnels flash red, yellow, orange, pink and blue lights. We could see the Moto Z2 Force introduced (we recently got a peek at the AT&T version of the phone) along with the Moto X4. The latter might feature a dual camera-set up and an IP68 certification rating. That is a bit unusual for Motorola as the company usually relies on nano-coating fron P2i to protects a handset from …

Microsoft to hold May 23rd event regarding Surface line; is the Surface Pro 5 to be unveiled?

A tweet sent Thursday by Surface chief Panos Panay suggests that Microsoft’s Surface division will be holding an event in Shanghai on May 23rd. We could see the introduction of the Surface Pro 5 and/or the Surface Book 2. And whenever Surface is involved in the introduction of a brand new or updated device, there is always talk about the possible introduction of the mythical Surface Phone.

Just yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that when Microsoft gets back into the handset business, the new models will break the mold, like the Surface line already does with tablets. And speaking …

Are Apple And Google Taking Over Blackberry Hold On The Market?

RIM’s Blackberry has long since been an established player in the enterprise market, in fact, has without doubt been the stronghold of the corporate world for many years. Favored as the smartphone of choice for professionals, it has had little real competition and has built its company upon this loyalty. However, nothing stands still, especially in the world of technology. Let’s look at whether two strong players in the smartphone market are making any inroads and posing any notable competition for Blackberry. Are Apple and Google genuine threats to Blackberry’s stronghold on the enterprise market?

Blackberry, famed for its robust security and data management features and dominating the enterprise sector at all levels from small business to large corporations, including the Government and Public sectors, until quite recently. Then just a few short years ago, enter a number of alternative mobile platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and suddenly the picture looks very different and the grip is loosened significantly.

Companies want to move with the times and it seems that for some, Blackberry has failed to keep up. Also, cost has been a big issue; as has consumer/worker preference, with some businesses migrating their whole workforce to the more popular iPhones and Androids that their staff prefer for personal use and wish to be able to use at work, too. For some businesses, allowing employees to use their own smartphones for work has substantially cut operating costs too and as we know, Google is leading the way in the smartphone arena currently and with much cheaper alternatives.

The latest OS offering from Android has received some criticism, described as “not as refined as it needs to be for the enterprise market”. Android is apps-centric where Blackberry is business-centric. Judging by current sales, Blackberry is not under any major threat currently from either Android or iPhone. But this is such a fluid market that is can only be a matter of time before both make real inroads into the enterprise market.

Personally, I think that Blackberry has corporate loyalty and will have for the foreseeable future. Corporates still demand powerful enterprise tools which RIM provides and does well and this area may be one where Apple and Google will still struggle, at least in the short term. The battle is interesting theatre for anyone in the smartphone market. It is important for those in mobile marketing to watch carefully how Apple and Google play this one out, as mobile marketers need to know what their target audience is buying and why.

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