iPhone loyalty rate hits 92% ahead of iPhone 8 release

It appears that iPhone users are extremely loyal customers. In a survey conducted this April, financial services firm Morgan Stanley established that 92% of iPhone owners who were likely to buy a new handset in the next 12 months plan to upgrade to another iPhone. 
This is a sizeable 6% year-over-year increase compared to the 86% recorded by Morgan Stanley in 2016. In fact, the loyalty rate for 2017 is almost tied with Apple’s all-time record of 93% documented in 2015 when the iPhone 6s was launched.
Morgan Stanley …

BlackBerry KEYone battery life test result really hits it out of the park

The BlackBerry KEYone is a phone with a keyboard in 2017. And while that was pretty much the standard 10 years ago, in 2017, it’s the only such phone.
But that’s okay: it’s meant to be that way. The KEYone has a 4.5-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, and a laser focus on productivity and email, while doing all the things modern Android phones do. The phone is not exactly beautiful, but it’s practical, it’s meant to get things done.
One key aspect of a practical phone, however, is clearly its ability to deliver …

Rovio's Battle Bay mobile game hits Android and iOS devices

As expected, Finnish giant Rovio globally launched its next major mobile title, Battle Bay. Unlike most of the previous games released by Rovio, this one does not seem to have birds in it.

Although there are no more angry birds in Rovio’s game, Battle Bay promises to offer the same level of entertainment to its fans. As the developer says, Battle Bay is “a real-time multiplayer battle arena in your pocket.”

However, this time you’ll be choosing a ship instead of an angry bird, add some guns to it and start putting the pressure on your opponents. According …

Super Mario Run hits nearly 150 million downloads, but makes less money than Fire Emblem

Super Mario Run, one of the most successful mobile games launched by Nintendo this year, has reached almost 150 million downloads on both the Android and iOS platforms combined.

Although that’s says something about the game’s success, it appears that not many of those who downloaded Super Mario Run were willing to pay for it. As some of you might know already, Super Mario Run offers the first couple of levels for free, after which players must pay to access the full game.

Moreover, the second mobile game released by Nintendo in 2017, Fire Emblem has a bigger …

Moto G5 Plus hits the shelves at Republic Wireless for $229

The Moto G5 Plus, one of the robust mid-range Android smartphones recently launched on the market, has just made its debut at Republic Wireless. Customers can now pick this one up for prices starting at $229.

The good news is Republic Wireless offers the 4GB RAM/64GB ROM model as well, though customers will have to pay $299 upfront to get it. Another option allows you to grab the Moto G5 Plus for just $14 per month (32GB model) or $18 per month (64GB model).

The smartphone is available in either Lunar Gray or Fine Gold color options, and according to Republic Wireless …

Instagram hits 1 million advertisers, double the amount it had 6 months ago

Instagram is in demand as a platform for advertisers. Since September, the number of companies that actively advertise on the picture and video sharing app has doubled to one million. A year ago, that number was 200,000. Advertising on Instagram can be quite fruitful for these firms, especially since as many as 400 million people are using the app every day. James Quarles, who is the head of advertising at Instagram, says the appeal of the site goes beyond the raw numbers.

According to Quarles, 80% of Instagram’s users follow at least one business. The idea is to get these Instagram account …

Mass Effect: Andromeda companion app hits Android and iOS devices

A few days ahead of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s official release, EA launches the companion app for its upcoming game. The mobile application will allow players execute so-called “strikes” without having to open the game.

On top of that, the companion app allows players to customized their loadout ahead of a multiplayer match. You’ll be able to easily swap character’s weapons, mods, and equipment, as well as spend skill points.

Since these Strike Team missions are available for a limited time, the companion app allows players to check how much time they have left before they expire. …

Apple stock hits record as new iPads expected, analyst calls iPhone 8 'paradigm shift' in AR

Apple’s stock blasted through its $140 ceiling on market close, scoring a record high, and leaving us wondering what does Wall Street know that is coming down the pipeline. In sync with that event, the Apple Store is conveniently down with the usual “we’ve got something special in store for you” message that Apple uses when it is launching new products on its website. The store’s maintenance is scheduled to last until 8:30 Eastern, when Apple typically outs its press releases, too.

A couple of new iPads are widely expected to be posted by Apple today, an updated …

Super Mario Run officially hits Android on March 23rd; v2 coming to iOS as well?

It’s been a long wait for Android users who wanted to get their hands on Super Mario Run and the wait is almost over. Nintendo was clear the game would be hitting the Google Play Store in March and now we have a more specific release date — March 23rd — this coming Thursday. The big question remains though: Did Nintendo do anything to fix the issues of the iOS release?

According to the tweet by Nintendo announcing the release date of Super Mario Run for Android, the version being released to the Play Store will be v2.0.0. Unfortunately, we don’t know what exactly this update …

AccuWeather hits the Samsung Gear VR with scary 360-degree tornado close-ups

All weather apps are real in that what you see on screen is (usually) what you get outside. AccuWeather, though, is going next-level real. One of the most popular weather apps in the world – if not the most popular – has launched on the Samsung Gear VR, bringing 360-degree video and weather information in ways we haven’t seen before. Okay, hold up… how do you make a freaking weather report exciting enough to be worth blasting your retinas up close for?

It looks like AccuWeather had this sensitive question figured out well before boarding the VR hype train. For starters, …