Alleged OnePlus 5T benchmark nets one of the highest Snapdragon 835 scores

OnePlus 5T tips, specs and renders are being hurtled at us incessantly these days, indicating that the launch is near, and, indeed, it is expected to be unveiled as soon as next week, on November 16th. This time around, however, we have something more tangible to lean on than mere speculation, as a OnePlus device coded as A5010, just made a pass through the Geekbench database.

While the numbers it scored are top-shelf, and in line with the other top Snapdragon 835 benchmarks – those of the HTC U11 – we are more intrigued to find a confirmation that the OnePlus 5T would indeed …

Survey shows Samsung Galaxy S8+ producing the highest daily revenue per active user last month

The Apple iPhone has traditionally been the top revenue producing phone in North America. In other words, more games have been purchased by iPhone users than by those sporting an Android handset. And while that continues to be true for the most part, fresh data shows that the iPhone is being challenged by the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the Google Pixel XL for the title of the top revenue producing phone in North America.

A survey conducted by analytical firm deltaDNA revealed that in North America last month, the phone that produced the most revenue per user on an average day was the Samsung …

Samsung projected to record highest ever quarterly profits, as it announces Q2 earnings estimates

2016 was a difficult year for Samsung, hands down. After its Galaxy Note 7 phone was widely publicized for its flammability, Sammy continued to struggle in Q1 this year, marking a 9% decrease in year-on-year operating profits. However, the Korean giant has now announced estimates of its Q2 figures that show it is entering the second half of the year, having recorded its highest ever operating profit in this April-June period.

The company has said that revenue in the quarter ending in June rose to roughly $52 billion (60 trillion won), making for an operating profit …

The Galaxy S8 preorders top a million in Korea, the highest on record for a new phone

Samsung has unleashed the preorder season for the Galaxy S8 at its home turf in Korea for a good while now, since April 7, and those who have reserved the right to be the first in purchasing the handset have now surpassed the one million mark, tips local media, based on carrier reports. 

This is the highest preorder amount on record for a new phone over there, which bodes well for the total Galaxy S8 sales numbers. Samsung is expecting to ship about 60 million S8 units overall, and analysts predict that 50 million of those will be purchased this year alone. 
The …

T-Mobile trolls Verizon, AT&T and Sprint again, hits highest LTE speeds at the Super Bowl LI

It’s not beneath T-Mobile to out a near-NSFW set of commercials during the Super Bowl, in order to attract the most attention bang for its buck it can get. As CEO John Legere eloquently puts it:

Look, when you are being outspent 2:1 by Dumb and Dumber, when the other guys are spending literally billions more on advertising, how do you think we compete with their fat wallets…? 
We don’t have the bottomless pockets of a Verizon or AT&T, so we’ve gotta be a helluva lot smarter and more disciplined. We choose exactly where …