The extra side keys on the G7 and S9 should serve a higher purpose (poll results)

It turns out that extra side buttons, apart from the lock key and volume rockers, may not be such a good idea, after all, especially in their trendy reincarnation that launches digital assistants on the Galaxy S9, or the new LG G7. 
Granted, they use different virtual helpers – Samsung’s button launches its own Bixby butler, while LG bets on the tried-and-true Google Assistant, yet just 10% of our poll respondents on the virtues of extra clicky physical keys on the sides, think that assistance function will be put to good use.
More than …

Updated Spectacles are here; changes include new colors, HD video, water resistance and higher price

After selling 220,000 Spectacles at $129.99 a pair, Snap is back with a slightly more costly and updated version of the video recording glasses. Major changes include the ability to snap photos and record video in HD. The glasses are now water resistant and come in onyx, ruby, and sapphire. At $149.99, the new Spectacles are priced $20 higher than the first-gen model, and will offer faster uploads of pictures and videos to a smartphone. Once loaded on a handset, the images can be shared on Snap’s Snapchat messaging app.

Similar to the original Spectacles, pressing on the “record” button …

Comey's "A Higher Loyalty" mentions his distaste for encryption; cites Apple, 'Silicon Valley types'

We’ve all seen the headlines and know that former FBI Director James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty,” is full of salacious tales about President Donald J. Trump. But putting aside subject matter like “golden showers” for a moment, Comey’s book tears into more than just the president. You might recall that Comey himself was in the middle of Apple’s little brouhaha with the Justice Department over the G-Men’s attempt to crack the San Bernardino shooter’s Apple iPhone 5c. As a result, the ex-FBI director discusses Apple, Silicon Valley and encryption in his tome.

The Justice Department won …

Buy a $50 or higher Google Play gift card from Amazon and save $5

Earlier today, we told you how you can score a $15 Target credit for a Google Express order just by saying “Spring into Target” to Google Assistant. Now, we can save you $5 thanks to a promotion being offered by Amazon. Purchase a Google Play gift card in the amount of $50 or more, and save $5 on the cost. In other words, a $50 card will cost you $45, a $75 card is priced at $70 and a $100 card is priced at $95, etc.

Now, to get the $5 taken off your bill, write in the code GOOGLE when you check out. One $5 discount is available per customer, and to reiterate, the discount is offered for …

Sponsorships allow HQ Trivia to offer higher payouts; tomorrow evening's prize is $250,000

Remember HQ Trivia? The online streaming trivia game pays out real cash to those left standing after answering 12-multiple choice questions. Once you miss one question, you are eliminated. Two games are played each weekday (3pm EDT and 9pm EDT) with one contest on Saturday and one on Sunday (both at 9pm EDT). When we last checked in, each game offered a $2,500 prize with the occasional $15,000 payout. With multiple winners the norm, trivia buffs were receiving $6 to $75 a game for answering a dozen questions in a row. Since then, prize money has peaked at $100,000 for one game. The app hosted a …

Study finds Android user loyalty is actually higher than iOS

Android users are very loyal to their phones and they are not switching to iPhones as much as you might think. In fact, Android loyalty has remained at a record high 91%, higher than the 86% loyalty rate for iOS users, when measured as percentage of US customers who stayed with their mobile operating system when they upgraded in 2017. The data comes from a new study by analysts from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and contradicts the usual Apple narrative about unsurpassed brand loyalty.

The graph above shows that Android brand loyalty …

Snapdragon 845 gets benchmarked, scores higher than iPhone X in graphics

From faster performance, to more advanced graphics, and everything in-between, the current crop of Android’s finest handsets will soon face their challengers from the next edition of flagships with Snapdragon 845 chipsets. First in line are, needless to say, the processor’s foundry masters from Samsung, with their Galaxy S9, but LG, Sony, Xiaomi and others, will certainly be lining up soon thereafter.

So, what are the advantages that Snapdragon 845 alone will sport that could make you switch from your trusted Galaxy S8, LG V30, Xiaomi Mi 6, or even the OnePlus 5T, all …

Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 coming to the US in February, priced higher than iPhone X

This February, Huawei is bringing its top smartphone stateside. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro will officially go on sale on the 18th next month, carrying a $799 price tag. But it won’t be alone in Huawei’s push to gain the US smartphone enthusiast’s attention. At CES 2018, Huawei announced that it will launch the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 in the States as well. 
But the luxury handset won’t be cheap. In fact, the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 will cost $1,225, which makes it more expensive even than the iPhone X. What do you get in exchange? For starters, there’s …

Galaxy S9 said to come with '3-stack' dual camera and higher price, release set for Q1

It seems that those who are expecting grand surprises from Samsung with the Galaxy S9 will be in for a surprise, as a Korean publication has probed a few sources in and out of the company, and has the following quote from one anonymous Samsung official:

Although the Galaxy S9 may not have the innovative features expected by the market, we are focusing on enhancing the completeness of the Galaxy S8 hardware and an innovative user experience (UX),