Carriers might hide signal strength from phone users beginning with Android P

Remember the good old days when you would brag about your phone receiving 5 bars of signal strength in certain locations? Your friend might reply by noting that his phone had only 2 bars in the same spot. And strangely enough, that would make you feel superior to your pal, at least until you found the roles reversed at a different location. Well, if some commits discovered by XDA on the Android Open Source Project are implemented, carriers might decide to no longer provide subscribers with this information beginning with the Android P build.

This information in numerical form can be found …

iPhone X bumper cases: protect your device, don't hide its style

The iPhone X is well on its way to the lucky ones that managed to pre-order it on time. Of course, there will also be a certain number of devices at the Apple Store physical locations for those that feel like lining up for a chance to get their hands on one. Seeing as the 10th anniversary iPhone is so highly-sought after and quite expensive, it’s probably a good idea to try and keep yours intact.

Yes, we are going to talk phone cases. Now, you generally have a couple of ways to go with those accessories — get a slim case that barely protects the phone, but also …

LG V30 navbar customization: how to change the color, rearrange the buttons, or hide it altogether

Navbar customization once used to be a feature reserved for the realm of Android rooting and custom ROMs, but this is not strictly the case anymore! With the number of OEMs allowing users to customize the navigational bars on their phones, to some degree at least, this feature is slowly, but surely, creeping its way into the mainstream. And that’s just awesome, we think!

The brand new LG V30, like the G6 before it, makes no exception to this trend and grants users this simple, yet oft overlooked, freedom. Planning to get your hands on the V30 soon? Well then, here’s …

Secret garden: how to hide apps on your iPhone

Apple’s “walled garden” software ecosystem is getting more open to the world with each new iOS edition. First there were third-party keyboards, and now developers can get access to craft iMessage apps, or do silly things with the new Face ID virtual avatar animoji. 

When it comes to more mundane stuff, however, Apple is still running a tight ship, and doesn’t allow much tinkering and customization for no apparent reason. Hiding apps from the homescreen(s) is one of these non-existent options in iOS, and it might be sorely missed by some with sensitive Snapchat or Facebook …

How to hide apps on your Android phone

Every now and then, a man needs to hide their apps from the home screen or app drawer so as not to allow prying eyes or toddler’s hands to hit on a Facebook or WhatsApp icon inadvertently to take a deep dive into your secret chats, or rack up a bill with in-game purchases in no time. That’s where a few solutions to take your sensitive apps away from the home screen or app drawer come in handy.

If you own a Samsung, you are in luck, as its Secure Folder solution not only hides apps apps from plain sight, but actually creates …

How to hide and show the Galaxy S8 navigation bar

Samsung included plenty of customization options for its new, virtual navbar at the bottom of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. With the ability to rearrange the on-screen keys’ order, or to change the color, the new Experience UI looks like something out of a modded ROM, or an Android overlay coming from China. In any case, those features were more than welcome, but Samsung piled on with its subsequent software updates, giving us the option to easily show and hide the navbar itself in all apps, except the homecreen or app drawer, of course. Here’s what you need to do to play hide …

Daenerys told Jon Snow she's the 'last Targaryen' and 'Game of Thrones' fans couldn't hide their disbelief


Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met during tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones and we still have a bunch of questions about their lineage. 

During a big, posturing speech, in which Dany presents herself to the King of the North, she lays out her whole claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros and demands that he kneel before her. At the end of her speech, she lays out one fact that she might believe, but fans are less than convinced. 

“I am the last Targaryen,” she proclaimed. 

Wellllllll………….. Here’s the thing. 

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New Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+ update brings Daydream VR support, hide nav bar button and more

A new update has started rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners who got their unit through Verizon. After installing, the software upgrade should bump the version of the Galaxy S8 to G950USQU1AQG4, or G955USQU1AQG4 for the S8+. 
There are some new features aboard the latest patch – Verizon has added support for Google’s Daydream VR platform and the corresponding hardware.  While we can’t help but wonder as to how many people will choose Daydream VR over Samsung’s own Gear VR headset and controller, …

Instagram's latest update lets you hide your terrible old selfies from the public

We’ve all been there: you’re scrolling through your own Instagram feed, when you notice that photo. Why did you upload this? It’s awful! But boy did it get a sweet amount of likes – there’s no way you’re outright deleting it.

Well, luckily for you, Instagram now offers a compromise for exactly this type of situation, where you want to hide a shot from the public, but still have it live somewhere in the depths of the internet. The new feature, which has been in limited testing for the past month, is called Archive, and essentially creates a special, private …

How to Hide Call Number ID

Whether it’s because you’re unsure about a number from a call you’re returning, or for more personal security purposes, having your number flash up on the display of the person you’re calling isn’t always the best strategy.


The methodology for doing so is the same across all networks if you just need it on an ad-hoc basis.

If you’re dialling from a fixed line phone, adding 1831 before the number will make your call come up as a private call with no caller ID attached.

If you’re dialling from a mobile, then add  #31# followed by the number you want to call.

Eg.: #31#012345678   and CALL

It’s also feasible to do this from within most phone settings, because that controls the sending of caller ID.

On iPhones, it’s found under Settings>Phone>Show My Caller ID

On Android devices it should be found by going into the menu from the phone dialler, choosing additional settings and then caller ID

On Windows Phone 8 devices, go to the dialler, choose the ellipses, then settings, then “Show My Caller ID”

On Blackberry devices, swipe down in the phone dialler and choose the cog icon. The default option is “Show my number”. Tapping on that should bring up “Allow My Number to Appear” which you can then switch to off.