New Google guidelines prevent apps from collecting unnecessary data

Seeking to provide more protection to Android users, Google is preventing apps from collecting unnecessary data that isn’t required for the app to work. Apps that save and disseminate such personal data that doesn’t need to be collected must explain to the user how the data is going to be used. In addition, the user must give permission to the developer to collect the information.

Even apps installed from outside the Google Play Store have to follow Google’s new requirements, or else a warning will pop up to remind users that an app is trying to collect data from them without permission. …

Google Play Store starts rolling out new design… violates its own Material Design guidelines

Google has started rolling out a new design for the Play Store… and it goes right against one of the fundamental principles of Material Design.
Namely, it uses nested tabs, a technique that Google explicitly says should not be used and instead recommends using content hierarchy in different forms.
So basically what you get now is a bunch of categories, and underneath another list of tabs, and in some cases even a third list of tabs with this new design of the Google Play Store.
Of …

People are not okay with the leaked Facebook guidelines on sexual, violent content


On Sunday, the Guardian revealed internal documents from Facebook that uncovered how the social media corporation moderates everything from hate speech to live streams.  

The guide—which is filled with examples of how to handle sexual content, animal abuse and violent deaths—has pried open the conversation regarding online ethics, and people have begun to hop on Twitter to share their immediate thoughts, many of which aren’t so great for Facebook.

Folks have expressed their confusion about the subjective rules, and are questioning the logic behind particular parts of the guide.   Read more…

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FDA issues new security guidelines so that your pacemaker won’t get hacked

Conceptual image of a female doctor with a stethoscope This week, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a set of recommendations for securing medical devices that could jeopardize the safety and privacy of their users. The report, titled “Postmarket Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices,” focuses on security throughout the lifecycle of a device, emphasizing that robust cybersecurity is an ongoing process that requires… Read More

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Simple Email Marketing Guidelines

What is Email marketing? Just from the term itself, you can deduce its meaning. First, it’s an online marketing strategy. Second, it’s all about sending emails to a bunch of people who can either be from a cold list or a customer database. And lastly, its purpose is goal conversion: acquire clients, initiate a purchase, present a cause, ask for donations, etc. If done correctly, this technique is quite effective. In fact last 2011, US firms spent $ 1.51 billion on email marketing alone. Based on forecasts, this figure is expected to reach $ 2.468 billion in 2016.
Email marketing is a very direct approach. Before you hit that send button, make sure your email has followed these guidelines as much as possible:
Use an attention-grabbing subject line.
Newspapers have headlines; magazines have front pages; email marketing has the subject line. Use this to spark your readers’ curiosity and ultimately, to make them read your entire email. Using a reward-based subject line works really well. This is the best time to use the words “free” and “discount.” For example, “Get a 50% discount on your 1st purchase” or “Sign up and receive a free Blackberry.” Although these words are used over and over again on the web, they are still powerful. Just make sure that whenever you tap into these words you can back it up.
Keep the clutter at bay.
Don’t stuff your email with photos. Photos are often slow to load and there’s a tendency they might not be displayed correctly. If you really have to use pictures, make sure they are “light” and properly sized. Also, don’t go crazy with fonts. Use clean, easy-to-read typefaces in your email.
Don’t go overboard with resolutions.
Having to scroll sideways just to see your email is very irritating. Make sure that the resolution you use is 500×650 or less.
Make your message short and sweet.
No one wants to read an email that is as long as an essay. So, be succinct. Go straight to the point and put your call to action right at the very beginning.
Send out replies.
Don’t let your reader hang. The least you can do for someone who responded to your call action is a “Thank you.” Let them know that you’ve received their reply to your email and show your gratitude. Set up an auto-responder and be as nice and friendly as you were in your first email.
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