Some Apple iPhone X units have a strange green line running down the edge of the display

Some Apple iPhone X users are finding a strange green line running down the outer right or left edge of the OLED panel on the device. One theory is that a problem with the electrical system is causing multiple lines of green sub-pixels to light up on the screen, starting from the top of the display to the bottom. You might recall that last year, a similar pink line marred the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Samsung determined that the issue was caused by a hardware problem. Last year, several Motorola DROID Turbo 2 owners also complained about a vertical green line that appeared on their …

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active receives a green light from the FCC

The rugged version of Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, has been certified by the FCC. The AT&T exclusive landed on Geekbench recently, revealing that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset. That means that the unit will feature an octa-core CPU and the Adreno 540 GPU. 4GB of RAM is inside, and Android 7.1 is pre-installed. Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active featured a 4000mAh battery, topping the 3000mAh cell inside the Samsung Galaxy S7. We should see something similar this year with the battery in the Galaxy S8 Active offering longer battery life …

Go Green With A Blackberry Wireless Charger

There was huge excitment once the Blackberry mobile phone was introduced to the shops, since it was a great advance. Alas you still had to use wires to charge it but no more thanks to the Blackberry wireless charger. Three of the most popular wireless chargers available are the Powermat, GEAR4 and Wildcharge. They will charge the Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve mobiles.

Recharging your mobile is simplicity itself. All that’s required is the mat or station you place your phone on and a specifically designed battery cover or back door. It is simple to swap it with the cover that comes as standard with your blackberry. It’s essential you do this as the new cover has a built in receiver.

To start the wireless charging all you have to do is slip on the new back door and put your phone on the wireless charging mat. Job done No wires, no plugs, quick and easy and very 21st century.

The question that may occur to you is can I check it’s working properly? There are small indicator lights or sometimes audible noises included so you know it’s charging. So as soon as your phone is positioned the charging commences. Interestingly, in addition, small magnets are built into the mats so as you go to position your blackberry you feel the magnetic attraction.

This is designed to keep your phone secure, although you should not have a play and hang your wireless charging mat either vertically or at an angle because the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold the phone safely in position.

As an additional plus the wireless charger stops charging once your battery is full. The older plug and wire keeps charging and using electricity until you unplug it. If you’re Blackberry is only partially charged the wireless charger realises and restarts the charging process. So your Blackberry is always primed and ready to go.

As the sales have increased the main manufacturers have organised themselves and standardised the technology with the low power standard up to 5 watts . This means that you’ll be able to look out for Qi logo, which will be on all technology goods meeting the standard. Many experts are predicting that this will herald the start of a new era with the big mobile phone companies incorporating the technology.

Theoretically you could charge up any electrical goods wirelessly as long as they had this integral technology. So your kitchen area will change substantially with work surfaces containing wireless charging technology. It’s almost like sci-fi movies are coming true.

Back in the present the biggest selling blackberry wireless charger is the Powermat. However with the adoption of the agreed new low power standard the big boys such as Apple and Nokia are expected to join the party and produce their own wireless chargers so the future looks very exciting.

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