Google updates Gboard keyboard app with ability to make GIFs, new sticker gallery

Google has just released a new version of its Gboard keyboard app for Android devices. As expected, the latest update brings support for new languages, but the new app comes with a few new features and improvements as well.

Firstly, Google has added support for 16 new languages: Ahirani, Bahamianese, Kannauji, Fijian, Gagauz, Halbi, Karakalpak, Kanuri, Komi, Moksha, Pangasinan, Sango, Veps, Võro, Wagdi, and Zeeuws.

Also, Gboard now allows users to make their own GIFs using the phone’s camera, and immediately share them with their friends. Moreover, the update adds a sticker gallery …

Google Duo gets screen sharing feature in latest update

image source: Android Police

The latest update to Google Duo (v34) introduces the long-awaited screen sharing feature. Now you’ll be able to offer tech support to your parents and friends anywhere and at any time? Ain’t that just great?

To start screen sharing, all you need to do is tap on the screen during a Duo call and select the new screen sharing icon. Unfortunately, the feature seems to be quite buggy right now, for some users at least. Android Police reports that in their tests, they only managed to get a static image of the caller’s …

Google Photos update adds option to bookmark favorite photos

Google has been working to bring a lot of new features and improvements to the Google Photos app, but there is still a lot that hasn’t even been mentioned by the search giant (bring Folders please).

The last new feature recently introduced by developers is the option to mark photos as favorites by tapping the star-shaped icon that appears above every photo in Google Photos. Then, if you head to the Albums tab, you can view all your favorite photos in just one place.

The new feature is pretty neat and useful, but there are other improvements that Google must definitely add to …

Was the Google Duplex demo at Google I/O faked? (UPDATE: Restaurant tracked down, calls edited)

UPDATE: It appears that the restaurant in the Duplex demo was tracked down, and is believed to be Hongs Gourmet in Saratoga, California. An employee at the restaurant said that the call was made by Google Assistant and Google did not inform them ahead of time about the call. Apparently, the decorations inside the eatery match a photo Google posted on its blog showing Yaniv Leviathan, Google Duplex lead, and Matan Kalman, engineering manager on the project, taking advantage of the reservation made by Duplex. Additionally, Bloomberg reports that the calls were edited to hide …

Was the Google Duplex demo at Google I/O faked?

Remember that impressive demo of Google Duplex at Google I/O earlier this month? Google CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated how the new Google Assistant feature can make a phone call for you, engage in a two-way dialogue with the party at the other end of the phone, schedule an appointment, and report back to you the day and time that the appointment is scheduled for. Check out the video at the top of this story before you proceed.

Watch the demo? Good. Now we can pass along the thoughts of the Axios news website, which found enough red flags in the demo to make us wonder …

McAfee: Apps from the Google Play Store were used to track defectors from North Korea

Researchers at security software firm McAfee have discovered that a North Korean hacking squad has installed a trio of malware-laden apps in the Google Play Store. The targets are defectors who left North Korea for South Korea. Once the malware is downloaded and installed, it copies contacts, photos and text messages from the victim’s device, and sends them to the hackers in North Korea. The three infected apps include one that deals with food ingredients and is aptly named Food Ingredients Info. The remaining two apps are security related and are named Fast AppLock and AppLockFree.
The …

Google removes 'Don't Be Evil' motto from its Code of Conduct


To be evil or not to be evil — that is the question, Google.

It seems after years of the tech company’s commitment to its low-key creepy-sounding mantra, “Don’t Be Evil,” Google has removed the phrase from its Code of Conduct.

So I guess that means evil is totally chill now?? Cool. Very cool and not at all concerning, right?

On Friday, Gizmodo noted that “Don’t Be Evil,” which has been part of Google’s Code of Conduct since 2000, was recently removed in either April or May, as shown by the Wayback Machine. 

Digging into the Wayback Machine’s April 21, 2018 archive shows the three-word phrase still present in an earlier Code of Conduct: Read more…

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Google Pay support added for more than 170 banks in the US this week

Google Pay and Apple Pay compete in the United States, as both try to appeal to consumers using mobile payment services. However, in order to reach as many customers as possible, both services must be support as many banks and financial institutions in the country.

While Apple Pay adds support for US banks almost every month, Google Pay is struggling to keep up the pace. However, after a hiatus of two months, Google silently added support for no less than 171 banks in the United States.

Back in March, the search giant announced that 61 banks will offer Google Pay support in the United …

Google Voice gains option to record voicemail greetings on Android and iOS

It appears that a new update went live recently for both mobile versions of Google Voice, Android and iOS. Although the official changelogs don’t mention any new features, it looks like Google added the option to record voicemail greetings.

Up until now, Google Voice users had to go the web client if they wanted to record and manage voicemail greetings, but after the latest update, it’s possible to do all these actions directly on your Android and iOS device.

Since Google hasn’t yet updated the official changelog of the update, you may want to know that the …

How to turn your old Android phone into a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker

Smart assistants are all the rage these days, and rightfully so – all of the major players on the market have either released a couple of these or revealed their plans to enter the smart assistant territory with a loud bang. The likes of Apple’s HomePod, Google’s Home, Max, mini, and most importantly, the wide range of Alexa-powered Amazon speakers quickly made the scene pretty congested.

But why bother buying a dedicated smart speaker when you can easily make yourself one, recycling an older Android device in the process?

Yes, we know you’re probably raising your eyebrows …