Google Camera v5.2 brings new features and improvements to Pixel/Nexus devices

Google continues to improve one of the apps that have been specifically developed for its Nexus and Pixel devices. Google Camera recently received an update that includes a couple of new features and improvements, which haven’t been detailed in a changelog like we’re used to.

But no matter, as AndroidPolice dig into the app’s insides and learn everything there is to know about the current version of Google Camera, as well as information about possible future additions to the app.

Firstly, Google Camera v5.2 adds a new “Show dirty lens warning” option in the Settings menu, which …

Google enables "Swipe to unlock" gesture for Android Auto phones

One of the main complaints of Android Auto users is the fact that they can’t unlock their smartphones once they’re connected to their cars via Google’s operating system. The only way to continue to use the smartphone while connected via Android Auto would be by voice since the app locks you out of the screen preventing drivers from using it through traditional means.

Well, it appears that Google had a change of heart and has decided to remove the restriction on the phone’s lockscreen so that Android Auto smartphones could be used by either drivers or passengers while on the move.

The …

Google officially rebrands Android Wear to Wear OS

What started as a rumor a few days ago was confirmed earlier today by Google: Android Wear has been rebranded. Starting today, Google’s platform for smartwatches will be called Wear OS, a wearables operating system for everyone.

The change will affect more than 50 smartwatches that made their debut since the launch of Android Wear. The new name is supposed to better reflect Google’s technology and vision, the company said in a blog post.

As our technology and partnerships have evolved, so have our users. In 2017, one out of three new Android Wear watch owners also used an iPhone. …

Google opens Google Maps to developers seeking to produce location-based AR games

Pokemon GO was extremely popular right off the bat thanks to the popularity of the Nintendo Pokemon game. But the AR feature also makes it fun to play as users search for Pokemon hiding right by their home, or in the neighborhood playground. Wherever the Pokemon trainer is, all he needs to do is whip out his phone to search out Pokemon and try to catch them. Thanks to previous user-sourced mapping that game developer Niantic had from its Ingress game, Pokemon GO became the most popular location-based game.

While we don’t see Pokemon GO players roaming the street anymore like we did …

France takes Apple and Google to court for stiffing iOS and Android developers

Leave it to the EU to fine those capitalistic pigs Apple and Google billions for offshoring taxes, and to France in particular to stand for the little developer guy. We kid, but after Google was sentenced to a $2.7 billion fine for search priorities, and Apple set aside $14 billion for eventual tax evasion levies, now France is taking both tech giants to court for “abusive trade practices,” when it comes to the third-party developers who are actually populating the App Store and Google Play.

There isn’t much detailed info about the case yet, but, in a nutshell, France claims …

"Our Live Photos are better!" Google talks behind the scenes on Motion Photos — stabilization secrets revealed

Ever since its own Pixel phones hit the market, it has been obvious that Google is hard at work on its cameras. With an amazing HDR+ feature, which works unlike anything the competition has, the Pixel phones are capable of making sharp, detailed, vivid, balanced, and stable photos without much effort on the side of the user.

With the Pixel 2, Google upped the ante and introduced Motion Photo. Yeah, it’s like Apple’s Live Photo — when you take a picture, the camera will also save a 3-second video recording, showing what happened before and immediately after you pressed …

Google Keep is getting a major redesign on Android Wear, support for iOS devices pairing

Google has just released a new version of Keep for smartwatches, and it looks like the app received a major facelift. The application has been completely redesigned to offer a much smoother experience and be easier on the eyes.

For example, Google Keep now features a brand new black background and the fonts are more pronounced so that they could be easier to read on small screens. One thing to note is that the new app does not feature the option to open a note on the smartphone.

Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements have been implemented as well, along with support for iOS …

Google Images becomes more useful on Android and iOS after latest update

Google has just pushed an important update to image search results on mobiles. As more and more people use Android and iOS devices to find visual information, Google improved the whole experience by adding more context around images, which will make results much more useful.

Starting this week, images find via Google will include captions, which will show users the title of the web page where each of the images is published. According to Google, the new improvement is meant to offer users more context so that they can find what the image is about and whether the website might contain more …

BlackBerry Keyboard app on the Google Play Store receives update

The BlackBerry Keyboard app, found in the Google Play Store, is available to users of BlackBerry branded handsets that run on Google’s open source Android operating system. The virtual QWERTY keyboard features BlackBerry’s flick typing that allows users to see different possible choices for the next word in their sentence, and flick it with their finger into the email or text being written. The video at the top of this story details some of the things that the BlackBerry Keyboard can do.

The app has just received an update that among other things, automatically capitalizes the first …

Google Assistant now features native support for the Apple iPad

Thanks to an update to the Google Assistant for iOS app, the digital assistant now supports the Apple iPad. The UI is the same as the one found when Google Assistant is downloaded on an iPhone, but is designed to cover the the entire 7.9-inch to 12.9-inch screens that adorn different iPad models. Keep in mind that Apple will only allow a third-party assistant like Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa to work when the app is open. Of course, the iPad comes equipped with Apple’s own Siri as its default assistant.

With Google Assistant, users can get the weather, news, sports scores, stock prices, …