Razer Phone Gold Edition is now available for a limited time

The claim to fame for the Razer Phone is its zippy 120Hz refresh rate, and the two loud speakers that adorn the front of the handset. Now, a limited edition of the gaming phone is available with some minor changes. The main difference with the Razer Phone Gold Edition is with the logo on back, which is in gold for this variant of the handset. In addition, the unit is placed inside a new red-colored box, and is offered in the U.S. and Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.

In case it slipped your mind, the Razer Phone features a 5.7-inch LCD screen and a resolution of 1440 x …

LG V30 in Raspberry Gold hands-on

As expected, the Raspberry Gold version of the LG V30 made its debut at the showroom floor during CES 2018, expanding upon the lineup’s existing set of dazzling colors. We spent a little bit of time checking it out at LG’s booth, leaving us just a bit jealous afterwards. 
Much like the other color options for the LG V30, this Raspberry Gold one shimmers in the light – emitting this tantalizing look as light bounces off its surface. It’s a refreshing change of color quite honestly, as rose gold has been traditionally the ‘gold’ choice amongst smartphones. …

The new Nokia Steel HR in Rose Gold may the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Nokia is trying to capitalize on the upcoming Valentine’s Day annual holiday. Giving customers the chance to spend money on gifts for the loved ones is one way to fill up the coffers, right? And as we all know, a hybrid watch makes a great gift, especially if it’s a stylish one like the Nokia Steel HR.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, Nokia’s latest Rose Gold Steel HR smartwatch may match your standards. Unlike the regular version that costs €189, the new Nokia Steel HR in Rose Gold is priced to sell for €220.

However, you …

Would you like Apple to launch a gold iPhone X? (poll results)

Apple is currently selling the iPhone X in just two color
variants (silver and space gray), but there have been plenty of rumors about a
gold version of the handset.


Before Apple got to announce the iPhone X, well-connected analyst
Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that, due to unspecified production problems, the
company might release a gold variant of the phone sometime after the silver
and space grey models. Since then, we haven’t seen any new info about this, so
there’s no way of telling if a gold iPhone X will ever be available to buy. But
we were curious to know what you, our readers, thought …

Would you like Apple to launch a gold iPhone X?

Earlier this year, before Apple officially announced the
iPhone X, various rumors had it that the company would launch a gold version
of the new handset. As you likely know, that didn’t happen, so the iPhone X
currently comes in only two color variants: silver and space gray. Meanwhile,
both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (announced at the same time with the iPhone
X) have gold versions, in addition to space gray and silver ones.


So why wouldn’t the iPhone X come in gold, too? According to
a previous report, well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple had encountered
unspecified …

Premium overload: You can plate your iPhone X with 18K or 24K gold for $399

Officially, Apple is only willing to sell you the iPhone X in Space Gray and Silver, with no gold or rose gold color versions in sight. Quite unfortunate for all fans of these two variation, but as it usually happens, third parties are willing to fix things up for a certain fee.
Company ten(square) is open to the idea of actually plating your iPhone X with real 24K gold or 18K rose gold. A 100-microinch layer of the noble material will be applied to all metal parts of your device, making it look as genuine as possible. Have in mind the company doesn’t sell …

Your guide to iPhone 8 colors: Silver vs Gold vs Space Gray

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come in a selection of three new colors and they are nothing like the colors and tones on earlier iPhones.
So which one should you choose?
We give you our first impressions of the iPhone 8 colors and the nuances that might not be immediately obvious, especially if you order online without seeing the new iPhones in person.
The one common thing for all of the colors is the actual build quality. All new iPhones are made of glass which has one key characteristics: …

The gold iPhone X might be extremely hard to find at launch, according to analyst

Tomorrow, September 12, Apple will (likely) announce three
brand new iPhone models, probably including an iPhone X – the company’s very
first handset to sport an OLED display. Apple fans (and maybe not only) are certainly excited about
this iPhone X, especially since it’s supposed to be the only one among the new
models to have thin bezels around its display. Unfortunately, just as
previously reported, it looks like the iPhone X will be hard to find at launch.


According to well-informed KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, less
than 10,000 iPhone X units are being produced daily. Obviously, this …

Leaked iOS 11 Gold Master reveals new wallpaper, Animoji, AirPods 2, True Tone Display and more

Apple’s decision to leak the Gold Master version of iOS 11 and then take it down brought forward all kinds of interesting leaks Saturday afternoon. We’ve already gone through several of them, and now we have some more including new Wallpapers coming to Apple’s latest mobile OS build. Also coming to iOS 11 are Animoji. These are animated emoji that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions. For example, using the Face ID camera, you’ll be able to create an animated image of poop emoji with your facial characteristics!

Another leak reveals that there will be a sequel to the wireless …

Black and gold Note 8 placeholders already posted on a carrier website

Not that it should come as a huge surprise, but carriers are already stocking up on the Galaxy Note 8, and prepping their websites for the big commercial launch. Sometimes they also inadvertently post those website updates before the due date next Wednesday, and Orange Romania had just such a moment. 

As you can see from the screenshots above, the carrier already lists the Note 8 among its portfolio of phones, and even specifies the color versions that will be available at launch – black and gold. We already saw the Midnight Black and Deep …