Rejoice! The Gmail app receives GBoard GIF support

The Gmail Android app is next in line to receive GIF keyboard support, which goes live in the latest update for the app (v.

Gboard’s GIF search function has been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of months, with many apps adding support for animated shenanigans due to popular demand, including WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, but we never would have thought that Gmail would go the same route.

I mean, when was the last time when you wrote an email and thought, “I sure could spice things up with a GIF or two! My business associates …

Google Talk (GChat) is finally getting fully transitioned to Hangouts; G+ leaving Gmail

Ever so slowly, Google is doing… something to sort out its messaging app strategy. Yesterday, we heard that Hangouts would be losing SMS support because Google wants to focus on Android Messenger for text messaging. Now, Google has decided it is finally time to kill off Google Talk (aka GChat), despite keeping the app around for years after it should have died.

Apparently, even though the Google Talk app in the Play Store was switched to Hangouts back in 2013, Google never shut off the Talk app for anyone who still had it running. That is finally changing, shutting off functionality …

You can now send and request money in Gmail on Android

Gmail received a few updates only in March, but before the month’s end, Google announced yet another update is available for its email application. However, the following changes are available to Android users only.

In fact, there’s only one major feature coming to Gmail for Android: the ability to send and request money. Yes, you can now send and request money in your Gmail app on Android, just like you can safely share photos and files on the go.

In order to send money using Google’s mobile app, you must tap on the attachment icon and choose whether you want to send or request …

Google empowers Gmail with support for native add-ons

Google has been on fire lately, as the search giant made several announcements in the last couple of days. Hangouts and Gmail are among the significant services improved by Google this week, but we’ve already talked about the former, so let’s see what new changes are now available to those using the powerful email client.

Well, it appears that starting today, Gmail will feature support for native add-ons. Although add-ons have been part of the email service for quite a while, they were available through Chrome extensions.

The new Gmail has support for native …

Google adds support for Exchange tasks in Gmail app for Android

Google raised the size limit for received emails in Gmail to 50MB, but that’s not the only improvement those using the application will be getting in the coming days.

The search giant announced that after it has added support for Exchange accounts in Gmail app for Android, it’s now bringing additional improvements to allow users to take advantage of both their work and personal business.

Starting this week, Google will roll out support for Exchange tasks in Gmail for Android. As the name suggests, the new feature will allow users to synchronize their tasks with Exchange. Moreover, …

Spotlight: Email by EasilyDo is an exceptional altrnative to Gmail, Inbox, and Outlook

Developer: EasilyDoDownload: AndroidCategory: ProductivityPrice: Free
Android surely has a large selection of neat email apps. Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, K-9 Mail, or BlueMail — chances are you are using one of those as your daily email driver. There’s always room for a new entrant on that scene, especially if we are talking an app with exceptional origins. 
That’s exactly what Email by EasilyDo is. Previously an iOS exclusive, this app has finally made the jump over to Android, where it will be treating its users with a clean, …

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ZTE Grand X Cricket Wireless Budget Android Sacrifices

Sporting a 5-inch display, a 5-megapixel camera and a dual-core processor, the ZTE Grand X is a perfect example of a middle-of-the-road phone that is reliable and affordable.

But while the device’s $100 off-contract price tag (after you send a mail-in rebate) on Cricket Wireless is mighty attractive, you’ll have to be willing to make certain sacrifices. For one thing, the handset’s dual-core processor is slow, and because it runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, it already feels dated the moment you take the device out of the box.

In addition, the Grand X isn’t the only competitively priced smartphone on the market. The carrier itself has plenty of more alternatives like the HTC Desire 510 and the Motorola Moto G (2013), which offer a smoother and faster user experience for the same low cost.


With looks that echo US Cellular’s ZTE Grand S Pro, the Grand X sports curved edges, smooth rounded corners, and a matte battery door that adds a subtle premium touch. The device’s 0.37-inch profile is slim, but don’t expect it to fit too comfortably in your jeans pockets since, overall, the phone is quite large: 5.7 inches tall and 2.87 inches wide, to be exact. It’s also a bit heavy at 6.06 ounces. Given my small grip, I couldn’t easily maneuver the smartphone comfortably with one hand. That’s not a deal breaker per se, but people with petite paws should be mindful of this fact.

On its left edge is a Micro-USB port and a volume rocker. Up top is a 3.5mm headphone jack, and to the right is a sleep/power button. Both the volume and power keys bulge out ever so slightly from the surface, making them easy to feel for and comfortable to press. The back houses a 5-megapixel camera lens and flash, which are set off in a wide, glossy black oval finish. A small audio grille rests on the bottom-right corner. Using a small indentation on the bottom edge, you can pry off the back plate to access the removable 2,300mAh battery, SIM card and microSD card, which is expandable up to 32GB.

The handset’s 5-inch qHD display has a low 960×540-pixel resolution. Although text and graphics are easy to read and see, images can look pixelated and there’s obvious aliasing on the edges of letters. The screen can also be unresponsive to the touch, and on occasion, it required several taps or swipes of my finger to register an action. Due to its narrow viewing angle, the screen can appear washed out when you tilt it, and it becomes difficult to view the display.

Above the touchscreen is a low-res 1-megapixel shooter and an in-ear speaker. Below are three hot keys (for Back, Home and Menu) that light up when in use. To launch Google Now and recent apps, long-press the Home and Menu keys, respectively.

Software features
With Android 5.0 Lollipop already released from Google, it’s disappointing to see the Grand X running the dated Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. But it does have your standard package of Google apps you’d come to expect, like Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Search, Plus, Hangouts, Maps, Photos, YouTube and portals to the Play Store for Books, Games, Newsstand, Movies & TV and Music.

Basic task managing apps that are baked-in include native browser and email clients, a calendar, a calculator, a notepad, a clock with alarm and stopwatch functions, a news and weather app, video and music players, a sound recorder and a voice dialer.

The Grand X does include Bluetooth 4.0, thankfully, though its internal memory is stymied at 4GB, and there’s just 1GB RAM. That isn’t unusual for low-cost phones, but it does mean you’ll probably want to look into buying external memory.

Camera and video
Camera quality for the 5-megapixel camera was passable, but only just. The camera itself is slow, and you’ll need to wait a few moments to press the shutter again after you take a photo. It also takes an average of 4.35 seconds to launch the camera app — one of the longest times I’ve measured during my testing — so if you want to pull out your Grand X to take a quick pic, you’ll need to wait. In general, photos look sharp, and images are clear. However, colors appear muted, and dark hues are even harder to discern from one another. Light sources can also be overblown, and the device’s flash leaves a harsh blue tint. For more on photo quality, be sure to click on each picture below to see them at their full resolution.

Google Updates Gmail App With Better Google Drive Integration

While sharing documents and files between Gmail and Google Drive has been a nearly seamless experience on the web for some time, integration between the two apps on the mobile side has been lacking— until now.

Google rolled out an update to Gmail’s iOS app Thursday that makes it easier for users to view and share documents and files between Drive and Gmail.


Gmail users on iOS can now view and save files on Google Drive directly from the Gmail app with “Save to Drive” and “Insert from Drive” options. Users can also now edit a file’s sharing settings from within the Gmail app.

“The apps will even tell you if your file isn’t shared with the person you’re sending it to so you can change the sharing settings before you send it,” Google software engineer, Simon Forsyth, explained in a blog post.

The update also brings new account management options for users who have multiple Gmail accounts. Those who have more than one account can choose which accounts appear within the app while remaining signed into the account elsewhere on their device.

Gmail’s settings menu has also been tweaked so users can swap out their profile photo from within the app. The updated iOS app is available in the App Store. A similar update rolled out to Gmail’s Android users earlier this month.