Gmail for iOS now features phishing warnings

Gmail for iOS will now alert users whenever a link appears that seems, well, suspicious. The suspicious link warning will come in the form of a box that states how the link leads to an untrusted site. Another warning from Google provides the perfect definition of a phishing scheme and says, “The site you are trying to open has been identified as a forgery designed to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information.” If either box appears before you click on a link, your best bet is to stop in your tracks and do not proceed.

Google originally offered the anti-phishing …

Google will stop scanning your Gmail inbox in order to send out targeted ads

If you’re a Gmail user, you might not be aware of the fact that Google scans your email in order to send out targeted ads to those who use the app. Google is ending this controversial practice and will instead continue to track your actions on other Google sites in order to determine what ads to send you. Since Google doesn’t scan the inboxes of those who use its enterprise-based G Suite service, eliminating the scanning process from Gmail will allow Google to stick to one method to personalize ads throughout its operations.

While Google didn’t say when it will stop the Gmail scanning, …

Gmail gains new machine learning models to block phishing and spam messages

Google has just pushed a major security update to Gmail, which is supposed to block phishing, one of the most common ways to obtain sensitive information like passwords, credit card details or usernames.

The new security update includes early phishing detection using machine learning, click-time warning for malicious links, as well as unintended external reply warnings.

According to Google, thanks to the machine learning integration, Gmail can block phishing messages and spam with an accuracy of more than 99.9%, which is quite impressive.

As mentioned …

Smart Reply now gives you three quick responses on Gmail

Google announced today that Smart Reply is coming to both the Android and iOS versions of Gmail. If you’re a subscriber to Google’s Inbox or message app Allo, you probably have already had the privilege of seeing this feature in action. Google analyzes email that you’ve received, and offers up three quick responses to choose from. Each one is in a box at the bottom of the page, ready to be tapped as your response. Over time, the Smart Reply feature learns how you write. This means that eventually the three choices will seem as though they were really written by you. With Smart Reply, you can quickly …

Google updates Gmail for Android with anti-phishing security checks

Google announced that starting this week, Gmail users will receive a new security feature on Android devices that’s meant to keep their email safer than ever before. Once the updated version of Gmail makes its way to your Android device, the application will check any suspicious link you’ll be clicking going forward.

If the website you’re trying to visit is indeed suspicious, you’ll receive a warning message that should help keep your Gmail account safe.

The site you are trying to visit has been identified as forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal, or other …

Rejoice! The Gmail app receives GBoard GIF support

The Gmail Android app is next in line to receive GIF keyboard support, which goes live in the latest update for the app (v.

Gboard’s GIF search function has been gaining a lot of traction in the last couple of months, with many apps adding support for animated shenanigans due to popular demand, including WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, but we never would have thought that Gmail would go the same route.

I mean, when was the last time when you wrote an email and thought, “I sure could spice things up with a GIF or two! My business associates …

Google Talk (GChat) is finally getting fully transitioned to Hangouts; G+ leaving Gmail

Ever so slowly, Google is doing… something to sort out its messaging app strategy. Yesterday, we heard that Hangouts would be losing SMS support because Google wants to focus on Android Messenger for text messaging. Now, Google has decided it is finally time to kill off Google Talk (aka GChat), despite keeping the app around for years after it should have died.

Apparently, even though the Google Talk app in the Play Store was switched to Hangouts back in 2013, Google never shut off the Talk app for anyone who still had it running. That is finally changing, shutting off functionality …

You can now send and request money in Gmail on Android

Gmail received a few updates only in March, but before the month’s end, Google announced yet another update is available for its email application. However, the following changes are available to Android users only.

In fact, there’s only one major feature coming to Gmail for Android: the ability to send and request money. Yes, you can now send and request money in your Gmail app on Android, just like you can safely share photos and files on the go.

In order to send money using Google’s mobile app, you must tap on the attachment icon and choose whether you want to send or request …

Google empowers Gmail with support for native add-ons

Google has been on fire lately, as the search giant made several announcements in the last couple of days. Hangouts and Gmail are among the significant services improved by Google this week, but we’ve already talked about the former, so let’s see what new changes are now available to those using the powerful email client.

Well, it appears that starting today, Gmail will feature support for native add-ons. Although add-ons have been part of the email service for quite a while, they were available through Chrome extensions.

The new Gmail has support for native …

Google adds support for Exchange tasks in Gmail app for Android

Google raised the size limit for received emails in Gmail to 50MB, but that’s not the only improvement those using the application will be getting in the coming days.

The search giant announced that after it has added support for Exchange accounts in Gmail app for Android, it’s now bringing additional improvements to allow users to take advantage of both their work and personal business.

Starting this week, Google will roll out support for Exchange tasks in Gmail for Android. As the name suggests, the new feature will allow users to synchronize their tasks with Exchange. Moreover, …