Patent might be giving us a sneak peek at LG V30's design: secondary display with a twist

Note: The image on the left is our interpretation of the patent image.

Two days ago, during Google’s I/O 2017 keynote, it was announced that the Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG’s next flagship phone will eventually support Daydream later this year. 

This was news in more than one way: firstly, it single-handedly confirmed that an LG V30 is on the way, and secondly, it heavily hinted that this one will be donning an OLED display, which is one of the hardware requirements for Daydream support. 
And it seems that right after this high-level confirmation, …

Nike's new cases for the Apple iPhone 7 protect your handset while giving the device some "sole"

Footwear manufacturer Nike has started offering a new line of cases for the Apple iPhone 7. There are two different styles, both taken from actual Nike sneaker designs. One, called Air Force 1, is available in Blue only. The second model, called Roshe, is offered in either crimson or green. Both cases are priced at $35. Just as a heavy duty sole protects the bottom of your feet from taking a pounding, these cases are made to protect your iPhone 7 from drops and falls.

The cases are made from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic. This material is flexible, durable, and strong enough to …

Sex-positive YouTubers are giving kids the sex talks we wish we'd had


When mum and dad’s “bird and the bees” talk causes you to have more questions than answers and when your school sex education classes don’t seem to cover all the bases, who can you turn to?

Adolescents are increasingly turning to the internet to fill in the gaps. While it’s a great resource, it can be difficult to navigate when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some teens turn to porn to provide the answers, but porn is often filled with unrealistic portrayals of sex. Googling one’s queries tends to lack the care and wisdom of a teacher whose presence can put a worried mind at ease. Read more…

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Samsung Malaysia is giving away a power bank and more with a Galaxy S8/S8+ pre-order

Those pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ from Samsung Malaysia will be receiving some free items for their new handset. That’s because the Samsung unit is trying to entice consumers in the country into reserving one of the two new models. A useful 5100mAh power bank is one of the items. It’s the perfect accessory for power users or for those who plan on showing off their new phone to friends, family and strangers that they bump into.

Other items being given away by Samsung Malaysia to consumers pre-ordering the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ include a Limited Edition Starter …

Motorsport Manager is free on Android right now, grab it while they're giving it away

Got gasoline in your veins? Know the closest kin of all the F1 champions by name? And finally, you regard manifolds to be a pristine example of contemporary art?
Thankfully, you don’t need to meet those requirements to enjoy one of the latest noteworthy games that have gone free on Google Play. We are talking about none other than Motorsport Manager, a critically-acclaimed management game that lets you manage your own motorsport team and reap success on the track. You get to choose strategies, issue orders to your pilots, and decide when to pit for the …

Is Apple giving up on tablets, or is the new iPad a smart business move at $330? (poll results)

As you an see from the chart above, the tablet market is far from its heydays, and its growth is expected to stall for the sake of laptops, which are projected to grow in shipments. Apple just shifted its tablet strategy this week with the introduction of a new 9.7″ iPad, whose price starts at just $329, compared to $499 before. Most of our survey respondents below think that this is a smart business move, given that the hardware components inside have fallen in price since the days of the Air 2, and Apple’s app and services business is growing leaps and bounds, too. …

Is Apple giving up on tablets, or is the new iPad a smart business move at $330?

As you can see from the chart above, the tablet market is far from its heydays, and its growth is expected to stall for the sake of laptops, which are projected to grow in shipments. There are several reasons for that – people who got tablets in 2013 and 2014 are still keeping them around, and customers in the market for a computing device other than a smartphone now have much better choices in thin and light laptops. You can, for instance, now get the new LG Gram 13″ laptop that weighs two pounds, or about as much as a tablet with a keyboard cover, but has larger …

T-Mobile CEO is giving away 6 LG G6 phones (today only)

To celebrate the fact that the LG G6 is now available to pre-order, T-Mobile CEO John Legere is hosting a giveaway on Twitter. If you’re a US resident of at least 18 years of age, you have the chance to win one of the six LG G6 smartphones that John Legere is offering as prizes.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you have to do is follow John Legere on Twitter -@JohnLegere – and share your favorite feature of the LG G6 by tweeting at him using the #TMOLGG6 or #TMOLGG6sweeps hashtags. A very important detail: you can enter the giveaway only today, March 22, until 5 …

Huawei P10 press render surfaces giving us another look at the device

The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are both expected to be unveiled on February 26th at Barcelona. The only difference between the two versions is said to be the use of a dual-curved edge screen on the Plus, while the P10 is reportedly going to carry a flat display. If a render of the P10 tweeted out this afternoon by a busy Evan Blass is legit, this very well might be the case. The Huawei P10 appears to feature a flat screen with narrow bezels. On back, the two cameras and flash take up a surprisingly small amount of space.

The Huawei P10  will feature a 5.5-inch display with a 1440 x 2560 …