How hard is it to give up on social media?

Ever since it’s inception in 2005, Facebook has set a worldwide phenomenon by inventing the ‘social media’ term. The latter is responsible for revolutionizing the way we communicate and is being used by everyone – from kids to multi-billion businesses. Having such a role in our lives, it should come as no surprise some concerns have emerged regarding the addiction rate of such a service and how hard it is to live without any social media interactions. Well, the majority still thinks it’s not hard, but there is some worrying data, too.

According …

Give Pink some love: She's trying to sing at the Super Bowl with the flu


This year’s flu season keeps getting worse. Its latest target is none other than Pink, who’s supposed to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

In a distressed Instagram post, the singer wrote that “one of the biggest honors of my life” is now “slowly becoming a sort of nightmare.” Presumably a snot-filled, exhausting nightmare.

She asked fans to spread the love and hold the germs in an Instagram post featuring a photo of the singer, bleary-eyed and wrapped in a scarf, trying to practice before the big game. 

“Trying to practice the flu away,” she wrote — and we’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure that’s not how it works, unfortunately. Read more…

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Facebook to give its users new privacy tools due to a new European law

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO

Well-known social media website – Facebook, is about to give its users more control over their personal data. What’s the cause of that sudden act of kindness towards us, the consumers, you might ask? Well, the newest European law named General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short), that will take charge as of May. Its main goal is to give users more control over their own data and how it’s being used. 

“We’re rolling out a new privacy center globally …

New company called eelo will give you de-Google-ized Android so that you can keep your privacy

A new start-up company called eelo wants to provide you with an alternative version of Android. What makes this different than the version of the mobile OS that you are familiar with is that this version is de-Google-ized. The goal is to allow users to have more privacy than they currently do with the Google Play Services version of the open source OS. Services like email, online office applications, apps and cloud storage will be offered in Google-free flavors with users’ personal information strongly protected. These services will be based on software offered by LineageOS, which grew …

Thanks, GOP! AT&T will give employees $1000 holiday bonuses when tax cuts pass

It’s not only T-Mobile that will benefit from the tax cut bonanza that Congress and Senate just passed, AT&T employees could feel the love, too. There seems to be a concerted effort to prove the trickle-down economic theory right, as many companies announced they will invest in the US and/or give employees bonuses if the tax reform passes before Christmas. We don’t know what kind of hand-twisting has been going on behind the curtain, but AT&T was one of the first to bring the good news. Besides $1 billion in new US investments, AT&T said that it will be able to give $1000 to more than …

Renders give us an idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ will look like

Based on various leaks such as one from the Samsung S Health app that show a new position for the camera and fingerprint scanner on the back of next year’s flagship model, and a screen to body ratio that is expected to come close to 90%, a series of renders reveals what could be an accurate look at the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. This year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ had the fingerprint scanner right next to the camera lens. That created a problem when users blindly searching for the fingerprint scanner to unlock their phone, would smudge the camera lens accidentally.

For …

Sprint's new Pokémon GO deal will give you free PokéCoins to switch

Out of all the unusual seasonal promos, Sprint found the most unorthodox way to make you switch carriers. If you are a Pokémon GO trainer, Sprint will give you $100 worth of PokéCoins with each new line activation. Just ask the rep for the gift, and you will be sent a text message with the details how to redeem those. 

Sprint even did the math: “$100 equals 14,500 PokéCoins, which gets a Trainer everything they need to maximize their game play and fill up their Pokédex. The $100 in PokéCoins can be exchanged for up to 3,600 Poké Balls, 480 Max Revives, 145 Premium Raid …

Next Tuesday, T-Mobile will give subscribers online cooking lessons, a BOGO ice cream cone and more

T-Mobile wants to take you to the movies. For next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays, the carrier is giving away $4 tickets to see Julia Roberts’ new movie Wonder. Also starring Owen Wilson, the movie is about a disfigured boy who has to put up with the trials and tribulations of looking different in the fifth grade. T-Mobile subscribers will also receive $20 in diamonds for the mobile game Forge of Empires. The latter is available for both iOS and Android.

Like to cook? Next Tuesday, T-Mobile will set up its customers with a free online cooking class from Panna. In addition, subscribers get 30% …

Teardown images give us a peek at iPhone X innards and its L-shaped battery

The iPhone X goes on sale today and large queues have already formed in front of multiple Apple Stores around the world. Heck, even black market prices are nearing the $3,000-mark, which is crazy no matter how you look at it.

While we will have to wait for a while before we get treated to a full teardown of the snazzy new iOS device, but an early disassembly originating from the depths of mainland China is here, allowing us to take a glance at the iPhone X’s innards and its L-shaped battery.
For starters, the iPhone X looks quite similar to just about …

This video of a kid solving a Rubik's Cube in 4.5 seconds will give you the purest joy


Most of us will go through life mildly pondering a Rubik’s Cube every now and then, but a professional speedcuber can solve one in seconds – a record speed of 4.59 seconds, to be exact.

In a new video, Korean speedcuber SeungBeom Cho solves a cube so fast that most of the people around him don’t even realize what happened. Indeed, their realization takes longer than it took him to solve the cube, but the room erupts with congratulations, applause, and paparazzi-level enthusiasm for Cho’s accomplishment.

Cho broke the record using a specific technique (it’s posted in the video description but unintelligible if you’re not a skilled speedcuber)Reddit commenters note that the world record keeps getting broken (as records do) because speedcubers decrypt existing techniques in order to make them even faster. Read more…

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