Easy Valentine's Day gifts for her


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while February 14 is all about spending time with your special lady friend, we’d be lying if we said she isn’t expecting a present.

Sure, flowers and boxes of chocolates are holiday standards, but they also suggest you waited until the very last minute to buy something for your boo, which might not go over that well.

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What's really romantic is saving money. Here are the best Valentine's Day gifts for under $20.


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We’re sure you’ve been bombarded with Valentine’s Day gift guides full of suggestions more expensive than your next electric bill. Whether you went a little overboard in December and are trying to save some cash or just lost it all on Bitcoin, don’t freak: We’ve got some ideas.

Check out some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts under $20, for those who are romancing on a budget this Valentine’s Day. Read more…

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Great last-minute tech gifts you can still get delivered before Christmas (AirPods, too!)

You know the drill – mired in the daily routine, you put off buying Stressmas Christmas gifts for the people of interest in your life until it’s too late, and you have to storm the stores for anything still available. 

This procrastination is an exercise in frustration, but fret not, as we scouted the Interwebs for interesting deals on tech toys you can still get in time for landing them in the happy socks. Check them out.

#1 Apple AirPods

You didn’t think …

16 gifts that will make shaving a little bit easier for your significant other


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Everyone needs to work on perfecting their grooming habits. There is nothing wrong with trimming some hairs to present the world with the best version of yourself.  

The good folks at Mashable have decided to curate a grooming guide for the people out there fumbling around looking for grooming and shaving gifts for those they love. 

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11 Easy DIY holiday gifts your family will actually like


The holidays are already among us and if you’re still scrambling for the perfect holiday present for your family, you’re probably shit out of luck, my friend. 

But have no fear. It’s time to finally skip those long lines and those pesky overdraft fees with a few simple DIY holiday gifts your family will actually enjoy. 

1. ‘How To Tell Time’ Coffee and Wine Glass Holder

Image: Etsy

How to: You’ll need an 18 by 16 inch dark-stained piece of wood, white paint, and attach sawtooth hangers. This is a funny but simple DIY gift that anyone can appreciate, cheers.  Read more…

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Kid-friendly gadgets and app-enabled toys that make great gifts


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Tech toys are always a big gift around the holidays, and as our world becomes more and more connected, new technology trickles down to our kids who absorb it faster than we ever will.

From kid-friendly versions of devices we use every day, to upgraded versions of toys we loved growing up, the gadgets available to kids these days are the coolest we’ve ever seen. Thanks to the ubiquity of technology, they’re also available at every price point and every age group so you can get all of the kids in your life something neat no matter your budget. Read more…

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Get creative this year with personalized gifts for everyone on your list


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No one has ever has put socks, candles, or gift cards at the very top of his or her holiday wish list, but that hasn’t stopped the occasional Secret Santa from dashing out to a local drugstore in search of those items 15 minutes before the gift exchange was set to start.

Deferring your holiday shopping for as long as possible and resorting to those I-waited-’til-the-last-minute staples will probably land you the No. 1 spot on everyone’s Naughty lists. This year, give your friends and family presents that prove you actually tried: Personalized projects from Collage.com. Read more…

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Which houseplants make the best gifts?


A houseplant is the gift that keeps on giving. It purifies the air and will spruce up virtually any residence. But which houseplants make the best gifts?

Whether you’re looking for a living room focal point or a cute little Instagram plant, you have a couple nice options. One thing to remember: unless you recipient is a Plant Master, you’ll want to pick a plant that’s fairly easy to take care of, lest you unwittingly give them the gift of murdering something beautiful.

And try to buy from a local greenhouse if you can! The plants there will likely be healthier than the ones you’ll find online. It’s worth sacrificing a little convenience. Read more…

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Free Gifts with HTC Sensation XE Deals Thriving the Handset Market

Gifts are the things which are generally provided to the people at the time of some special occasions, but if you are going to buy a mobile phone contract deal in UK then you will get some beneficial incentive throughout the year. These gifts are not the small entities, but are the costly deluxe items which keep the ability to enhance your standard of living.

The HTC Sensation XE contract is among those contract deals which undoubtedly prove to be beneficial for people, and you get the choices of a plethora of gifts under them. Samsung ES9 Digital Camera and additional HTC Sensation XE handset are the two popular gifts which you may obtain under the HTC Sensation XE deals. The gifts are subject to change, therefore if you search for these deals after a few months, then you may get some different presents. Apart from these gifts, you also have the choice of saving the money by acquiring some financial benefits. A large number of these deals provide you free connection. Some other gifts which you may get instead include reduced or free line rental, or 1 month free insurance. Free talk time minutes and free text messages – these are the offers which are mandatorily provided to the users under every deal.

The duration for which you get the contracts remains 12 months, 18 months or 24 months. The agreements of the HTC Sensation XE deals can be signed with the network providers like O2, Orange, Talk Mobile, Three, T-Mobile and Vodafone. In order to analyze the prices as well as benefits of the deals, the comparison portals may be the best mediums for you. These portals allow you to make the comparison of several deals at a single place and choose the best one according to your requirements. Moreover, you can list the deals in various orders such as network providers, retailers, duration, gifts, minutes of talk time, volume of text messages, and line rental.

On the other hand, the HTC Sensation XE is a dual-core super droid that comes packed with a number of high-end features. An 8 MP camera facilitates you capturing the pictures with the quality of digital camera. Through Wi-Fi, you can connect internet at Wi-Fi hotspots, and can use GPRS at other places to surf World Wide Web, with support of network service providers. S-LCD capacitive touchscreen, document viewer/editor, Google Search, Gmail, A-GPS, TV-out, etc. are some other significant features of the handset.

As a matter of the fact, the HTC Sensation XE is one of the HTC phones which are thriving in the mobile phone market and winning the hearts of masses. The contract deals available with it are making it more venerable.

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