The Gear VR successor's technology revealed, includes eye tracking and hand recognition

Thanks to Korean firm Visual Camp, we get our first glimpse at a reference variant of the Samsung Exynos VR III head-mounted display – a standalone unit with built-in displays that connects to a smartphone through the USB port. This is considerably more sophisticated technology than the Samsung Gear VR, which requires mounting the entire smartphone in the headset’s front.

Visual Camp boasted about having their eye tracking technology integrated in Samsung’s HMD. The system is designed to sharpen the resolution of the part of the display being viewed by the user’s eyes, while reducing the …

Deal: Save $40 when you buy the Samsung Gear 360 (2017) on Amazon

Samsung new 360-degree camera made its debut in the United States back in May for a decent price of $229.99. Well, fast forward less than two months and the Samsung Gear 360 (2017) is now on sale for an even better price.

Amazon has the new Samsung Gear 360 camera on sale for just $189.36, which means you’ll be saving around $40 when you buy it. An 18% discount for a product that’s been launched less than two months ago.

Along with the discount, you’ll also be getting free shipping and U.S. warranty, since this is the version sold by Amazon. You could also …

Samsung patents an authentication method for Gear VR based on "head recognition"

The Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly one of the most generous phones in terms of security features and biometric authentication offering users not one, but three trendy ways to lock or unlock the device: through a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner, and face detection capabilities. But neither these, nor the password- or swipe-based methods can be used to unlock the phone if it is inside the Gear VR headset – you need to first get it out, unlock it, and then put it back. But a new Samsung patent application registered in South Korea suggests that the company may have found a …

Samsung Gear S3 to be the only smartwatch that plays Spotify tunes offline, though not for long

Here’s something the Samsung Gear S3 can do that other smartwatches don’t – it can play your Spotify tunes offline! To get going, you must download a Spotify add-on app for the smartwatch through the Gear Manager app on your paired smartphone.

Following which, you’ll have the option to choose playlists, songs, and albums to be saved right onto your Gear S3. This way, you will be able to listen to some of your favorite music when offline and not connected to a smartphone.

With this functionality on board, the Samsung Gear S3, which runs Tizen OS, becomes rather unique as …

Samsung working on a standalone OLED Gear VR with ultra-high pixel density

According to sources in Korea, Samsung is cooking a standalone VR headset that is going to sport an inbuilt display with pixel density much higher than any other device on the market at the moment.

Allegedly, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has asked partner supplier to develop a 2,000 ppi (pixels per inch) Fine Metal Mask for a new Gear VR set. The FMM is a component used in OLED displays and plays a major role in pixels’ quantity and distribution. Apparently, Samsung is also working on its own ultra-high-resolution OLED display for the VR unit, which …

Samsung patents smartphone case that could wirelessly charge your Gear watch

In a document dated June 15th, the US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent filed by Samsung in December last year. The document describes a smartphone case that may prove to be a fantastic addition for any fan of the brand, especially those, who own a Gear watch. Even though it’s a simple patent publication, we are kind of excited about the possibility of such a phone case, despite the fact that patents rarely actually evolve into actual products.

The accessory Samsung might be prepping is described to sport wireless charging of a wearable device, when the latter …

Samsung Gear S3 Classic LTE now available at Verizon

After delaying the release of the Gear S3 frontier until the end of June and launching its own Wear24 smartwatch last month, Verizon made a surprising move and introduced the LTE-enabled Samsung Gear S3 classic.

If this is the wearable that you’ve been waiting for all this time, then you can now purchase it for $349 on a two-year contract. Also, Verizon offers the Samsung Gear S3 classic LTE for $399.99 outright, if you don’t want to be tied to a long-term contract.

The LTE version of Samsung Gear S3 fully supports Verizon’s sync feature, which means you …

Deal: Get a free Samsung Gear Fit2 when you purchase a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge in the UK

One of the best-selling Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S7/S7 edge has been the subject of many deals and promotional offers right after the Galaxy S8’s market launch.

If you’re not really into Samsung’s new flagship or can’t afford to buy one, you could settle with the company’s last year’s top-tier smartphone, the Galaxy S7. You could even take advantage of a new offer provided by Samsung UK until the end of the month.

For each Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge that you purchase in the UK, you’ll be getting a free Gear Fit2. The promotion is valid from June 1 to …

"Switch to iPhone" campaign kicks into full gear, Apple releases new ads to persuade Android users

With its “Switch to iPhone” campaign underway, Apple recently uploaded three new ads to its YouTube channel. These short commercials promote the ease and presumed benefits of replacing an Android handset with an iPhone. 
The first one, “Contacts”, shows people jumping from the gray area of “your phone” to a more colorful one named “iPhone”. The point here is that it’s easy to transfer your contacts and other data by downloading the Move to iOS app from Google Play. The other two which are dubbed “Smooth” and “Security” …

Samsung announces Gear VR live partnerships with UFC, X-Games and Live Nation

Samsung has just confirmed it has teamed with UFC, X-Games and Live Nation to stream select live events so fans can enjoy immersive VR broadcasts of their favorite action sports and music events through the Gear VR platform.

Users who already own the Gear VR will benefit from the new service called VR Live Pass at no cost. The VR Live Pass on Gear VR events will begin in early June and will be available through the Samsung VR application.

The new service will allow Gear VR users to watch live entertainment events and performances while on the move. Moreover, …