Google updates Gboard keyboard app with ability to make GIFs, new sticker gallery

Google has just released a new version of its Gboard keyboard app for Android devices. As expected, the latest update brings support for new languages, but the new app comes with a few new features and improvements as well.

Firstly, Google has added support for 16 new languages: Ahirani, Bahamianese, Kannauji, Fijian, Gagauz, Halbi, Karakalpak, Kanuri, Komi, Moksha, Pangasinan, Sango, Veps, Võro, Wagdi, and Zeeuws.

Also, Gboard now allows users to make their own GIFs using the phone’s camera, and immediately share them with their friends. Moreover, the update adds a sticker gallery …

Chrome OS to get Gboard keyboard support, Picture-in-Picture mode with Android P

The more companies jump onto the Chrome OS bandwagon, the more often Google adds new features and improvements to make it as appealing as possible to both OEMs and customers alike. At this year Google I/O, the Mountain View company recapped all the enhancements it added to Chrome OS since last year and offered a roadmap of what’s to come.

The most important improvements Google plans to add to Chrome OS by the end of the year, support for its virtual keyboard and Picture-in-Picture mode, are expected to arrive this fall.

On Chrome OS, Gboard keyboard …

Gboard for Android beta update now allows Android users to create custom GIFs

A beta update to Google’s Gboard keyboard app for Android now allows beta testers to create their own customized GIFs. This is found on version 7.2 of the app. To create your own GIF, open the GIF interface and tap on “My GIFS.” From there, click on “Make a GIF” to open the camera UI. Once you record up to 3 seconds worth of material, you have a choice to add several filters including question marks, breaking news, a slamming door and more.

Your creation will be kept in the My GIFS tab for future use. If you are a beta tester for the Gboard app and the feature is not appearing, it could …

Google adds new languages to Gboard keyboard app for Android

Google has just confirmed that its Gboard for Android application now supports more than 300 language varieties, covering 74% of the world’s population – quite an impressive achievement for a keyboard app.

But that’s not all, as Google announced Gboard has been updated with Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and Korean – plus twenty additional languages. Apparently, these were the top two languages that users asked to be added to the keyboard app, and Google delivered.

Google also said that it’s equally focused on making sure lesser-known languages, such as Manx and Maori, …

Google launches lite version of Gboard, but only for Android 8.1 devices with low RAM

Unveiled last year, Google’s Android Go platform is meant to allow users who can’t afford expensive smartphones to benefit from the same Android experience using cheap devices. In order for that to work, many Google apps need to be optimized to run on smartphones with less RAM.

That’s how the so-called “Go” apps appeared last year. Maps Go, YouTube Go, and now Gboard Go are lite versions of their full-fledged counterparts. While some of them are available for download via Google Play Store, the new Gboard Go app hasn’t been listed there yet.

However, it appears that Google is rolling …

Update to Google's Gboard app for iOS makes it easier to create your own GIFs

If you’re the type that likes to include home made GIFs with your texts, Google’s Gboard app for iOS now makes it easier to create one. The button to start the process has been moved on the QWERTY keyboard to make it easier to find. Originally, when the feature launched last September, the GIF creation button was found behind the emoji button on the bottom of the keyboard. Accessing it required a long press on the emoji icon at the bottom.

Thanks to an update, the GIF creation button has been moved to the word suggestion bar, making it easier to find (see the arrow on the image at the top …

Google's Gboard keyboard app updated with handwriting support, fast delete feature, and more

Google’s popular Gboard virtual keyboard app has been updated for Android. The latest patch brings a bunch of neat functionalities, the most notable being support for handwriting.
If you’d like to give handwriting a try, simply tap on “Language Settings” (you access it with a long press on the spacebar), select your desired language, and then choose handwriting as alayout. This functionality will be most useful for alphabets and writing systems that feature thousands of symbols and characters, but the layout is available for all supported languages.
Other …

Gboard updated with sticker pack support, 40 new languages

The latest update for Gboard on Android brings support for 40 additional languages, including native input for Japanese, which, along with other non-Latin script languages, was up until now relegated to a separate input method. This update for Gboard rounds up the total number of supported languages to 120, Android Police reports.

But the latest Gboard update also brings native stickers support to Google’s virtual keyboard. Up until now, users had to have Google Allo installed on their devices, in order to be able to use stickers within Gboard, but this …

Gboard for Android updated with downloadable stickers and Bitmoji support

Google has just announced a new update will be rolled out to Gboard users on Android devices in the next few days. As the title says, the new update introduces downloadable stickers and adds support for Bitmoji.

With the latest update, Gboard users will be able to share stickers and Bitmoji in any application that allows for image pasting, including most messaging apps available for Android devices. Once the newest version of Gboard for Android is installed on your phone, you will be able to download stickers packs or the Bitmoji app via Google Play.

You’ll be able to use either of …

Google brings voice typing to 30 new languages in Gboard, Voice Search and more

New improvements are coming to Google’s apps, the search giant announced. Starting today, voice typing to 30 languages and locales around the world is available in Gboard on Android, Voice Search and more.With the latest update, Google’s speech recognition will support 119 language varieties in multiple apps.

Among the new languages added today, Google mentions support for ancient languages like Georgian. Support for many Indian languages has been added too, along with two of Africa’s largest languages, Swahili and Amharic.

Google is used machine learning models when it added these …