App gap: New PWAs will not work on Windows 10 Mobile

For those who were hoping the move towards progressive web apps would make Windows 10 Mobile rise from the grave, this may come as bad news. The new PWAs hitting the Microsoft Store will not be fully functional in Edge mobile. It is reported that while some apps launch but are missing functionality; some do not work at all. A major feature that seems to be missing from all PWAs on Mobile deals with notifications. On Windows Mobile, the apps are unable to display any sort of notification in the notification center. This is obviously a key feature of any app and seriously cripples …

Is your iPhone X pulling your hair? Users complain about hair stuck in the bezel gap and mute switch

File this in the unforeseen consequences of having a bezel-less phone with steel frames, but Apple’s new iPhone X may be pulling people’s hair, beards, and so on, as multiple complaints on Apple’s discussion forums and random social media vents are reporting. 

The hairs seem to get stuck either in the mute switch, or in the small gap between the bezel and the display. Some units are apparently being replaced by Apple, while many others are solving the annoyance by putting a case on it, though the mute switch still remains in play sometimes. 
We’ve …

Record $465 price gap observed between Apple and Samsung smartphones

According to US research company Strategy Analytics, the price gap between Apple and Samsung smartphones has reached the record-breaking $465. 
The firm estimates that the difference between average retail prices of Apple and Samsung LTE phones in the US has widened to more than $400 during Q4 2016. During the October-December period of the same year, the average selling price of Apple phones reached $692, while that of Samsung handsets stood at $227.
It’s important to note that Samsung’s Galaxy S8/S8+ phones …