Facebook Messenger updated with World Cup-themed games, filters and effects

Facebook has just announced that in celebration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it will add new content to the Messenger app, on both the Android and iOS platforms. The new features will be available with the next update that should be released in the App Store and Google Play Store soon.

As the title says, Facebook Messenger will get World Cup-themed games, as well as filters they will be able to use in chats. One day before the tournament, football fans will notice an animated messages showing on their Facebook News Feed will invite them to share their fandom with a profile frame of their …

All the best and biggest games from Xbox's E3 press conference


This year’s Xbox E3 press conference completely surpassed last year’s, revealing a whole bunch of exciting new games and new trailers for games we can’t wait to get our hands on.

During its press conference Sunday, Xbox revealed trailers for Halo Infinite, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Fallout: 76, Kingdom Hearts III, and a handful (“handful” is an understatement) of other games, giving Xbox its first truly strong showing in years.

Without further ado, here are the most exciting trailers from Xbox’s E3 press conference:

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite brings Master Chief back to Halo in this teaser trailer, giving the world a glimpse at the next Halo game on a brand new engine. We didn’t get much information but Warthogs are back and that’s basically all we need to know. Read more…

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Say goodbye to Square Enix's “GO” mobile games

If you haven’t heard about the GO mobile series, you’re probably not a gamer. Hitman GO, Lara Craft GO, and Deus Ex GO are among the best turn-based games launched on mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean they have achieved financial success as well.

During a recent interview with PCGamesInsider.biz, Patrick Naud, Studio Head at Square Enix Montreal, said that his company is not working on other games in the GO series and that there are no plans for the franchise going forward.

Even though all three GO mobile games have been a great success for the studio, it appears that not many …

Download Steam Link beta and start playing your PC games on an Android device

Valve announced last week it will soon allow Android and iOS users to play their library of PC games on their mobile devices. Obviously, we’re talking about streaming your games from the PC/Mac to a smartphone, not actually running them from the Android or iOS device.

That can be achieved starting today by download the Steam Link beta app, which is now available for free via Google Play Store. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll have to wait a while longer for the app to arrive in the App Store.

But how exactly does this work and how can you play your PC games from your couch on a smaller …

You can now play mobile games with a Steam Controller via Bluetooth

After announcing the upcoming launch of Steam Link and Steam Video apps for Android and iOS, Valve has decided to enable Bluetooth connectivity for the Steam Controller, thus allowing owners to connect it to a smartphone or tablet.

The move is a necessary step before the launch of Steam Link app that’s supposed to allow users to play their Steam games library on almost any Android or iOS device. The only requirement would be that your phone or tablet (or TV) is on the same 5GHz network as the host PC or it’s connected to the computer via Ethernet cable.

Until …

In-app purchases coming soon to Facebook Instant Games

Facebook will soon allow developers to add in-app purchases (IAPs) to their Instant Games, the company announced during a session on gaming at its F8 developer conference. Originally launched in 2016, Facebook Instant Games is a platform that allows developers to create casual, mobile-friendly games that seamlessly play across both the web and mobile versions of Facebook Messenger.

Up until now, developers could only monetize their games with ads, but with Facebook’s plans to introduce in-app purchases, this would create another venue for monetization. …

Snap introduces Snappables AR games for Snapchat

Earlier today, we told you that some Snapchat users are testing a revised UI that once again has stories from a member’s friends and family in the same location as content from celebrities, brands, publishers and media. Now, we have some information about a new series of AR games available to Snapchat members. The games are called Snappables and allow members to compete with friends in a series of different games.

Depending on the game, users will employ touch, motion and facial expressions to control Snappables. The games are found in the same spot where Lenses are located on the …

Best iOS games to play in 2018

What’s better than a great smartphone game to sink some time in? 
Well, a great free smartphone game to sink some time in!
If you’re donning an iOS device, here are a couple of triple-A mobile games to play in 2018!


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The battle royale genre is at the peak of its popularity right now, and Fortnite is easily the most popular one out there. True, it didn’t kickstart the genre, but it surely sent it to unfathomable heights. The free-to-play game is a huge time-sinker …

Facebook is testing ads that let you try out mobile games before you buy them

Google Play Instant allows consumers to try a game before they purchase it. Last month, there were six games that offered this feature. Now, something similar with the same “try before you buy” mentality has been unveiled by Facebook. Yes, that Facebook. The company has started testing playable game ads in its News Feed with about 24 developers involved. Facebook also plans to rollout this technology for its off-platform ad network, and later this year it will be offered to all advertisers.

Facebook likes the concept because it has been discovered that 79% prefer learning about a product …

Android P to support Vulkan graphics API 1.1 for better looking, better performing games

Vulkan is the exciting graphics API (application programming interface) that will help give mobile gaming a serious push forward, visuals-wise at least, bringing something more akin to home console quality graphics to the palm of your hand. Samsung has been supporting it on Galaxy devices starting with the S7 back in 2016, and Google has also added support for it in Nougat. We’ve already seen some pretty interesting tech demos of what Vulkan will be capable of when it’s fully fleshed out and developers get around to fully utilizing its powers — i.e. having much more direct …