Razer might announce its smartphone for hardcore gamers on November 1

Shortly after acquiring Nextbit, the company behind the Robin cloud-based smartphone, Razer suggested it plans to release its own smartphone aimed at “hardcore gamers.”

Today, a teaser has gone live, which confirms Razer plans to announce its first smartphone. We don’t know the name, the price or any technical details, except for the fact that it will be designed for hardcore gamers (whatever that might mean).

According to the teaser, Razer will announce something on November 1. The image shows a guy playing a game on a smartphone, which is evidence that …

Upcoming Razer smartphone said to target “hardcore gamers”

After acquiring Nextbit, the company behind the cloud-oriented Robin smartphone, Razer promised that “unique mobile design and experiences” will come soon. Six months after Razer’s initial statement, the company revealed plans to go for a $5 billion IPO in Hong Kong with the purpose of expanding in China.

The public offering will help fund development of its own smartphone among other new gadgets, Bloomberg reports. The handset will be specially designed to appeal to “hardcore gamers,” which comes in line with Razer’s recent moves in the smartphone industry.

According …

Mobile gamers need this: 5 of the best controllers for Android and iPhone

Gaming on a smartphone is usually a dissatisfactory ordeal. Sure, you can tap away all day long on those one-press style games, but a gamer’s soul thirsts for action, timed inputs, dodging and attacking, as well as some strategy. For that last one, you’ve got a few games that you can play, sure — the touch inputs lend themselves well for those. But what about some good ol’ shooting at the bad guys? Or beating an opponent’s pixelized head into the pixelized pavement?

Well, you need a controller. And controllers there are aplenty — surprisingly, the market is overrun with these, which is probably …

iOS 11 Beta 3 hints at live broadcasting, could mean massive potential for gamers?

So, iOS 11 is currently up for anyone wanting to try its beta — you’ve got the Public Beta, which is considered stable enough to offer to the early adopters hungry to test the newest software features to come from Apple’s kitchen; and then you’ve got the Developer Preview, which is more raw and definitely unstable, available only to those with developer accounts who more or less need it for their work.

The Developer Preview subscribers have just received a brand new update (Beta 3) a couple of days ago and there are a bunch of small fixes and tweaks to the interface, …

Razer is coming to get mobile gamers, partnership with 3 Group will help

For many hardcore PC gamers, the concept of mobile gaming sounds like a joke, but the players in the gaming industry seem to take it seriously. Companies like Razer, a well-known maker of gaming PCs, peripherals and game accessories, are also showing increasing interests in the mobile segment, while looking for more ways to get mobile gamers on board. As a result, we can mark the first-ever collaboration between Razer and a mobile network operator. It comes in the form of a global strategic alliance between the gaming company and the 3 Group, aka Three, one of the big players in mobile data networks …

Indie gamers rejoice! Permanent "Indie Games" section added to Apple's App Store

After releasing its 12-day “Celebrating Indie Games” event, Apple is now taking another huge step to promote independent game developers and their titles. The App Store now features a dedicated Indie Games section, which is currently highlighted on the main page of the digital distribution platform through a new thumbnail dubbed “Celebrating Indie Games”.
This is a big boost to small-time game makers, as proper placement on such online stores is crucial for the success and popularity of their content. Itay Keren, developer of the unusual …

Samsung’s new curved monitor coming to CES is somewhat tailored for gamers

ces2017_ch711_curvedmonitor_attachment_8 Right before the New Year begins — and with it, CES — tech companies tend to out many of their upcoming wares before the show even starts. Take Samsung for example, with their new CH711 quantum dot curved monitor. The CH711 comes in two sizes: 27 or 31.5-inch displays, both with 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution. Naturally,Samsung is touting the deep and distinct 1800R curvature… Read More

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Google Is Launching a YouTube Built for Gamers to Take on Twitch

Google is now officially taking on Twitch. As rumored, the company today announced YouTube Gaming, an app and dedicated website designed to be a home for all its gaming video both live-streamed and on demand. YouTube Gaming will launch this summer starting in the US and UK.


Google is positioning YouTube Gaming as a separate experience from the rest of YouTube; according to the announcement post, “you can search with confidence, knowing that typing ‘call’ will show you ‘Call of Duty’ and not ‘Call Me Maybe’“ (for the record, I’m seeing three Call of Duty suggestions ahead of “Call Me Maybe”). More than 25,000 games will reportedly have their own landing pages for related videos in addition to channels from game companies and YouTube content creators. It doesn’t seem to be, however, an altogether separate platform — all the videos we’re seeing today exist on YouTube proper as well.

While YouTube is a behemoth when it comes to online video, livestream and broadcast gameplay has been dominated by Twitch, which as of last year boasted 100 million viewers each month. (Related: Google was rumored last year to be acquiring Twitch before Amazon picked it up for $970 million.) Some of it has to do with technology; Google launched 60 frames per second video playback earlier this year — especially important for recording and watching modern games online — and its 60fps live streaming debuted just a few weeks ago in early preview. Google today is promising “an improved live experience that makes it simpler to broadcast your gameplay to YouTube.” That includes, according to product manager Barbara Macdonald, improved latency, highlight clipping, and more. And yes, you can monetize the streams through ads (including midroll ads) and fan funding — no premium subscription options at this point.