Gameloft launches Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO, a post-apocalyptic, open world action RPG

Gameloft is trying something a little bit different with Dead Rivals – Zombie, an MMORPG aimed at mobile users. The game promises a vast, open world that players can explore, as well as a wide range of weapons and lots of customization options for your hero.

Players can choose among three uniquely skilled classes, build their shelter, raid their rivals, craft weapons and develop skills to crush their opponents in fierce PvP battles. And since this is a zombie-themed game, you shoot lots of zombies.

Graphics-wise, Gameloft claims Dead Rivals – Zombie offers “cutting-edge art style,” …

Gameloft soft-launches Dungeon Hunter Champions for Android and iOS

French game publisher and developer Gameloft has just announced its new title in the Dungeon Hunter franchise will be called Dungeon Hunter Champions. The game will soon make its debut on both Android and iOS platforms, although some lucky fans will be able to download its starting this week.

Dungeon Hunter Champions is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store, but only if you have an account for Canada or Vietnam. The rest of us who love the hack’n’slash franchise but don’t have access to stores in those countries can pre-register to receive exclusive items and …

Gameloft brings back SEGA's Sonic Runners Adventure mobile game, but it's not free any longer

SEGA launched Sonic Runners Adventure for Android and iOS a while ago, but for some reason, the publisher pulled the game from App Store and Google Play Store. Perhaps SEGA wasn’t content with the quality of the game or there have been other issues that required its removal from the stores.

In any case, if you’re a Sonic fan, you’ll be happy to know Sonic Runners Adventure is now back in the App Store and Google Play Store, and it’s now being brought to life by Gameloft, not SEGA. The bad news is the game is not free any longer, so you’ll have to pay $2.99 if you …

Gameloft calls it quits on Windows Phone, stops supporting high-profile games

French developer and publisher has just announced that it has decided to drop support for some of its high-profile Windows Phone games. The decision isn’t surprising considering Microsoft’s recent statements related to the mobile platform.

If you happen to still own a Windows Phone handset, then you should know that Gameloft will be discontinuing development for Dungeon Hunter 5 for Windows Phone, as well as Sniper Fury and Modern Combat 5.

These games and probably others will not be getting any new updates going forward. However, Gameloft is giving players …

Gameloft to bring President Donald Trump to Gangstar New Orleans mobile game

Gangstar New Orleans, Gameloft’s mobile take on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise, is about to get even funnier. The French developer is teasing another update for its open world action-adventure game, which will include President Donald Trump.

Before getting your hopes too high and think that you’ll actually be able to play as Donald Trump, you should know that the new update will bring Gangstar New Orleans players the option to unlock some masks.

There will be no less than five new masks included in the upcoming update, and one of them is Donald Trump’s. …

Gameloft launches Iron Blade: Medieval Legends ARPG for Android and iOS devices

French company Gameloft soft-launched a new action RPG title back in March, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. Today, the developer announced its game is now available to the general public in all countries, on both the Android and iOS platforms.

In fact, Gameloft released Iron Blade: Medieval Legends on the PC as well, so you can find it on Windows Store if that’s your chosen gaming platforms.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is a love letter to action RPG fans, which features an enticing story and solid gameplay mechanics. As members of the Templars, players will …