HBO's stellar Westworld TV series is getting a mobile game

The highly-acclaimed Westworld TV series has already been renewed for a second season at HBO, but by the time the new season premiers a mobile game might be released. Warner Bros. recently confirmed that a mobile game based on the Westworld TV series is now in the works at Dead by Deadlight developer Behaviour Interactive.

The game developer collaborates with the TV series’ Kilter Films to make the Westworld mobile game as close to the show as possible. For the time being, the tile is “being tested in limited release,” so it may take some time until mobile users get to play it.

The …

Get your wand and check out the first trailer for the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game

Last month, we told you to expect the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game to be released for iOS and Android this coming spring. The game allows users to create their own character who gets to experience life as a Hogwarts student. A trailer for the game has been released, and you can view it by tapping on the video that appears at the top of this story (with your finger, not a wand). This is an RPG game, which means that how you fare is dependent on the choices you make. Sure enough, that echoes a comment made by Hogwarts Headmaster Professor Albus Dumbledore, which is shown at the beginning …

Facebook is out of the smart assistant game… for now: Its M chatbot to retire soon

Oh, M, we hardly knew ye!

Facebook has decided to kill of its short-lived smart chatbot, dubbed M, which was available inside the ultra popular Messenger service but never actually got out of beta. It used artificial intelligence to come up with relevant answers to users’ queries which have subsequently been checked by real humans for relevancy and comprehensiveness; apparently, people did that 24/7 – how’s that for a resume?
However, it would seem that Facebook was unimpressed with the direction M was going, so it will sing its swan song this January …

Google invests in Chinese live-stream mobile game platform

Google has invested an undisclosed sum in Chinese game live-streaming platform Chushou, bringing the start-up’s total funding to north of $120 million, Reuters reported. Founded in 2015, Chushou is an e-sports and streaming service that lets users live stream games from their smartphones. The platform has an estimated total of 8 million streamers and 250,000 live streams a day.
Live streaming and e-sports platforms are growing in popularity in Asia, and the world as a whole, and Google’s investment comes as no surprise. The U.S. company’s aim is to expand Chushou’s …

HQ Trivia game for Android goes live in the Google Play Store, play to win real money

Popular mobile game HQ Trivia has finally made its debut on the Android platform after a short beta testing period. Although the game shows as “unreleased” in the Google Play Store, it appears that everyone can download and play it.

HQ Trivia has quickly become a phenomenon after being released on the iOS since it’s one of the few mobile games that allows players to win real money. If you make it to the end of the game and you collect at least $20, you can actually transfer the money to your Paypal account.

But how exactly does HQ Trivia work? Well, it’s …

Out Here Archery: an Augmented Reality game with a bow and arrow

Augmented Reality games and apps are still a fairly new thing. They will use your phone’s camera and place virtual objects in the “real world”, observed through your display. Then, the player gets to interact with the virtual items.

Out Here Archery is one such game — it lets you shoot a virtual bow and arrow in your living room or outside in the field. Your goal is to hit an amount of balloons for a limited time and you’ve got booster items to help you out — some slow down time, others freeze the balloons around the booster object.

The game has two modes — one that requires you to …

Pre-register for Android version of trivia game HQ and win real cash

Earlier this month, we told you about the HQ Trivia app that allows you to play a trivia game for real cash. One game begins ever day at 9pm EST, and on weekdays there is a matinee starting at 3pm EDT. HQ has been available from the App Store to iOS users. And now, HQ is heading to Android. While there is no set date for its debut on Google’s open source OS, you can pre-register for the app right now. The buzz around the water cooler suggests that HQ for Android will be ready to go starting at the end of this month.

Filling out the pre-registration form doesn’t mean that the app will automatically …

Gameloft brings back SEGA's Sonic Runners Adventure mobile game, but it's not free any longer

SEGA launched Sonic Runners Adventure for Android and iOS a while ago, but for some reason, the publisher pulled the game from App Store and Google Play Store. Perhaps SEGA wasn’t content with the quality of the game or there have been other issues that required its removal from the stores.

In any case, if you’re a Sonic fan, you’ll be happy to know Sonic Runners Adventure is now back in the App Store and Google Play Store, and it’s now being brought to life by Gameloft, not SEGA. The bad news is the game is not free any longer, so you’ll have to pay $2.99 if you …

PSA: do not buy Cuphead game from the App Store

Cuphead is an indie game, which became extremely popular this year, due to having an awesome mix of challenging difficulty, amazing art style, and a super-quality soundtrack. The game quickly drew YouTube letsplayers and gamers that are nostalgic for the quality platformers from the past and the resulting vortex of popularity and hype made it explode into the mainstream.

It’s easy to assume that it would eventually make the jump to mobile, given the game’s nature and the fact that phone hardware is pretty powerful nowadays. But rest assured, that a mobile Cuphead is still not available …

That one game that will make you rage: Getting Over It now available for iOS

Every now and again, there’s an indie game that really pushes the status quo. It’s either too hard, too simple, too stylistically outlandish, or has button combinations that can’t possibly be pressed in succession by seasoned game journalists.

A new game has just popped up on the iOS App Store, which is a mix of weird style, extremely simple mechanics, but a difficulty level that it will make you “Feel new types of frustration you didn’t know you were capable of” — the game’s own motto.

It’s called Getting Over It and it’s a single player experience that …