Hit game This War of Mine gets massive discount on both Android and iOS

This War of Mine is a war-themed game with a unique twist – instead of letting you play as a soldier with plot armor and incredible aim, you get to control a rag-tag group of civilian survivors, as they struggle for survival each day. Yeah, it’s not really a good time, as the game pulls at your heartstrings with every new survivor you find… or every single one that you lose.

It’s a well put-together masterpiece of survival / base management …

Epic MMO strategy game Iron Throne coming to Android and iOS on May 16

Netmarble, the same company that brought us the massive Lineage 2: Revolution MMORPG, has just revealed yet another major title that will make its debut on mobile devices next week – Iron Throne.

Iron Throne is an MMO that mixes strategy and RPG (role-playing game) elements. Developer 4Plat and publisher Netmarble promise a game filled with RPG quests, riveting stories, and plot twists. Moreover, the game will offer players battle-focused modes like Battle Royale and Team Death Match.

The main goal in the game is to become the king but in order to achieve that players must absolutely …

Win prizes in the OnePlus 6 Countdown Madness game

Are you a wordsmith? Well then, you can show off your wit and clever writing skills in the OnePlus 6 Countdown Madness game. It’s quite easy to play. The OnePlus 6 is going to be unveiled on May 16th, so today being the 11th would be T-5 days before the introduction. If you decide to play the game, today you would write a comment on the OnePlus Countdown Madness forum that totals five words. For example, “The Heat should trade Whiteside.” Links and images do NOT count as words, so keep that in mind. All five word comments posted today (May 11th) will be eligible for prizes.

Tomorrow, to …

X-COM creator launching Chaos Reborn: Adventures game on Android and iOS this summer

If you haven’t heard about the X-COM franchise, you’re probably not interested in the turn-based strategy genre. But if you do, you’ll be happy to know that one of the series’ creators, Julian Gollop is bringing another of his popular franchises – Chaos, to mobile devices.

Game studio Big Blue Bubble will help Gollop launch Chaos Reborn: Adventures, a purely turn-based strategy game specifically designed for smaller screens. The game will be made available this summer on both the Android and iOS platforms, though we don’t know how much it will cost.

It’s worth mentioning that Adventures …

Award-winning puzzle game Monument Valley now free on Android

Beautiful, serene, and quirky — Monument Valley is a puzzle game with gameplay mechanics that were specifically tailored for touchscreen controls and levels that struck balance between mind-bending and satisfaction. It quickly became a sweetheart and poster boy for mobile gaming both in the eyes of critics and gamers.

Naturally, the success of the first title resulted in an expansion pack and a full-blown second game after. …

Check out Google's Emoji Scavenger Hunt web game for some AI action

In the mood to kill some time? Using your mobile browser, click on emojiscavengerhunt.withgoogle.com. This is a scavenger hunt game that uses AI and your smartphone’s camera in an attempt to find real life items that match the emoji you are shown. The time you have to find the items decreases with each turn. When you do match an emoji with a real world object, you receive extra time on the clock.

Google’s machine learning platform takes what you are seeing in the real world, and is able to match the image with the proper emoji. The goal, of course, is to find all of the emojis before …

Nintendo wants to build a billion dollar mobile game empire

Remember how adamant Nintendo was on not entering the mobile game business during the Wii and DS era? Oh, how things have changed. The company now has a bunch of really popular mobile games under its belt, and although it has up until now kept its promise that it wouldn’t release a “full-fledged” title in one of its flagship franchises as a mobile game, things may be about to change.
Not in the sense that Nintendo will release the next grand Mario or Zelda adventure on Android and iOS, but in the sense that it will focus much more heavily on mobile than it’s been …

Nintendo to launch new action RPG smartphone game later this year

After the success of Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem: Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo revealed its new mobile game to be released later this year – Dragalia Lost. Unlike Nintendo’s previous mobile games that belong to iconic franchises, the upcoming title is a new IP.

Dragalia Lost is an action RPG developed by Nintendo and Cygames. The game will be initially released in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau sometime this summer. According to Nintendo, the game will make it to North America and Europe later this year.

Along with the game’s announcement, Nintendo released …

Jam City announces new Wild Things: Animal Adventure mobile game, pre-registration open

Jam City, the folks that brought us the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Android/iOS game this week, have just announced their new mobile game, Wild Things: Animal Adventure.

The game will be launched on both the Android and iOS platforms, but for now, gamers can pre-register to receive updates and information about the upcoming mobile title, as well as a special bonus when Wild Things: Animal Adventure launches later this year.

The game enables players to take the adventure of their lives while rebuilding the animal’s natural habitats, which have fallen into disrepair. You’ll earn …

Everyone can do custom Alexa skills now, like your own family trivia game

Alexa is the gift that keeps on giving for Amazon, spearheading the smart home speaker revolution, and people are grabbing them in the millions to get access to the universe of “skills” that it offers for making daily life easier.

Amazon just one-upped its rivals by outing Blueprints – a process for creating custom Alexa skills if for some reason you aren’t satisfied by the tens of thousands already out there. As a perfect example of what Blueprints can do, Amazon made an Alexa Developers video that shows you how to create a birthday trivia game. 
Harmless …