How to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones on your Android or iOS device

It’s that time of the year again – the long-anticipated 7th season of Game of Thrones is upon us, and along with it, comes the frustrating evasion of spoiler talk. Aside from the regular routine of staying off your social feeds, we now also have to carefully navigate throughout the web itself as the spoilers for the show are just around any corner. Worry not, we wouldn’t even try spoiling the show for you. 
Yet, there’s a way of avoiding spoilers, and… it’s by simply watching the show as soon as possible. Who would have thought!
So, …

Samsung prepping a tool for game streamers, download link inside

So game streaming is a pretty lucrative to make some money (or lots of money) — you get to do what you love for hours each day and gain a following for it. Well, it sounds much, much simpler than it actually is. But even if you don’t aspire to become the next PewDiePie, you may still find some enjoyment in streaming your gameplay and interacting with viewers. And, with games slowly, but surely becoming more “serious” on mobile devices, it’s expected that phone game streams will also become a thing in the very near future.

We’ve already seen hints that Apple may be preparing for such times …

Sci-fi movie Valerian gets its official mobile game for Android and iOS

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is set to debut in movie theaters on July 21. The film inspired by the French comics is directed by Luc Besson, known for another sci-fi masterpiece, The Fifth Element.

If you’re not necessarily a fan of sci-fi movies, but own an Android or iOS smartphone, you might want to try out the Valerian official mobile game, which has just been released in the App Store and Google Play.

Although the game is available for free, you’ll notice it features in-app purchases. Since this is a single player title, you’ll pay for …

Popular Ridge Racer car racing game is the free iOS App of the Week

As an iOS user, you’ve probably got used with the free app of the week section in the App Store. Each week, iOS users can download an app for free, which might or might not have been offered in a promotional deal before.

This week, those who like car racing games will be pleased to know that Ridge Racer Slipstream is the newest free iOS app of the week. The game usually costs $3, but for a limited time, iOS users will be able to download it for free.

The game features 12 sports cars that you’ll be able to choose from, but there are hundreds of customization …

Turn your Android phone into a cartridge lovin' Game Boy with the Smart Boy

How would you like to turn your Android flavored handset into a Nintendo Game Boy that accepts both monochrome and color game cartridges? It can be done, we tell you, and it won’t require a magic wand or spells from Harry Potter to accomplish the feat. All you need is the Smart Boy. Originally conceived as an April Fools Day joke last year, the device can be pre-ordered for £59.99, which translates into $77.86 USD at current exchange rates.

The Smart Boy connects to your Android handset via the Type-C USB port, which is a requirement for the device that it will be used on. The phone …

Oxenfree, the highly-acclaimed Stranger Things-like adventure game, arrives on Android

If you haven’t heard about Oxenfree, then you surely aren’t playing as many games as you should. Suffice to say that it’s one of those indie gems that make a splash once in a while in the world of video games.

After the debut of the Stranger Things series at Netflix, many compared Night School Studios’ game with a supernatural thriller. Oxenfree made its debut on mobiles back in March, when the developer announced the game would be available on iOS.

Today, Oxenfree made the jump to Android and can now be purchased via Google Play Store for $4.99. Unlike the …

Game streaming service Twitch launches new Android and iOS apps

Twitch is trying to lure as many mobile fans as possible to its game streaming service. The first step in achieving that is the release of a revamped Twitch app for Android and iOS platforms.

The new app comes with a dark mode, as well as loads of new features and improvements such as Instant Playlist (a collection of content accessible by swiping down on the screen) and Language Ranking (featured streams organized based on certain languages and regions).

There’s also a new Mobile Streaming option that allows users to start a stream directly to their channel …

The Candy Crush TV game show is a thing, and it already has a Guinness World Record

Candy Crush is one of the biggest franchises in mobile history, and it’s now moving on to other media. The massively popular mobile game is soon coming to your TV, courtesy of CBS, and what we’ve seen so far from it looks both fun and ridiculous.

Contestants will have to play various extreme forms of Candy Crush Saga, and some of them include massive touchscreens. So big, in fact, that they were awarded a Guinness world record for being the largest in the world.

The screens are 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide, and there are actually two of them – one standing vertically and one lying …

Gameloft to bring President Donald Trump to Gangstar New Orleans mobile game

Gangstar New Orleans, Gameloft’s mobile take on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise, is about to get even funnier. The French developer is teasing another update for its open world action-adventure game, which will include President Donald Trump.

Before getting your hopes too high and think that you’ll actually be able to play as Donald Trump, you should know that the new update will bring Gangstar New Orleans players the option to unlock some masks.

There will be no less than five new masks included in the upcoming update, and one of them is Donald Trump’s. …

Puzzle game Telepaint is the Free iOS App of the Week

How would you like to download a puzzle game for your iOS device, and save some money in the process? Telepaint, which normally costs $2.99, is the Free iOS App of the Week. The game has you carrying walking buckets of paint through portals that you open. Different levels of game play get increasingly harder, and there are six different worlds for you to play in. An accompanying sound track provides synced rhythm, and there is an in-app purchase available so that you can purchase an extra-level for 99 cents.

Recently, an update added two new channels with 40 new levels. Also, the …