The Witness is probably the most beautiful iOS game we've ever seen

The Witness, a stunningly beautiful open world puzzle game for iOS, has just landed on the App Store and it is a stunning experience.
The iOS version of The Witness has a $10 price tag, much cheaper than its $40 cost on Steam, and many people compare the game to a modern-day “Myst”.
With a mysterious open world island to explore and some creative puzzles to solve, The Witness promises hours of engaging gameplay. Read more about its story right below:

You wake up, alone, on a strange island full …

Nintendo hid a copy of the NES game 'Golf' on every Switch


In the long history of weird Nintendo moments, this one stands out.

Tucked away deep within the Nintendo Switch operating system is the data for an NES original, Golf. It’s playable by one or two players using Switch Joy-Cons and it even appears to support motion controls… or it would, if anyone knew how to unlock it.

For now, knowledge of Golf‘s existence on Switch comes entirely, a wiki focused on hacking and analyzing the software powering Nintendo’s latest console. It’s not a piracy thing, however; “homebrew” programmers try to crack the code on gaming machines primarily to install software that wouldn’t otherwise be supported. Read more…

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Artistic digital pinball game INKS. is Apple's Free App of the Week

How would you like to play a game of digital pinball, create a work of art and save $2.99 at the same time? You can do all this by downloading INKS. for free on your iPhone or iPad. It is Apple’s Free App of the Week. When you play the app’s pinball game, every time the ball hits the “padding,” it smacks into a particular color which is then spread all over the canvas. This creates an artistic effect that is unique.

According to the listing in the App Store, INKS. is inspired by artists like Miro, Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Bridget Riley. Of course, they didn’t create their paintings …

Space Harrier II is the latest game joining SEGA Forever classic collection

Space Harrier II is a game originally released in 1988, a groundbreaking third-person shooter that is considered by many the father of the genre. Thanks to SEGA’s emulator, Android, and iOS users will now be able to enjoy Space Harrier II on their mobile devices.

If you’re a junkie for quick-paced, frantic third-person shooters, then Space Harrier II will certainly fit your needs. You’ll be playing as Harrier, a jumpsuited hero who soars across twelve unique lands while facing a swarm of enemies.

Just like every other game that’s part of the SEGA Forever games collection, Space Harrier …

NBA 2K18 companion app and theme card game is now up on App Store and Google Play

2K’s MyNBA2K18 has just been released in the App Store and Google Play, but the companion app will be at its full potential on September 19 when NBA 2K18 will be launched on PC and consoles. 

However, those who pre-order the video game on either platform will receive it on September 15, four days ahead of its official release. Anyway, the good news is MyNBA2K18 is not just a companion app for the NBA 2K18, it’s also a full fledged theme card game.

So, aside from the fact that it fully integrates with NBA 2K18, the app includes the collectible …

Golden Axe is the latest game joining SEGA Forever collection

SEGA recently added another title of its mobile game collection, Golden Axe. The legendary game is now part of SEGA Forever initiative and can be downloaded for free via Google Play Store.

Golden Axe is a side-scrolling beat’em up that’s also pretty difficult when you’re not playing on easy mode. The good news is SEGA has added a couple of gameplay features that haven’t been included in the original game.

The most important is a new duel mode that puts players in the position of facing off wave after wave of enemies. On top of that, SEGA promised to add a …

Radiation City is a brand-new game, brings the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibes to iOS

Radiation Island is a fairly popular game among iOS gamers. It’s a post-apocalyptic survivor, where you need to find food, craft items and guns, build a shelter, and survive tons of zombies. Now, the game’s developer has moved the gameplay away from an island and on to a real world location — the ghost town Pripyat.

The name might ring a bell — it’s a town that’s 12 miles away from Chernobyl, which, you know, had a power station that blew up. So, Pripyat was evacuated and has remained abandoned since then. The town was a location that players visited in the hit PC game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Now, …

Save $2.99 by downloading digital board game Tsuro, Apple's Free App of the Week

You can save nearly $3 this week by downloading video game Tsuro for free from now through Wednesday night. The digital board game is Apple’s App of the Week. The idea of the game is to slide your game piece across a path. Be alert! Other player’s paths can lead you in the wrong direction. You’ll hit intersections and the decisions you make will determine whether you can win the game.

According to the App Store listing, Tsuro has the following features:

BEAUTIFUL-The intricate artwork of the original game is brought to life with fluid animation and sparkling pyrotechnics. …

Valve announces its own Dota 2 card game coming in 2018: Artifact

Every game developer that plans to launch a card game should thank Blizzard for Hearthstone. The game that made card games so popular, Hearthstone will receive its fifth expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, in less than a day.

However, we’re not here to talk about Hearthstone, but about another game in the same gaming genre. Artifact is a new card game developed by Valve, owner of the Steam digital store and Dota franchise. The new title was announced during the online broadcast of The International, the $23 million Dota 2 tournament going on right …

Free Apple App of the week is iMessage chess game Checkmate!

Chess game Checkmate! is this week’s Apple Free App of the Week. There is something that players need to keep in mind; this is a chess game that is played over iMessage and you get to battle both family and friends. To start a new game, simply begin a conversation, tap on “New Match” and make your first move. Checkmate! has been translated into twenty different languages and can be played in locales around the world.

This is a whole new fun way to play Chess. Launched last February, players have given the game an average of 3.5 stars. You can install the game by using the direct link available …