Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Versus the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Which is Best?

Some people prefer their tablet PC to be compact gadgets, while others like them as big as they can be. Whether 7 inch or 10 inch, Samsung has a range of products on offer as aims to build on becoming a realistic competitor to Apple.

Back in August 2012, Samsung had released a tablet version of its award-winning Galaxy Note series. It is called the Note 10.1 and is naturally boasts a 10.1 inch screen measured diagonally which is by far one of the biggest screens on the tablet market. It also comes with a unique stylus specially designed to work with its 10.1 inch touchscreen display. Taking notes has never been this easy.

Samsung has also released a 10.1 inch tablet under the Galaxy Tab line-up and it is difficult to disguise between the two. So why choose this tablet over the rest of the Galaxy Tab line-up? This is probably not the best question to begin with as it rather should be “which tablet suits your needs best?” as this Jelly Bean-capable tablet worth the extra bucks. In fairness, this tablet should be pitted against something its own size. So which is the best contender? It is no other than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The Note 10.1 comes at 262 x 180 x 8.9 mm while the Galaxy 10.1 at 256.6 x 175.3 x 9.7 mm. Inch by inch the Note should come out bigger but comparing both at a decent distance, you cannot really tell the difference. It even identical in design. Both displays are PLS TFT capacitive touchscreens supporting up to 16 million colours at 800 x 1280 pixels with a pixel density of 149 ppi.

They are not Retina displays like what the Apple iPad Retina offers but they are still pretty good and acceptable. Although it would have been so much better if Samsung had just equipped them with a better screen since the bigger the screen, the more pixel density matters. Weight-wise, they are almost exactly the same but theoretically the Note weighs a teeny weenie bit heavier.

The Note is equipped with a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 battery while the Galaxy only has half of what the Note has. This means the former should handle multi-tasking so much better and faster. But let us not forget that with great power comes faster juice draining. They are both equipped with a 7000 mAh battery so theoretically speaking, you should be refuelling your Note more often than you would on the Galaxy.

Samsung has absolutely made the right decision of bumping up the front camera to a 1.9MP sensor for sharper video calling quality for the Note over the Tab. As for the rear camera it is a 5MP sensor capable of recording 720p videos with LED flash and autofocus. It is actually not bad for a tablet this size.

Both tablets come in WiFi only version and the one that comes with GSM capabilities. This is where Samsung got the initial boost for its tablets since Samsung tablets were one of the very first tablets that fully supported phone features. Not much difference actually, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, you name it. Although there is one thing that a certain version of the Note has that the Galaxy does not and that is LTE connectivity.

As for the storage, both have an extra card slot but the Note can support up to 64GB while the Galaxy is just up to 32GB. The Note also takes an edge for the RAM as it is built with a 2GB memory module while the other has just half of it. Same thing goes for their internal memory. Note has up to 64GB of it while the Galaxy has just half of what it has.

Both Samsung tablets are great contenders not just to each other but also to other branded tablets. The Note 10.1 is more than £125.00 than the Galaxy 10.1. Feature-wise they should be very identical in performance considering regular use but despite it the Note being more expensive than the Tab, it is worth it if you can afford it.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Better Performance

Along with the pre-orders, it has also generated rivals in the gadgets market, of course the pre-orders ratio being the highest. Lots of people are now in the dilemma which one suits them the most, Samsung Galaxy S3 or its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. Let’s look at the features of both of them:

Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM Free has got a 4.99 inch super AMOLED display with a 1080P HD resolution. It allows the users to watch HD movies at full resolution and even delivers sharp looking text and photos. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 has got 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen so that you can have easy and comfortable viewing but with a resolution of only 720p resolution. Thus, the Galaxy S4 has got bigger and better screen than the Galaxy S3.

Like Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 even features a plastic design but the Galaxy S4 has got much improved build quality and materials to make it stronger. The overall design of it is more solid and is less like a low-end plastic. Also, the S4 is 7.9mm thin weighing just 130 grams while the S3 is about 133 grams and is 8.6mm.

The Galaxy S4 features a number of sensors which offers lots of features but the Galaxy S3 lacks it. One of the most impressive features the Galaxy S4 has got is the Air Sensor which requires the users just to hover their fingers over the phone to view the message or the image and doesn’t require an S Pen. The built-in IR support can also be used by the users to control an HDTV with Samsung TV software which cannot be included in the Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S4 has even got features like Smart Scroll which allows the users to combine the eye-tracking technology and motion to scroll without touching the screen and an auto pause where the video gets paused when the user looks away from the screen and the video starts playing automatically when the user looks back to the screen.

The Galaxy S4 is equipped with the new Gorilla Glass 3 in the front which is three times harder than previous versions of it while the Galaxy S3 features Gorilla Glass 2.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 – The New Definition of Smart Phones

Samsung is the first brand which comes into the mind of the people whenever one hears of the term smart phone. Such has been the effect of the Galaxy series by the Korean firm that people have got this brand in the first place whenever they are to make a choice for smart SIM free phones. They have played the game with the rules and have now managed to get ahead from the pack to make a stable position in the minds of the customers worldwide. Then a short time back Samsung introduced the next best thing from their stable after the famous galaxy S, they came out with the galaxy S2, a true beauty.

The Samsung galaxy s2 is equipped with every possible factor to take up the market with leaving no stones unturned to beat the competition. First off, whenever a person lifts the phone for the first time he will see that the phone is neither too heavy nor too light as it stands apt at 116 grams. The front panel has a physical button in the centre, the sensors on the top and the secondary camera and the rest is the screen. The screen is a 4.3 inch super AMOLED touch screen with the protection of corning gorilla glass. There are two variations of the phone available; one with a 16 GB internal memory while the other with a 32 GB internal memory and then when one combines the external memory SD slot with SD cards the storage space just expands gigantically. A dual core 1.2 GHz processor is the reason for the sped of the execution one gets to see on the Samsung galaxy s2. The 8 MP primary camera with LED flash makes the pictures very clear and it also has the primary camera of 2 MP in the front. This smart phone which is equipped with smart applications comes in black, pink and white colors for the people to choose from as per the choice. Now they are available attractively prices on the online markets which have become the best place to get SIM free phones at affordable rates.

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The Outstanding Review to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Whenever you want to buy a smart mobile phone you will go to Google and search for keywords like Buy Samsung GalaxyNote 5, Buy Samsung Galaxy S3, Buy Samsung Galaxy S5, Buy Samsung Galaxy S6, Buy Samsung Galaxy S7, But after studying the endless results displayed and spending enormous amount of time you will finally realize that if you Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you will always be more benefitted than if you buy any other mobile phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Take note 5 is obviously beautiful. Its materials used and design feels as though a far more superior device than its ancestors in the series, but it also offers a few distinctive Note features.

Actually Note 4 was a great success for Samsung and there have been no competitor because this device comes in Google android tablet type. However when it comes to size, Apple has recently joined the battle of big gizmos by launching IPhone 6 Plus and but Samsung gained the flying shades.

Samsung has introduced the look it used in combination with the Note 5 andGalaxy S6. Gone will be the days of tacky artificial leather and clear plastic is usedfor Galaxy Note: the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has introduce with an aluminium structure and Gorilla Wine glass 4 on back and front

The Elegant DesignThe usage of goblet means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also the most fingerprint susceptible note gadget we’ve seen, it hasadditional trope that it inherits from the Samsung Galaxy S6. But, not like the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 manages to be somewhat more elegantcompared to Galaxy S6 just, using its understated curves over the  attributes of the trunk, that benefit the handling of the large mobile phone.

Though a lot of the Galaxy design terms remain as same as before, the just-released Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now took its construction cue from the latest Galaxy S series flagship, giving it a cup and material structure. Glass panels are kept as well as a metallic frame, and colour options include translucent results that makes the telephone sparkle and reveal practically.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for theBeautiful DisplayDisplay is used in Samsung Galaxy is a lot sunnier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s. Note 5 could have been far better in glowing ambient light, which is efficient for power saving. According to DisplayMate, it offers the best colour reproduction in compare to other mobile displays. The Note 5 achieves new milestone on screen lighting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features

Overall Release date            August 2015Screen Type            Touchscreen Dimensions (mm)        153.20 x 76.10 x 7.60Weight (g)            171.00Battery capacity (mAh)    3000Battery Removable        NoHandset Colours        Gold Platinum, Black Sapphire,Silver Titanium, White Pearl,  

Display Features

Screen size (inches)        5.70Touchscreen            YesResolution in Pixels    1440x2560PPI (Pixels per inch)        518

Camera Camera (Rear)        16-megapixel Flash                Yes Camera (Front)        5-megapixel

Features For Connectivity

Wi-Fi                YesSupported Wi-Fi Standards    802.11 / g/ n/ ac /a /bGPS                AvailableBluetooth            Available (v 4.20)NFC                AvailableInfrared            NoUSB-OTG            Available Headphones in mm        3.5FM Availability        NoType of SIM             Nano-SIM GSM/ CDMA            GSM3G                Yes4G/ LTE            Yes

Operating System Operating System        Android 5.1.1

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Upgrade may add Scroll Tab

Samsung galaxy S3 SIM Free phones are now available in all the online stores as well as in the nearby market. People prefer buying phones form the online stores as they get many different offers such as SIM free phones. They also get to compare all the features and specifications of the phone which they wish to purchase.

These days the rumors states that Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 Update may add many new advanced features just like the galaxy S4. People are eagerly waiting to see if this rumor is true because if it is then they will love their galaxy S3 even more for having such top class features.

It is said that this new android update may add features like Smart scroll and Smart pause and along with that it is said that Samsung will announce this feature with the launch of its new galaxy phone in some days. Everywhere the leaked screenshots are creating hype and people are waiting for this news to be confirmed.

The smart scroll feature is such that it enables the users to scroll on the screen with their eyes and face whereas the smart pause feature can pause a video whenever the phone detects that the user has looked away. Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 as it is now available with all the features that an ideal Smartphone should have.

In the leaked screenshots it can be clearly seen that Samsung supports both, the built in internet browser as well as Chrome which is actually a good news. It is generally seen that most of the advanced feature is restricted to Samsung apps only but as can be observed in the screenshots it can be seen that smart scroll feature is supported in Gmail too.

Prefer buying Samsung galaxy S3 SIM Free phones which are available at a wide range in the online stores as this multi touch, slate format Smartphone has a 4.8 inch display and comes up with different processors as well as 4G LTE support. The leaked screenshots also shows that the user can adjust the speed of scrolling in the setting and the motion sensor also uses the vertical head movements to figure out how fast to scroll. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this news to be confirmed.

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Buy cheap Smartphone with brands like Samsung with Samsung Galaxy S5360

Samsung is one of markets leading Smartphone selling brands. The brand is known for producing excellent quality Smart phones based on the Android operating system. Samsung’s latest in market Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. The Smartphone is simple in design and is available in the market at a very affordable mobile price. Have a look at Samsung Galaxy Y features:

Specifications for Samsung Galaxy Y:

Samsung Galaxy Y is elegant and decent looking Smartphone. The design of the Smartphone is quite similar to other phones in Samsung’s galaxy series Smart phones. The body of the phone is made from quality materials and the back of the phone is glossy in design. The Galaxy Y comes equipped with a 3.0 inch TFT touch screen. The screen is capable to display pictures at 320×240 pixel resolution.

Samsung’s Galaxy Y comes with on-board Android v2.3.5 operating system. The user interface is quite friendly and users can learn how to use this phone pretty quickly. Powering Samsung Galaxy Y is a 832 MHz processor. The Android operating system with a powerful processor ensures in this phone features like multi-tasking, quick application access, smooth navigation and many more.

Camera and multimedia features:
The Galaxy Y consist a 2 megapixel camera to take care of imaging and video recording needs of users. The camera offer features such as Geo-tagging, pre-installed camera settings and so on. The camera on this phone is capable to capture pictures with a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The Galaxy Y’s camera can also record videos with QVGA function.

Multimedia features in phone consist of the inbuilt audio-video player. Moreover the phone also has an inbuilt FM radio. Users can tune in favourite radio stations just by plugging in headphones to listen to favourite radio stations.

Connectivity options:
The Galaxy Y Smartphone offers its users tons of connectivity options. For internet connectivity, there is present in these Smartphone platforms like 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi. While for connecting Galaxy Y to other devices such as laptops or PC’s, there is available in this phone USB slot. Moreover one can share multimedia files with other devices with the help of Bluetooth present on this phone.

The Galaxy Y comes with inbuilt 160MB memory. Users of this phone can expand the memory as per needs up to 32GB with the help of MicroSD cards supported by Galaxy Y.

Additional features:
Additional features present on this phone include Java support. There is available in this phone facility for hands free. Samsung has made available in this phone GPS facility, a superior Smartphone facility.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 price in India is Rs 6812*. To get discounts and to get a best buy offer for Samsung Galaxy Y, online shopping in India can be useful.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 – A Smartphone with Dual SIM Lovers

Samsung announced the release of Galaxy Grand in two different colors and versions. One is Galaxy Grand which is available in blue and white version and another version is the Galaxy Grand DUOS, a dual-SIM device.
If you are already having the experience of using Galaxy Note 2 and you hold Galaxy Grand Dous, you will have a feeling of holding Galaxy Note 2.

The Galaxy Grand DUOS comes with a 5.0″ LCD screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. But if you are used to Galaxy S Series AMOLED screen, you will be little disappointed. However, the screen is good what it costs for.

The device come with Android OS v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and runs on a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. It has 1GB of RAM to give you the speed to let you work everything seamlessly. The device provides speed of 21Mbps for HSDPA data transfer and also supports HTML5 browsing. The device comes with 8GB of internal memory. microSD memory card slot is there to allow up to 64GB expansion. The device comes with dual SIM cards slot. Its Dual-SIM standby feature allows you to easily switch between your work and home SIMs.

The device has 8MP autofocus with LED flash back camera and 2MP front camera as well. The main camera can take pictures at a maximum resolution of 3264×2448 pixels and also allows Full HD video capturing. The back camera is not so useful but can be used in video calling.

Samsung has used 2100mAH battery in this device. The battery has enough capacity to provide a full day of intensive usage, about 1 to 3 days for regular usage and about 2 to 3 weeks in standby.

The device has multiple connectivity options like 3G & Wi-Fi connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0, GPS.
The other important features of the device includes SNS & Google integration, active noise cancellation, music & movie player, YouTube, 3.5mm audio jack, image editor, document viewer, and more.

The Galaxy Grand DUOS is a pretty nice device for those who prefer two SIM cards feature in their phone. The device has perfect combination of features for Mid-range Android Smartphone lovers. Its Nature UX interface makes the device very user-friendly. The overall design of the device gives similar feeling of carrying galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Grand Duos is Smartphone by Samsung for the consumers who prefer to dual SIM in their device. The device offers every feature what it costs for a standard Smartphone to have.

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Packet full of new Adventures in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

For a long time now tablets are on a hike by many users. Samsung Galaxy Note 800 has captured the market so well and has become a favourite of many. Using this tablet is easy and fun. It is loaded with features suiting the needs of different customers. There have been a lot of discussions related to the Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet. There have also been pre orders for this product. Once people got to know that Samsung has come with a new tablet the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 users were excited for it to come in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 800 is a tablet that exhibits all its features specially the newly added ones like, the Smart Stay, All share play, pop up play, and the all share group cast. One best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet is that it’s a good source for children too. It has an Education App that covers a lot of interactive videos and teaching sessions along with the assessment papers to help students do revision and master the subject or topic. A tablet can be used as a phone but more as a resource box for many people.

There is one problem that many of us face when watching some videos or sessions, and that is that you need to leave that particular window if you want access some notes or store some images from there, but with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch screen you can do multi-tasking. There is a Multiscreen button that helps you to open different windows at one time, which means you can be multi-tasking. It’s usually a pain that we listen to the session online and then save the notes later but with Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet you will have fun learning and taking down notes.

The special S pen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 800 gives you a feeling as though you are using a real pen. It has a perfect pressure and a perfect pen like point that gives you a real writing experience. It’s fun using this and kids will enjoy it so that they would not find studying a major problem. The competition has increased so much in the tablet market that today you will find every second person with one. It has become a mark of high standard to have a tablet of your own.

Tablets have made life so easy for everyone that now you don’t need to go to your pc all the time to collect data or any stuff you can it all saved on your tablet. You can also use the adobe Photoshop and give exciting creations to your photographs. You don’t really require a PC for that. The learning hub is one thing that younger kids would enjoy the most with Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet.

There are a lot more exclusive features in Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet like the Video Hub, S Planner to keep your plans with you, etc. You will get the best multimedia experience with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 screen. is an exciting new online destination for buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet online. offers a wide range of tablets of brands like Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Karbonn, Apple iPad and more at affordable price with free shipping across India.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 – A Phone That Brings With It Wonders To Decode

Features, looks, strength and functions are probably the four pillars on which a smart phone of today stands. Likewise a building which falls when one pillar is absent, a smart phone is incomplete without these. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a building that rests well on these pillars in a manner that smart phones of other brands are finding it difficult to even move it. The phone has evolved a lot from its elder sibling galaxy S that had already garnered generous reviews. The phone is superlight, standing at merely 116 grams and yet it has a 4.3 inch capacitive AMOLED screen which gels well with a corning glass.

For photographers whether professional or amateurs, The Samsung Galaxy S2 is of major interest since it has an 8 MP camera for superior quality high end pictures and 1080p videos. If there is certain part of the picture that you like the most, you can even zoom upon it with merely touching it with two fingers since this phone even has touch focus.These days almost all the social networking sites have video calling options, with a 2 MP secondary camera you can receive and make crystal clear video calls. Once you have taken photographs or uploaded a video you can even share it with anybody staying anywhere at whopping speed which is made possible by a 3G HSDPA that runs at 21 Mbps.

Apart from that you can run internet with Wi-Fi hotspot while you are travelling and while travelling you get stuck you can use your high end GPRS and make a way out easily. The phone is a store house of various other features like a document editor with which you can view all your text files anywhere, a TV out options so that you can transfer your HD videos from your phone to a television screen. These features are backed by Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and a Mali GPU. Also the phone swears not to die before 710 hours and you can chat continuously for 18 hours and 20 minutes. It already comes with an internal memory of 16 GB that can go up to 32 GB with the help of a micro SD card.

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Samsung Galaxy 3 Smartphone – A Smart Buy When Purchased Online

Smartphone’s have revolutionized the way we communicate, with its abundant features; it has become an extension of our lives. It has become an indispensable, irreplaceable and inimitable ever-present gadget in our lives. Samsung is synonymous with Smartphone’s. Known for its trendy design and user-friendly features, style and performance Samsung Galaxy S3 is their latest Smartphone.

The most advanced and successful Smartphone to date from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an ultra thin and light design. It has Android OS v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and powered by 1.4 GHz Quad Core Processer. S3 comes with capacitive touch screen that supports Mali-400 megapixel graphics and is customized for Android OS.

S3 has dual camera with 8-mega pixel high-resolution rear camera and a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash and you can enjoy HD video recording and shoot videos at 30fos with 1289×720 pixel high resolution. With sharp and vivid photos quality with geo tagging, face and smile detection, autos focus and image editor you can do away with your camera. What is more, you can even tell the camera when to shoot!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone has excellent display, great features and excellent battery performance that support maximum talk time and standby time. With stunningly sleek bar design having AMOLED screen, ensures bright display, color and optimum power processing. It has an internal memory of 16 GB and the memory can be expanded up to 64 GB using micro SD or micro SDHC cards. Packed with sensors switching between applications is a breeze.

The best thing about Samsung S3 apart from its cool specification is that it bids your command; it turns off the alarm, rejects or answers a call by your oral order. This Samsung masterpiece lets you explore compelling new ways of communicating and sharing.

With all the mobile phone companies trying to outdo each other for the potential mobile market share, Samsung Galaxy S3 is giving a tough competition in the Smartphone section. When buying mobile phones, the best possible way is to compare the mobile phones and their special features. There are many websites offer that these comparisons. Your online shopping experience can be smooth and easy, with all other product details are displayed on the web page. Browse, compare Samsung Galaxy S3 price and then buy Samsung Smartphone mobile at the best price online that can fit your budget. If you are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 today, it is a wise decision to buy it online keeping in mind the advantages that it provides.
Various promotional offers allow you to save up to 62 percent by buying the Samsung mobile phone and related mobile accessory at lowest price online. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a smart buy as it offers compelling new ways of communicating and sharing apart from delivering power and speed.

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