Android OS Done Properly With The Galaxy S

With the achievement in the Motorola Droid from the US, and HTC’s Desire right here from the United kingdom, the iphone 3GS acquired some significant competition during the first fifty percent of 2010. Now The apple company has released the iphone 4, with its ‘Retina Display’, does it spell the conclusion of your high-end Android Operating System powered smartphones with massive shows? Completely not. The fact is, Samsung has produced a package that has gone for any whopping fantastic 4-inch display!


The consequence can be a cellphone that isn’t going to really have the identical premium experience to it. The back again does appeal to fingerprints due to its glossy end, but when snapped in put, it truly is strong sufficient without signs of twisting and no creaks as you employ it. A smaller bulge for the bottom rear helps give some standard to what would otherwise be only a slab, the bump sitting down neatly within the palm of your respective hand as you maintain the phone to cast your eyes across its expansive show. Furthermore, it offers some grip for the fingers when holding it in landscape to observe films or utilize the digital camera. The 5-megapixel snapper sits for the back, framed in chrome detailing.

We say nearly, as Sammy has still failed along with the casing in the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S’ construct is by no means unpleasant, but it really is uninspiring. To its credit score, it is really slim – under a centimetre – plus the slight ridge at a single finish is barely obvious in working day to working day use. But although we lavished praise for the new glimpse Samsung Wave, the Samsung Galaxy S falls back on Sammy’s traditional low-cost plastic appear with clacky buttons you can listen to vibrate immediately after they’ve been pushed, and worse, it is formed just like a somewhat broader iphone 3G. Not iphone 4, mind, but a two yr aged iphone 3G.

To look at the Samsung Galaxy S does not evoke the identical degree of interest that something like the iphone four does, however the rounded edges, like the HTC Desire, make this a far more comfortable device to nestle within the palm of your respective palm as you employ it. This also applies to your leading edge, which can be mercifully curved, meaning the Galaxy S can also be comfortable for people long cell phone calls. Internally additionally you get a decent amount of reminiscence, with 8 and 16GB versions available, as well as there’s a microSD credit card slot for even more expansion. We examined it with a 16GB microSDHC card and it dealt with the wealth of advertising on that credit card without having problem, though “media scanning” can acquire a although.

Android os two.1 meanwhile runs just like a dream. At a glance, the Samsung Galaxy S appears to become operating stock Android Operating System, but Samsung’s skinned it, as well as for the moment, appear up using a cracker of a mobile phone that makes use of a TouchWiz UI. The homescreen layout has scarcely altered, and the menu icons are right out of your iphone OS (right down for the very little notification numbers that appear within the corner), but the neat tiny possibilities we loved in Bada on the Samsung Wave are here too: the decline straight down notification tray now allows you to toggle Wi-Fi and sound profile, and also gives you track control when new music is taking part in.

When you’ve obtained full signal, webpages and Google Maps just plop into watch for the Samsung Galaxy S instantaneously, and you will find a way to have approximately at velocity thanks to an fantastic on screen keyboard much too (There’s even the choice to use Swype text input, which some individuals swear by). But just as welcome are the excess features Samsung’s bunged in on prime of people Android helps natively.

We’re not just speaking regarding the solution to link your Fb and Gmail contacts effortlessly, in the very same way you do to the Wave, or those neat twists towards the notification tray. Samsung’s further press assistance will please individuals with large digitial songs and online video collections. As opposed to basic H.264/MP4 assistance, the Samsung Galaxy S opens nearly every video clip format you can throw at it, together with MKV, and DivX/Xvid AVIs, which must please Android’s additional hardcore viewers. Not just that, but it’ll stream them more than DLNA far too, so you can view a film about the way property, then observe it on your Television – it labored devoid of a hitch streaming to our Sony PS3.

Samsung’s UI supports Live Wallpapers, with a couple of added ones exclusive to Samsung. You will find also numerous Samsung Widgets, generally as part in the ‘Social Hub’ that gathers social networking details from services like Facebook and Twitter. You also have a diary app that permits you to attach photos and write text to maintain a everyday digest of your existence, in addition a Cellular Tracker function that enables you track the phone remotely as well as clear every one of the data if lost or stolen.

For multimedia, the Galaxy S has its very own internal reminiscence of 8 or 16GB (the model reviewed came with 16GB) as well as a individual microSDHC credit card slot. That signifies you are able to upgrade (as opposed to an apple iphone) to have as significantly as 48GB of storage space. Mac users be aware: The internal storage did not operate like a mass storage device, producing it impossible to drag and fall files to anything but a independent storage credit card. With place for so much content material, it is good that the video clip player helps all key video recording formats which include DivX and XviD. It could play High definition, along with report it at 1280×720 inside camera application. The gallery software is the same 3D model that featured on Google’s Nexus One.

There may be also a Samsung App store, joining the Android Operating System Marketplace, presenting Samsung’s own applications to your machine. There was only a handful accessible once we reviewed the phone, which includes a duplicate Facebook application so we’ll need to see precisely how this develops within the future. TouchWiz tends to make a visual transform across lots of Android, along with the high pull-down menu receiving significant Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Silent and Vibration icons to instantly toggle these services. Like other Samsung handsets, you furthermore mght get a series of icons throughout the bottom from the monitor giving Cell phone, Contacts, Messaging and Applications by default which are simply adjusted on your favourite applications in the event you want.

Another Reason to use Galaxy S7 Covers

The early reviews are in for Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship phone and it seems to be good news all around. Reviewers have said that the new Galaxy S7 is very close to perfection, which is high praise indeed. Tech lovers have been thrilled that Samsung has brought back many features that the S6 had lost, such as the sorely missed SD card slot that allowed users the ability to use cheap, easily available expandable storage with their Galaxy phones. People with an active lifestyle will also be pleased to hear that the new S7 can probably handle most of what you throw at it as long as it is in liquid form, thanks to its IP 68 rating.


The Galaxy S7 covers all the bases, seemingly at least and it even has some very trick features that show that Samsung has put some serious thought into the design of the phone. For instance, a sensor inside the charging port of the Galaxy S7 can tell if it is still damp after the phone has been exposed to water. In case there is still moisture in the USB port of the phone, a warning is shown to the user when a charger is connected and the phone does not allow charging to take place, as this would damage the charger and the phone as well and may lead to shocks or short circuits.

All is not completely rosy however and the price one pays for having a super thin, incredibly powerful phone is in the repairability. The popular online site iFixit publishes teardowns for the most popular phones as soon as they can get their hands on them and they have done the same for the Samsung Galaxy S7. While they were really impressed with the build quality and the measures taken to waterproof the Galaxy S7 internally, what they found was that the Galaxy S7 was possibly the least repairable phone from Samsung ever. iFixit in fact gave the Galaxy S7 a repairability score of just 3/10. The main reason for this low score was the fact that the experts at the site came to the conclusion that in case a Galaxy S7 owner were to drop their phone in such a way as to damage or crack the screen, it would be nearly impossible to repair the screen or replace it without damaging the display that sits underneath it. Since the display is possibly one of the largest and most expensive components of the phone that would mean that you would have to essentially write off your Galaxy S7 if you managed to damage the screen.

This once again underscores the need not just for Galaxy S7 covers but protective cases for almost all smartphones today due to how susceptible to damage they are. Even with a premium phone like the Galaxy S7, which has a lot of features to protect it from water damage and a sturdy metal chassis to make it strong, a simple face down impact can render the phone useless, making the case for Galaxy S7 covers.

An exclusive range of designer cases for Galaxy S7 will give a nice makeover to your smartphones.

Why New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Sale UK Is A Breathtaking Deal?

Yes, you heard it right. The all new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are available for online sale offers. In these two new models, the most astonishing part is their waterproof feature that the fans of the Galaxy series earlier yearned for. Samsung Electronics was pleased to fulfill their wishes and reflected the same with the S7 and S7 Edge models. Recently, the reduced Samsung Galaxy S7 price UK announced by the online shopping stores for the customers has really surprised everyone. Now, before heading further about the sale opportunities, a brief look at the new models would help the readers decide.


* Samsung Galaxy S7

Although the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge share many features, there are particularly some of them that people would find different.

Screen – In the Galaxy S7, you can discover the 5.1 inch AMOLED screen that has a Quad HD resolution for brighter and clearer display. Its 577 ppi is worth admiring and helps you view the crystal clear screen.

Design – The makers have ensured a curved design to fit the hands in the best way and operate without getting troubled to the big screen size. As in all, this Smartphone allows the user to navigate easily without any other distractions.

Camera – Crisp photographs is what you shoot using the S7 Smartphone that fulfills all your demand of the pocket-friendly photographing device. There could be no better place than searching online for the reduced Samsung Galaxy S7 price UK and grab the chance before it ends.

* Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As mentioned about the S7 and S7 Edge share most of the features along with the intelligent technological changes.

Screen – You can find the S7 edge with its edgy and curved appearance, but it is slightly bigger than the S7 with a 5.5 inch screen of Quad HD resolution yet a lower ppi of 536. This device is a perfect gadget for gaming.

Design – It comes in a slightly big frame as compared to the S7 and looks extremely comfortable while handling irrespective of its size. The sleek and stylish Smartphones come easy to the hand for great navigation.

Camera – It shares the same feature on taking the crisp photographs like the S7 does. Photography enthusiasts would not complain about shooting the magnificent pictures even in the low light environment.

This brief preview might convince you to get drawn towards the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sale UK, but there are other things you should keep in mind:

1. Seller reputation – If you find this offer at a reputed seller who has a distinctive identity of selling the genuine products, then go for it. Go through the relevant policies and conditions before you buy it.

2. Offers – It could be the icing on the cake if you get the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sale UK at the lowest of prices from the reputed online stores. Make sure to compare the prices before barging in.

Do the research and get the favourable deals!

Ross Metts is a technology expert. He used to review ecommerce websites from where you can even buy New Samsung galaxy S7 edge sale UK. He recommends reputed online electronics goods stores for purchasing Samsung galaxy S7 price UK .

The Best Smartphone of 2016 in USA

As 2015 starts to wind down, people are generating a lot of buzz around what’s in store for the best smartphones of 2016 USA. Among the top contenders are the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, and the LG G5, just to name a few. With advanced computing powers approaching the capabilities of some of the best computers in the world just a decade ago, although in much smaller packages, it’s no wonder people want the latest technologically advanced model they can possibly get.


1. iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 continues to rest on the leading edge in terms of smartphone technology. Compared to the new Galaxy S7, the iPhone 7 is thought to be somewhat under-performing; basically due to the fact that its processor only has four cores. Also, this model will only offer a 20/2 megapixel camera back/front combo that appears to be a far stretch from Samsung’s 30/10 combo. Even though Samsung may have won the pixel war, iPhone nevertheless is bragging about its integrated projector that will enable users to watch their favorite movies on virtually any flat surface.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Once the Galaxy S6 was released, especially the EDGE, Samsung made no bones about the path they wanted to follow for any of their future smartphone releases. It’s anticipated that the Galaxy S7 will boast an attractive curve-shaped OLED 4k display that has a 5 gigabyte memory; powered by a 2.9-gHz octacore chip. This feature alone should give any user more computing capability than they’ll ever actually need.

Also, the Galaxy S7’s 30/10 megapixel camera back/front combo will surely please both enthusiasts and amateur photographers alike. Its stellar 4000 mAh long-life battery offers plenty of juice in order to last the entire day. The latest Galaxy S also sports shockproof sensors, a dust- and water-proof full metal body, and a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner for even greater security and protection. Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is no doubt one of the leading frontrunners of the 2016 smartphone lineup that’s worth a second glance.

3. LG G5

Not to be outdone by either the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 is trying to shatter the Samsung/Apple duopoly. In fact, over the last few years, LG has produced some truly innovative and amazing devices. LG will release its G5 model in 2016, equipped with a 4k sapphire-colored screen as well as a spec sheet that’s quite comparable to Galaxy’s S7.

Although still higher than the iPhone 7, LG chose to downgrade their camera combo to just 23/5 megapixel in addition to using a 3D and optical image stabilization feature. LG likely needs to drive home this unique selling point to its potential customers.

Virtually every smartphone manufacturer thinks their cutting-edge devices are the best and can do the most. However, more than just the fundamental computing aspect of a smartphone, many people want them to look as good as they function. In the eyes of some users, the quality and attractive factor of the handset can mean the difference between buying or moving on to something more aesthetically appealing. As a result, smartphones not only have to be ‘smart’, they also have to look good while they’re doing it.

Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7″ tablet

Want a top-of-the-range tablet but can’t afford to spend US$400 on one? Well, today, you’re in luck. We’re giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″ tablet. Entry is free, and one of you will walk away with a new way to experience Android.


It’s not often you get a chance to take a slice of premium Android tablet pie home for no cost what-so-ever. But that’s exactly what you have the chance to do with today’s giveaway.

Running an octa-core processor backed up by 3 GB of RAM means this Galaxy Tab S2 is powerful enough to play games, multitask and watch HD movies on without any trouble, and you get to view those movies on a beautiful Super AMOLED touchscreen, one of Samsung’s fortes.

Samsung Galaxy A7 with 3GB RAM 2016

The next-gen Samsung Galaxy A7 – which received Bluetooth certification last week and was also recently spotted on AnTuTu – has now been certified by Chinese certification authority TENAA, revealing some of its key specs.


Carrying a model number of SM-A7100, the device is powered by an octa-core 1.7GHz CPU, and sports a 5.5-inch (1920×1080 pixel resolution) OLED display. It comes with 3GB RAM (compared to 2GB offered by the original Galaxy A7) and 16GB expandable internal memory.

In terms of camera, the handset features an 8MP or 13MP rear unit and a 5MP front shooter. Weighing in at 155 gms and measuring 151.5 × 73.95 × 6.95 mm, the Galaxy A7 (2016) runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out-of-the-box. Color options include golden.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Activa Commercial 2015 Life Simulator

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Commercial 2015 Life Simulator. AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active TV Spot, ‘Life Simulator’. AT&T’s Life Simulation Facility tests their phones to make sure they can handle anything life throws your way. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is placed on a conveyor belt that drops it down stairs, coats it in food, drops it into the bath, sprays it with a hose and even runs it past the dog. Right now, you can get one for zero down and get a free Galaxy Tab 4 8.0!


Youtube Video Here

Samsung introduces its most cutting edge phone ever

Samsung is always at the forefront when it comes to debuting the latest cutting edge tech, and they’ve take it literally as they’ve just released the Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge, a smartphone with a bleeding sharp edge for the modern chef!

The ultimate cooking companion, the BLADE edge also comes with all of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s premium build and tech but has such a sharp edge it can be used as a chef’s knife, so much so it could very well render all the other knives in your kitchen obsolete.


All the components were redesigned to fit into the curve of the smartphone never seen before anywhere else, with a brand new U4CF (Ultra 4D Curved Flash) memory technology that betters the previous 3D vertical stacking techniques by introducing 10nm-wide wormholes that send data to a far-away cloud. These wormholes also result in a distorted physique, giving the NAND flash memory solution a curved shape.

Equipped with a razor-sharp diamond edge, the phone even takes inspiration from the sparkling stone, with a stunning diamond-cut finish on it’s tough ceramic body that’s capable of cutting through lobster tail and can even slice through tender tomatoes.

What’s more, the smartphone is not just built from ergonomic ceramic but it’s fire AND waterproof too!

The BLADE edge also features a set of sensors and algorithms that will analyze grip, dexterity and strength to help make your cutting up to 50% faster than with conventional knives and has a special feature for slicing fruit and dicing veggies. And don’t worry about how sharp it is, with KNOX Security you’ll never get a cut again. Scan your finger on the home button and the Blade will retract it’s edge! it even has a human blood sensor that will automatically place an emergency call to the authorities if it were used in violent or criminal situations.

If you accidentally make a call all you have to do is scan your fingerprint, swipe the security pattern, punch in the 15-digit password and sing along to the random-selected song from your most recent Milk Music station and the call will be cancelled. KNOX’s powerful anti-virus protection will also alert you to germs in your food or cooking setup on top of protecting from online threats and viruses.

To add on to the value of this cutting edge device, the Galaxy BLADE edge comes with a S-Thermometer stylus that doubles as a wireless meat thermometer and baking tool so you know when your roast is cooked to perfection.

The smartphone will come with a slew of charging-and-cutting blocks as well as customiseable handles where you can choose from Olivewood to even Mammoth tusk for that premium feel.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Never one to leave a tablet niche unexplored, Samsung pushed screen sizes up to new heights with the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Thankfully that’s not all it has going for it, as the Note Pro 12.2’s 3GB of RAM and quad-core processor give it superior performance, while the S Pen becomes truly useful in combination with the slates large, bright screen.

It’s an obvious choice for digital artists or anyone else who wants a device they can be productive on, but the bigger screen makes it great just for web browsing and watching videos too.

On the flip side the increased size makes it a little unwieldy and the build quality is a touch creaky thanks to the larger chassis, but is offset by the sheer expanse of screen to play with.


Quick verdict

Its big screen and S Pen support make the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 an extremely useful productivity tool – if you’re a fan of the Note range, there’s very little better on the market and Samsung seems to be successfully convincing the world that the stylu… sorry, S Pen is still relevant to today’s gadget fans.