New distance of andromeda galaxy and the smaller universe


I have earlier written an article about distances of stars. You can find these articles at articlesbase as follows: and then by article search words of: antti johannes vaalama. According to my new mathematics of distances of stars I claim that the nearest star from sun called Proxima Centaury is in the distance of about 20 light hours so not 4,3 light years as we nowadays measure. The nowadays used method to determine the distances is not a right way to measure the distances. There must be something wrong in determinig the distances by spectrum. We had to do correlations with Hubble equations. 

When I calculate the distance of Andromeda galaxy from planet earth I get a value of about 1488,1395 light years not 2,3 million light years as we nowadays measure. The distance is 0,05572 % of the nowadays measured distance of 2,3 million light years. How I have made this kind of conclusion for the new distance of Andromeda Galaxy?

If star Proxima Centaury is in the distance of about 20 light hours, this means about 150 AU:s (astronomical units). We get the following equations:

(RjPG)/4,3 ly = x/27000000 ly

RjPG =  the distance calculated by diminish standard in AU:s (astronomical units)

x = 94186046 AU:s = distance of Andromeda Galaxy in AU:s = 1488,1395 ly (light years)

So, we get a distance which is 0,05572 % smaller than the distance of 2,3 million ly.

These calculations are very simple calculations and we can prove these calculations valid by telescope englargement equations, too. By these calculations we can calculate new distances of all the objects in universe by a new way by using the %-value of 0,05572 %.  

In all, all the distance are about 0,055 % smaller than we nowadays measure and we can make a conclusion that the universe, universes… we live in is a much more smaller place!!!!

We can calculate all the distance by diminish standard and by telescope standard equations according to Hubble Space Telescope photos and by englargement values by a new way! And finally we really get a conclusion that the universe is a smaller place to live in! In my mind by philosophical point of view it´s much more safer to live in smaller universe. Albert Einstein only judged us to live in enormous distances but God Himself may have created the cosmos a much more safer and smaller place. This means also that when we plan future space journeys we can reach the outer universe by a much more easier way because of smaller distances of the universe, universes we live in!

Antti Johannes Vaalama


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Android based "Samsung Galaxy S2" to launch in India

Samsung, the second largest mobile handset maker of the world now has plans to launch a high-range Android based smartphone in India. It is the successor of Galaxy S and is called as Samsung Galaxy S2. It is certainly a good smartphone as it is made on similar lines as Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S2 is similar to high tech Android mobiles from HTC and Motorola. It is good looking and its first images are enough to seduce lot many buyers. Galaxy S2 has an array of features incorporated in it which will make it the first choice among all other smartphones available in the Indian handset market.Samsung Galaxy S2 has a Super AMOLED display of 4.3″ size and gives 1280x720px resolution. The wide and large touchscreen has cool features as accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity and ambient light sensors. It is powered by 2GHz CPU that also comes with 1GB RAM/4GB ROM. There is 32GB of built-in flash memory in the handset which may be expanded to upper limit of 32GB with use of microSD card slot. The multimediafeatures of Samsung Galaxy S2 are also one to envy such as its 8 MP camera.The 8 MP camera of Galaxy S2 has capability to record videos in full HD. The images captured are sharp and true colours are retained in them when clicked with this awesome camera. Coming on to the connectivityfeatures of Galaxy S2, we witness an array of impressive advanced features such as A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n.To plug in the earphones, there is universal 3.5 mm audio jack in this handset. Samsung Galaxy S2 will probably land in India by March of next year. The reliable sources reveal that it will run on latest Android version Android 3.0 and also sport a front-facing camera for video calling. The presence of it will truly realize the potential of 3G capabilities of the phone.

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Travel Cheap to Spain in September and October

Ending summer time and the Spanish coasts start to be less crowded and much more quite. September is an excellent month to get rid off the northern rain and fresh temperatures now that Spain is plenty of light and sun but the temperatures are not that high as it used to be in July and August.

Apart from these facts, flights and holiday rentals in Spain drop off their prices and become more accessible for those who can´t afford a holiday during the high season. It is easier to find a cheaper flight ticket to Spain thanks to the low cost companies as Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Easy Jet for instance. Getting a last minute offer for your accommodation is not a bad idea either, is a reference.

Some holiday ideas for your September holiday lettings Spain:

–      Stay at Costa de la Luz and enjoy the white sandy beaches and the clean clear Atlantic waters.

–      Play golf, see equestrian dance, 4-wheel drive and quad bike excursions at “Dehesa de Montenmedio” in Vejer (Cadiz).

–      Practice windsurf and kite surf along the Tarifa coast.

–      Visit Morocco for a day trip, it is just 35 minutes by ferry from Tarifa to Tanger.

Places like the Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, and Costa Blanca that receive a great number of visitors every summer are now an option to take into account for a more quite and cheaper vacation. These areas are wonderful for family trips due to its numerous activities that can be done to get fun.

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Samsung Tocco Lite S5230 O2: unbelievable multimedia featured device

Now day’s mobile phones is considered as a best life partner of human beings. Everybody wants to use latest featured mobile phones. To cope up all the requirements of the people, Samsung, which considered as one of the first companies has give rise to the revolution in the mobile arena with the launched of its touch screen mobiles. However, there are many models that have been launched by the Samsung Electronics exhibit the best features which are coupled with great looks for the satisfaction of the users. Its all phones make the communication for a user very easy and are compatible to all networks in UK. Samsung again has now entered into the budget of touch screen handset market with the Samsung Tocco Lite, manufactured under its model number as the S5230. This new handset looks stunning which give stiff competition to other handsets. And the most integral part of this gadget is that it offers you with latest stunning O2 network which provides you good connectivity facility.

Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite is an astonishing touch screen phone that comes with easy and user friendly communication feature. This mobile phone has a 3 Inches large touch screen that can view either in horizontal or vertical mode. It measures 104 x 53 x 11.9 mm and incredibly light weight at 93.5 grams, which has a high screen resolution of 240 by 400 pixels for a beautifully clear viewing experience. This touch screen supports a handwriting recognition feature and a gesture control screen lock. It accomplished with 50 Mbytes of internal memory plus memory card slot that can hold up to 8GB of Micro SD type memory cards.

This latest mobile phone has a modest 3.15 Mega pixel camera with in-built flash too. The camera has a reasonably high resolution of 2048×1536 pixels for enhancing photograph quality and it is endowed with smile detection feature so that snaps are taken only when the subject is smiling. You can also enjoy built in FM radio and music player that allows enjoying popular music playback formats. The user can also experience fast data transfer rates as the phone supports EDGE, GPRS, and Bluetooth, USB port etc.

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An Infinite Cosmos: Issues Arising

In the infinite beginning there was something rather than pure nothing – a finite amount of something in an infinite void of nothingness. This scenario eliminates the philosophical quandary of what’s beyond the boundary – that only other alternative. This eliminates the philosophical quandary of how much stuff there is. An infinite amount of stuff doesn’t leave you much elbow room.

In the infinite beginning, well there was no beginning; there can ever be an end. No Alpha – no Omega. This eliminates the philosophical quandary of what comes before the ‘beginning’ and what comes after ‘the end’.  

Okay, having postulated an infinite cosmos in space and in duration, well, other certain and not so philosophical issues come to the fore. If they can be addressed, well that’s all to the good. If not, well it’s back to the drawing board.

I’ll start with…

Olber’s Paradox

The night sky should be as bright as the daytime sky since in whatever direction you look, sooner or later you should see a star or galaxy that’s in your line of sight. That’s Olber’s Paradox because the night-time sky isn’t as bright as the daytime sky. One resolution is that our observable Universe is finite and there are only a finite number of stars and galaxies and thus, there will be lines of sight that do not intersect with an object that’s emitting light.

But what if the cosmos is infinite in size and has existed for an infinite amount of time? Does that resurrect or reinstate the validity or viability of Olber’s Pardox? Not necessarily.

Why is there something rather than nothing? That’s been a prime philosophical question that has raged for eons. But, on reflection, overall, there is a great deal more of nothing than of something. If everything was something, it would be rather difficult to move. There would be no elbow room. In other words, just because the cosmos is infinite in duration and in volume doesn’t mean that there has to be an infinite amount of something within.

Let’s say that pure nothing is a perfect vacuum. Then something within that nothing makes for an imperfect vacuum. One could image a cosmos so dilute that there could literally be gaps of pure nothingness between the bits and pieces of something. Or, one could imagine a universe that contained just one final cosmic Black Hole that had over all the infinite eons gobbled up everything else that had been a something within the cosmos, and thus 99.99999% of that cosmos would contain absolutely nothing. 

That aside…

Stars, like people, are born, and thus their light may not have yet reached us.

Stars, like people, die, and thus their light has ceased to reach us. It has all now passed by.

In an infinite space, stars maybe so far distant that by the time their light reaches us, it’s so diluted or spread out that only one photon per hour hits the eye and that threshold is too low to stimulate the optic nerve and thus register.  

Ever present cosmic Black Holes have gobbled up a lot of the radiation that is emitted and reflected. In fact, in a cosmos that’s infinite, why haven’t those astronomical Black Holes sucked up everything that can be sucked up thus terminating any and all evolving universes within that cosmos? Well the answer is Hawking radiation which theoretically predicts, on pretty substantial grounds, that eventually Black Holes will radiate away their mass. Once input is less than Hawking radiation output, the Black Hole will slowly, ever so slowly, radiate away, giving back to the cosmos what it once took away. There will be more on the significance of that shortly.

Entropy and Cosmic Recycling

Another concept that needs addressing is entropy or the Second Law of Thermodynamics, otherwise known as the ‘arrow of time’ or sometimes as ‘time’s arrow’. If one considers an infinite universe to be a closed box or closed system, then over time, and we have an infinite amount of it, that closed box should reach absolute equilibrium and no further cosmic evolution would be possible. There would be a maximum amount of disorder, and there would be no further energy available to reverse that level of disorder.

It should be noted from the outset that in any closed box or closed system, entropy rules. Things will go from a state of order to a state of disorder without outside interference, that being an external source of energy to reverse the natural trend. The commonly cited example is if you have a closed box (the kitchen), and you turn off the fridge, the kitchen and the fridge will eventually reach absolute equilibrium, the same temperature. The kitchen warms up the fridge; the fridge cools down the kitchen, until both are at the same temperature – maximum disorder. It takes an outside energy source – electricity – to keep the fridge colder than the kitchen and thus in a state is disequilibrium or a state where entropy has not been maximalized. Trouble is, once energy is evenly spread out throughout a closed system (like the fridge in the kitchen), no matter how much of it there is, it’s useless in terms of doing useful things – like initiating change.

Another example: Your own body is a closed system. Your body’s energy is in equilibrium. You are at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit from head to toe. Within that state of affairs, your body can not do useful things. Fortunately, there’s a larger closed system that your body is a part of (like the fridge is part of the kitchen) that enables you to disrupt your body’s equilibrium and thus provide the means for your body to initiate change. Your outside energy source is food, which is good since once you invoke that larger closed system that contains you, that larger system absorbs your body heat that gets radiated away into it. So the fridge needs outside energy to replenish its supply of cold; you need energy to replenish your body heat and to provide the ways and means to keep you keeping on. Of course as we all know, that’s just postponing the inevitable. Sooner or later the fridge breaks down with wear; ditto you too. But in the meantime, and for a little while, you can keep your body’s entropy under control.  

Now any attempt to tunnel around various laws, principles and relationships of physics might be in vain, but not a total waste of time. The laws, principles and relationships of physics are constantly being refined, even overturned as in Einstein refined Newton’s gravity; the Sun going around the Earth got overturned by Copernicus. However, anyone attempting to tunnel over, around, or through the Second Law of Thermodynamics should abandon all hope. If you try to butt heads with entropy you’ll just end up with a sore head. You’d have better luck patenting a ‘perpetual motion’ machine, itself a violation of the ways and means of the entropy concept. In fact entropy is why you can’t construct a perpetual motion machine and why any patent officer worthy of the name would refuse you a patent for one.

Still, in an infinite cosmos, a cosmos that keeps on keeping on, there probably needs to be a way to go from a state of disorder (high entropy) back to a state of order (low entropy).


As we noted in the example of the fridge and your body, It takes energy to reverse entropy or at least hold it at bay. A reversal of entropy is sort of like that closed box with Maxwell’s Demon (representing energy) that controls a slot that the Demon can either open or close that’s in the middle of that closed box that’s of a uniform temperature.  The Demon opens the slot whenever a rapidly moving (hot) molecule heads toward the left side or when a slower moving (cold) molecule heads toward the right side. After a while, the left side of the box will be containing just hot stuff (rapidly moving molecules) and the right side cold stuff (slowly moving molecules). Maxwell’s Demon is like a kid expending energy sorting a bag of 1000 various coloured marbles (maximum disorder) into piles of reds and greens and blues and yellows (maximum order).  Of course our infinite cosmos contains no demons, and marble-sorting kids need not apply if there’s ever a job ad for restoring order to an infinite cosmos.

Okay, without demons (or entropy reversing kids), our infinite cosmos heads towards a state of maximum entropy or maximum disorder or maximum uniformity. The cosmic temperature will be the same everywhere; matter will be evenly distributed. But, can an infinite cosmos ever reach such a state? It could or should take an infinite amount of time, but that’s also assumed. 

Yet alas, what even an infinite cosmos needs is a Maxwell’s Demon. The cosmos, if it is to retain a state of vitality for an infinite duration, needs something that recycles stuff that’s at maximum entropy (maximum disorder) back to the basics of minimum entropy (or minimum disorder) where useful things can continue to happen.

* The Role of Gravity

Gravity seems to be a Maxwell Demon’s kind of force that keeps on keeping on. As long as you have two bits of matter, even just two electrons, you have gravity. Radiation (electromagnetism) could be dispersed evenly in infinite space over infinite time, but it is hard to imagine that situation with gravity. The only real way gravity could be rendered inert and useless as an energy source would be if it was 100% concentrated in just one place – like a super ultra mother of all cosmic Black Holes. The only other way gravity could be nullified would be in matter were distributed so absolutely evenly such that every bit of matter were being gravitationally pulled on absolutely evenly in each and every direction. But the slightest nudge or deviation from this ideal theoretical state (inevitable given quantum fluctuations) would throw everything out of equilibrium. But because matter is energy and energy is matter, if gravity can disrupt the distribution of matter from a state of near perfect uniformity, then energy will follow the short and curly material bits. Light (photons) reacts to gravity as much as electrons do. Further, the one extra nice property that gravity has is that it can’t be blocked. You can block out light or shield yourself from electromagnetic effects, but nothing will shield you from gravity.

* The Recycling Role of Radioactivity

Fortunately, there are several basic ways of recycling complex cosmic stuff back into the cosmos in the form of simple stuff. The first of these however has issues. Gravity can contract and pull together interstellar gas and dust into a proto-star which will ignite under pressure via thermonuclear fusion to form a radiant star. Stars however fuse lighter elements into heavier elements, and when a star goes nova, or becomes a supernovae, those heavier elements increasingly form the next generation of interstellar gas and dust. Eventually, after many generations of enrichment, interstellar gas and dust is lacking in those lighter elements (mainly hydrogen and helium) which easily undergoes fusion. Heavy elements, like iron, just won’t fuse any more and so the continued formation of radiant stellar stuff grinds to a halt. But, there is an escape clause.

Among the heavy elements; elements that stars manufacture, are radioactive elements with unstable atomic nuclei. Radioactive decay re-releases back into the cosmos those fundamental bits and pieces that can reform into those lighter elements that are the basic building blocks for forming radiant stellar objects. There is cosmic recycling from the simple to the complex and back to the simple again.

* The Recycling Role of Cosmic Black Holes

The second way of cosmic recycling is, believe it or not, via cosmic Black Holes. Astronomical Black Holes, via the vacuum energy (quantum foam or fluctuations) and quantum tunnelling, can release elementary particles back into the cosmos. As mentioned earlier, this is known as Hawking Radiation, after theoretical cosmologist/astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. Complex stuff can go into a Black Hole, but just very simple stuff ultimately comes back out again.

* The Recycling Role of Life

Life can be an entropy buster as in the case of Maxwell’s Demon, the kid who sorts the marbles, the mum who does the housework, the bird or beaver who gathers up forest debris to make a nest. But, it takes outside energy to accomplish these things and at the end you haven’t decreased complexity – the marbles are still marbles; twigs are still twigs. But microbes like bacteria, etc. can break down complex stuff (like twigs) and turn it into less complex stuff which can be recycled into hundreds of new and different complex things. So, when our home planet eventually meets its Waterloo, and gets scattered back into the cosmic winds, thanks to bacteria, there will be more simple stuff floating around than would otherwise be the case

So complex stuff gets recycled back into simple stuff, all brought together again by gravity to ultimately form complex stuff again. The cosmos receives recycled stuff back, from which it can keep on keeping on!     

* A Fly in the Ointment

In a cosmos that’s both infinite in space and infinite in duration, here’s an interesting ‘angels on the head of a pin’ question. There are two forces which in theory can extend their influence indefinitely, that is, unto infinity. They are electromagnetism (of which light is a prime example) and gravity. So, can the influence of a force cross an infinite space if it has an infinite amount of time to do it in?

Perhaps Maxwell Demon’s ‘closed box’ isn’t really an appropriate ‘container’ for an infinite cosmos. If the cosmos is infinite, can it be described as a closed system?  

The Multiple You

And so finally, consider and reconsider the quantum mantra: “Anything that isn’t forbidden is compulsory; anything that can happen will happen”. That’s even more the case when you have infinite time and space to play around with! So, I add to that mantra “and will happen again and again and again, an infinite number of times”. That actually means, or at least very strongly suggests that every possible scenario, every possible history, and every possible variation on each and every scenario or on any theme that you care to think of or think up will happen again and again and again. That, by the way, includes you. You are a scenario, and you, and every possible variation of you and your history will transpire numerous times; actually an infinite number of times. If that isn’t spooky, I don’t know what is, but it’s a logical consequence of having an infinite cosmos. 

Source by: John Prytz

Mens Glasses Fashion You into an Enchanting Megastar at One Stroke

In terms of fashion accessories, the scarcity of men’s style demonstrator stands in a marked contrast to women’s plenitude of ornaments. Men with or without 20/20 vision, thus, are cast in the deplorable situation. Apart from watches and hats, men have little, if any, to display their fashion potentials and parade their personality. As of today, men’s glasses take advantage of such scantiness and make all their way to the top rank of men’s favorite embellishment at one stroke. Whether or not you are suffering from vision problems, men’s glasses are well positioned to satisfy your both needs of vision correction and fashion statement making.

Men's Glasses

Men without twenty-twenty vision incline to embellish their face with prescription glasses out of sheer necessity of vision correction; while in the meanwhile, they are not in the least willing to sacrifice the possible voguish air emanating from glasses. On the other hand, some with perfectly normal eyesight are liable to opt for vanity glasses with non-corrective lenses to lend grace and beauty to their faces. So picking up a suitable pair of men’s glasses involves a great deal of wisdom, insight and perspicacity.

Men's Glasses

With the idea of glasses as an expression of style the same as a necktie or a pocket square growing steadily and exponentially, men begin to embrace obtrusive and prominent shapes and colors to make a bold fashion statement. But bear one thing in mind— Glasses are destined to complement your style, not define it. So exercise some restraint to find the most suitable one for your face shapes. Here comes the basic rule for the shape of your glasses: figure out what your face is lacking, and get frames that provide it. With a very angular face with lots of lines and planes, you probably crave a pair of rounded glasses to add some curves in there. If you have a soft face with curving features you’ll do better in straight or angled glasses. Men with round faces had better grace their face with angular glasses with flat and rectangular lenses, making faces appear longer and thinner. It is advisable for square-faced men to choose glasses with rounded lenses, thick and dark frames, which will unexceptionally invest a sense of steely-eyed determination on them. If you have oval face, congratulations! You can work well with most styles, so don’t bother to find the complementary ones. Just feel free to adorn your face with anyone, and you will still be the most enchanting.

Glasses for men are not restricted to one particular style and shapes; instead, they come in a rainbow of colors and fashions. All you need is discretion of weighing and trying on them when choosing them. Firmoo hereby offers you with a galaxy of men’s cheap glasses for great quality. Should you let go of so valuable a chance, you will spend the rest of your life in regret.

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Tablets for Christmas 2011

Christmas time is just around the corner and folks may already know what to buy. Do you? The Tablets for Christmas 2011 this season is probably the hottest key phrases this season that i’m without you will need an idea regarding it. But most prominently, the way to select the appropriate tablet not to mention it is possible to purchase it from? My goal is to response to most of these important questions in this article article.

Right away, you’ll be able to seek the Tablets for Christmas 2011, always be informed about your finances also, the sort tablet that you really want. Here is an example, people who have an allowance of $500 to make sure you order a tablet, then I normally would urge yourself to investigate the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Sony Tablet S or perhaps the Motorola Xoom. All walking on Android os and these tablets have become the most well-known android os tablets available today. Despite a lot of these tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire can also be a tablet this is very low as than the many other android mobile phone tablets. The cost of Kindle Fire approximately $199 additionally it works on the Android operating system.

In the market for the Android Tablets for Xmas 2011 this season is usually hard. Match tablets emerging month to month, it was a problem for anybody to select the most desirable tablet. Really should be fact, this kind of four week period, Asus brought in its best and newest tablet called the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the heir on the outdated Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet. This is the sole tablet on the globe who has an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core cpu and an excellent 8MP video camera. The charge is defined at $599 so when you have a very good financial position of $600, this unique tablet often is the one it’s essential to purchase for the purpose of Xmas.

Tablets really are a tendency at this point and without matter when you need to gift item it to some kid, girl or even a grown up man, it’s the gift item that might be relished by everybody. And locate the Tablets for Christmas 2011, always take a look at overview net sites and even purchasing internet pages that truly have recommendations of people who have previously purchased a specific tablet looked after characteristics should be genuine of people whorrrre pro’s during this advertise. Along with only some days and nights eventually left in Christmas 2011, just remember to require an activity speedily in advance of when its within mainly because acquiring a tablet normally requires regular posting a large amount of lookup.

With that being said, just be sure to study the superior-end tablets against each other people who have some bucks to blow. Picking out the Android Tablets for Xmas 2011 will clearly need there after, visit a very few seeking and evaluate internet pages and you could individual a tablet that are really liked by many people on your family and friends.

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The 6 most cost-effective recommendation Smart phones, starting from 1050 Yuan (1)

Since last week, the students have started looking forward to a long summer holiday; parents are no longer constraint child watching the World Cup, after watching the World Cup in the luxury, a lot of students planning to change a smart phone playing in the rest of the summer time. But as students, as the budget is not much, small part of the high-end models are not worthy of recommendation. Let us see some smart phones for students.

The most popular S60 smart: Nokia 5230

Nokia 5230 is a smart phone which has 2-megapixel camera and touch screen S60. In appearance, the Nokia 5230 and 5800XM uses almost the same design, from the candy bar shape of the whole touch screen, to the front fuselage of the three key entities, to the processes of the border, the 5800XM’s shadow is everywhere. In the configuration, the phone’s camera is only 2 mega pixels, which have a large gap to the mainstream markets. However, it has 3.2 inches screen and resolution of 360 × 640 pixels; the effect of display is very well.

Before the Nokia 5230, the 5800XM and 5530XM two very similar models have laid a solid foundation for the new machine, so I believe this low end model can get good results. Unfortunately, 5230XM support for GPS navigation, but does not support the Wifi wireless Internet access. But the price is very low now.

800MHz Processor: Samsung i5700

Samsung i5700 is a high-frequency android smart phone which has an 800MHz processor. From appearance, the Samsung i5700 still use the classic candy bar shape. As also belonging to Galaxy (Galaxy) series, the Samsung I5700’s body design is very similar with the i7500, only have some subtle changes in the keyboard. In the configuration, the cell phone is equipped with a 3.2 inches 320 × 480 pixel resolution screen, display effect is very good. At the same time this cell phone is equipped with a 3.2 mega pixel camera, the performance is quite satisfactory.

The hardware configuration of Samsung i5700 is quite good. The cell phone is equipped with a frequency up to 800MHz processor, in addition to bring very smooth operation feelings, but also can play XviD and DivX high-resolution video. Plus this cell phone is equipped with a very strong network functions Android intelligent systems, overall performance is excellent. If you have higher performance requirements, you can consider choosing this model.

The best hardware of thousand levels: Samsung i8320

Samsung i8320 is a multi-media model with 3.7-inch high-definition big screen. In appearance, the Samsung i8320 with Straight touch design, measurements size of 115.9 × 58 × 12.9mm, with full black body color, the overall is stylish and atmosphere. In the configuration, the phone has a 3.7 inch WVGA resolution (800 × 480 pixels) touch screen with AMOLED materials, display and operating results are very good. At the same time this cheap cell phone has a 5 mega pixel camera, support for 720P high definition video, imaging results are good.

Samsung i8320 cell phone is equipped with the latest operating system LiMo, the hardware is using ARM Cortex-A8 processor (frequency up to 600MHz), and support for 3D acceleration, games and video performance is more superior. But the third-party software resources of the system is currently relatively few, playability is still to be discovered. Part of the master has poured Android system in this cell phone already; I believe that there will be tutorials out soon.

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MBA Project Report on Consumer Durables Industry in India

Consumer durables are the products whose life expectancy is at least 3 years. These products are hard goods that cannot be used up at once. The consumer durables sector can be segmented into consumer electronics, such as, VCD/DVD, home theatre, music players, color televisions (CTVs), etc. and white goods, such as, dish washers, air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

With the increase in income levels, easy availability of finance, increase in consumer awareness, and introduction of new models, the demand for consumer durables has increased significantly. Products like washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, color televisions (CTVs) are no longer considered luxury items. However, there are still very few players in categories like vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers.

Consumer durables sector is characterized by the emergence of MNCs, exchange offers, discounts, and intense competition. The market share of MNCs in consumer durables sector is 65%. MNC’s major target is the growing middle class of India. MNCs offer superior technology to the consumers, whereas the Indian companies compete on the basis of firm grasp of the local market, their well-acknowledged brands, and hold over wide distribution network. MBA Project Reports require good information.

However, the penetration level of the consumer durables is still low in India. An important factor behind low penetration is poor government spending on infrastructure. For example, the government spending is very less on electrification programs in rural areas. This factor discourages the consumer durables companies to market their products in rural areas.

There has been strong competition between the major MNCs like Samsung, LG, and Sony. LG Electronics India Ltd. has announced its extension plan in 2006. The company is going to invest $250 million in India by 2011 and is planning to establish a manufacturing facility in Pune. TCL Corporation is also planning to establish a $22 million manufacturing facility in India. Project Report on Marketing requires quality information.

The Indian companies like Videocon Industries and Onida are also planning to expand. Videocon has acquired Electrolux brand in India. Also, with the acquisition of Thomson Displays by Videocon in Poland, China, and Mexico, the company is marking its international presence. According to isuppli Corporation (Applied Market Intelligence), country’s fiscal policy has encouraged Indian consumer electronic industry. The reduction on import duty in the year 2005-06 has benefited many companies, such as Samsung, LG, and Sony. These companies import their premium end products from manufacturing facilities that are located outside India. Indian consumers are now replacing their existing appliances with frost-free refrigerators, split air conditioners, fully automatic washing machines, and color televisions (CTVs), which are boosting the sales in these categories. Project Report on Finance requires data for 5 year period.

Some companies like Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and LG Electronics India Ltd. are now focusing on rural areas also. These companies are introducing gift schemes and providing easy finance to capture the consumer base in rural areas.

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Latest Mobile Phone: the Technology Beckons

Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, etc are some of the renowned company that has launched many hi-tech mobile handsets. Some of the latest mobile phones that belong to different brands are Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness, Motorola ROKR EM35, LG BL20 New Chocolate, HTC Hero, Nokia N97 mini, X6, Samsung Memoir and many others. Nowadays people want to purchase that type of mobile phone that not only serve the basic mean, but also work as many other advanced gadgets like camera, navigator, media player, audio player, internet, etc. This all-in-one device is very handy that can be easily carried anywhere.

With latest mobile user can also enjoy at the peak through their enhanced audio player that comes with good quality ear phones or stereo speaker; still and streaming videos can also be captured through advanced camera of the devices that also include some attachments like Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash, video light, geo-tagging, smile and face detection.

Almost all mobile phones have a standard battery with good stand by time and talk time. Powerful messaging systems are also incorporated with the gadgets like Instant message, SMS, MMS, Email and Push Email. Today’s mobile also have the option to access some networking sites like Face Book, My Space, Twitter, etc. TV-out, Voice command/dial, document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Video and photo editor, Flash, etc are some other worth mentioning features of newest mobile phones. The best thing is that these hi-tech Gizmos are available with fruitful contracts also.

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