iPhone vs Galaxy S6

Little cuts to the quick like an unexpected smartphone death. Oh, how we take their loyalty for granted; how little we thank them while they’re around. Last week, I learned the hard way that the time we share together is precious, for my Samsung Galaxy S6 was killed while in a vulnerable charging state. Not only that, but its aggressor was – cruel, cruel fate – an iPhone 4.


A final morning of innocence
It was a quiet Tuesday morning, just like any other. I already knew that having a loft bed was a hazard, having, on more than one occasion, missed a step on the way down and fallen, pathetically, to the floor. But this was nothing compared to the turn events took last Tuesday.

I’ve been the proud owner of a Galaxy S6 for almost a year. The most expensive phone I’ve ever owned, I relished its excellent camera and searing processing speeds. I would pass idle moments turning the phone over in my hands, running my fingers along its elegant chassis. I hadn’t, even for a moment, contemplated what I would do without it. As I write this, my lips tremble.

A murder most foul
But this Tuesday morning, a thousand woes befell me. As I turned over in bed and swung a lazy arm across the bedstead, I brushed my girlfriend’s hand-me-down iPhone, placed absentmindedly close to the bed’s edge following an early morning alarm. I tried to stop its fall, but it was too late, and a double bang signaled its arrival on the floor.

My girlfriend, distressed, began to issue a confusing series of commands and threats. I hurried down the ladder to the floor below to retrieve the device. Upon a brief inspection, all was well: no cracks nor faulty display.

In a cruel twist of fate, I turned to unplug my charging Galaxy S6, only to find what appeared to be a bullet hole in the screen. The corner of the iPhone had fallen, with deliberate precision, on my beautiful, faithful companion.

All attempts to restore life were futile, the device was dead. Only a ghostly digital flicker issued from the screen.

I don’t wish to point fingers, and whether the actions of the iPhone were premeditated, opportunistic, or accidental, I cannot answer for certain. Suffice to say, the blow was dealt with impressive, fatal accuracy. And my absentminded arm, which had pushed the iPhone to begin with, even makes me wonder at my own subconscious desires.


A final mourning of innoncence: funeral arrangements
Now, with the passing of my S6, and following a brief period of mourning, my thoughts turn to what I should do with the device. I ask you, dear readers, to share your thoughts on the best possible way to say goodbye, or desperately attempt to restore life, to my dear beloved. I’ve collected some ideas on what to do with its lifeless form below, but if you have any better ideas, please, share them in the comments. Any messages of condolence, support and comfort will also be warmly accepted.

Best Smartphone in the World

Best smartphone in the world is the fact that swirls through the head of most of the smartphone enthusiasts. If you read this article, you will have a clear understanding of the most amazing handsets in the current market.

In this article, you will find 3 outstanding devices that you must have right now.



Best Smartphone in the World: iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S comes with the faster Apple A9 processor, which ensures an outstanding performance. Its 12-MP primary camera is able to capture razor sharp photos. It can also record 4K videos. A number of new features have been introduced. The shooter is able to Live Photos, which brings movements to stills. The new 3D Touch technology has been applied to the screen, which allows the device to determine the amount of pressure applied to the touchscreen and perform different applications based on it. As a result, the iPhone 6S has become faster, better and more effective. For this reason, according to many smartphone analysts and users, it is the best smartphone in the world right at this moment.


Best Smartphone in the World: Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 lacks some of the most essential features of smartphones, including the microSD card slot and waterproofing capability. But still, it is one of the hottest devices in the market. Thanks to the revamped design and powerful specification. There is not plastic. Rather, a metal frame has been used, which makes the device sleek. With the octa-core Exynos chipset and 3 GB RAM, the smartphone is able to operate at a lightning speed. The 16-MP primary camera is regarded as one of the most stunning smartphone shooters in the market. The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display is able to produce a super crisp view. Though the battery has a less capacity of 2550 mAh, it is still able to help the device last for 73 hours. So, in terms of performance, display and camera, the Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone in the world.


Best Smartphone in the World: Nexus 5X

Being packed with an older Snapdragon 808 processor, the previous-generation Adreno 418 GPU and less RAM (2GB), the Nexus 5X is not the greatest smartphone for gaming and multimedia. But as a daily communicator, it is the best smartphone in the world. It runs through the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. As a result, it operates without any lagging issue, as the bugs of the previous version have been fixed. The 12.3-MP primary camera and 5-MP secondary camera is able to superb photos. The revamped fingerprint scanner is lightning fast. In addition, the reversible USB Type-C.0 has been improved. But more importantly, the device has been tagged with only £339, which is too cheap for such a smartphone. If you are looking for a cheap device that is able to show a top notch performance, the Nexus 5X can be the best smartphone in the world for you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Might Sport Sony Xperia Z5 Camera Sensor

Samsung aims that its next flagship device, the Galaxy S7, will have a more powerful camera than the Galaxy S6.

Rumors are saying that the Galaxy S7 will come with a 20MP camera along with the company’s brand new ISOCELL sensor. If this is true, it would surely be an upgrade to the 16MP shutter that is now found in the Galaxy S6.


If the 20MP camera for the Galaxy S7 seemed too much to handle, it’s actually nothing compared to the 30MP camera that is rumored to be fitted into the Galaxy S7 Edge. The device will reportedly have the upgraded sensor on its rear while the front will bear a 10MP snapper. Moreover, Samsung is preparing to launch a new GigaPixel feature that will allow users to shoot images with increased accuracy and clarity.

Samsung is allegedly in talks with Sony into convincing the latter to allow its upcoming S7 to have the IMX300 sensor which is found in the Xperia Z5 trio of handsets. Apparently, the Korean manufacturer is so impressed with the camera sensor that it wants to use it with its new flagship.

There’s no information however, on whether Samsung will use two different sensors interchangeably. Users may have their Galaxy S7 devices equipped with either a sensor from Samsung or from Sony which may also depend on the region and model.

Sony touts the Xperia Z5 to have the feature known as “Hybrid Autofocus.”

“Our best camera phone yet is a master of speed and accuracy,” said Sony. “Combined with 23 megapixels and five times more powerful image zoom, Xperia Z5 is able to capture even the most fleeting moments. In sparking clarity. On the first try.”

Sony had intended to keep the sensor as an exclusive feature to its own line of Xperia handsets. However, there is a possibility that the company will change its stand knowing for a fact that Samsung will highly likely sell millions of units of the Galaxy S7. After all, its mobile camera sensor business is one of the most profitable areas it enjoys right now.

Earlier, it was also rumored that the Galaxy S7 will be released in the second half of 2015. However, speculations are saying that mass production will begin in December with the release slated to occur in January. Until then, users will just have to keep an eye on what type of camera will come with the next flagship from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Update Brings Galaxy S6 Edge+ Features

If you own either of Samsung’s flagship smartphones from 2015, you are likely to receive some (if not all) of the new software features of the Galaxy Edge+ on your smartphone. Samsung is reported to have started rolling out an update (currently in Korea) to add several of the newly introduced Galaxy Edge+ software features to its Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones.


The Galaxy S6 Edge+, which was unveiled at a media event on August 13 alongside the Galaxy Note 5 phablet flagship, comes with a range of new software features. Some of these software features include Apps Edge, UHQ upscaler, Samsung Pay, and Vacuum Tube Amp Pro among others.

The company has started to roll out a software update to the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge to add many of these features, SamMobile reported.

The update, which is currently being rolled out in Korea, doesn’t come with some of Edge+’s features however, like the ability to save images in RAW format, or make changes to the shutter speed. It does bring the Live YouTube Broadcasting mode in the camera app though.

The roll out was also just ahead of the Samsung Pay launch in South Korea, which kicks off Thursday. To recall, the US launch of Samsung Pay is on September 28.

The update hints at company’s intention to release these new interesting software features to the Galaxy S6 Edge or the Galaxy S6 users. The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge flagship smartphones were launched on March 2015. At this point it is not known if the company will release some of these features to the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 – its last year’s flagship smartphone and phablet.

Samsung is yet to publicly announce the availability of these features for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and it is not certain exactly when it will release this update in India and other regions.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is bigger but is it better

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is, apart from being a right pain to write, one thing: a big Galaxy S6 Edge. There’s not a lot to choose between the two devices beyond the size.


The obvious change is to the screen, with a 5.7-inch choice rather than the 5.1-inch option on the smaller S6 Edge. However, internally it’s almost identical, with 4GB of RAM the only real difference.

That means there’s sadly no microSD slot again, the Exynos octa-core chipset lives on and there are only 32GB or 64GB options to choose from.

What’s interesting too is that this phone is a replacement for the Note range in the UK and other key markets – almost like an admission from Samsung that having the S Pen and its associated fancy extra bits doesn’t go down well in some territories.

The price hasn’t been announced, but I’m pretty sure it will be over £600 (around $930 / AU$1275) as per usual when Samsung’s high-end phablet range comes out – however as the S6 Edge+ doesn’t have the stylus it can’t be classed as a Note.

But just because it’s a bigger version of another phone, that’s no bad thing. The S6 Edge was (and is) a brilliant device and making it larger actually helps make it more attractive in many ways.

The screen is still QHD (2560 x 1440) but doesn’t feel low res at all (despite being lower in the pixels per inch stakes compared to the original due to being stretched out to fill a bigger display).

New Edges

The other big change on offer is the edges are being used more effectively. When I heard rumour of this phone, I assumed it was going to be the Galaxy Note Edge from 2014 rebooted to have two edges that could be stroked and manipulated… and therefore made more useful.


But that’s not the case here, with the same effect of the screen softly sliding away on either side of the phone.

The people tab, available by swiping in from the side, is still there, and now has new powers to let you poke or tap or do other odd things to other Edge owners. That’s right, other Edge owners only – you’re going to be sorely limited in being able to use these weird new features to play with your pals.

Swipe again though and you get a list of the most-used apps within easy reach. Samsung should just do away with the unused people list and go straight for the apps, or have one on each side of the screen, though.

But there’s no such luck here, so we’re going to have to wait for more functionality to come to the sides of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ screen… and Samsung promises something is coming.

Another big change with the S6 Edge+ is the heralding of Samsung Pay, letting you buy stuff with your phone. A simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen (even with the display off) will bring up your cards, and then you can tap your device onto the reader.

It’s a very slick system, and being able to actually pay for things using contactless payments even without an NFC terminal (using the magnetic card reader) is a brilliant way of doing things.


The camera on the S6 Edge+ isn’t anything to get that excited about, as it’s largely the same as that on the S6 Edge. Actually, that’s pretty harsh, as the camera on that and its S6 brother is brilliant -it’s just there’s not a lot extra to play with.

There’s nothing to suggest the S6 Edge+’s snapper will be any different, with a speedy opening of the app with the double tap of the home button and all the practice snaps looking clear and in focus.

There are SOME extra elements on here, but nothing massive: RAW support is included for pro mode, and live streaming over YouTube is enabled too. The latter is a little long to set up, with sharing taking place via a text message – but once that missive is sent, the user can simply follow your footage through a private video channel.

I’m quizzing Samsung on whether these features are coming to the older S6 phones – I’m sure they will, but there seems to be a question of whether they’ve got enough RAM to achieve streaming.

Given Sony’s managed to stream YouTube video fine with the Xperia Z3, and Nokia baked RAW support into its phones ages ago, I can’t see why it would be an issue.


The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is going to – hopefully – be a lot better than that seen on the original S6 Edge, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, this is a much bigger battery pack, at 3000mAh, and while it’s got a larger screen to power, there are the same amount of pixels, so fingers crossed that will result in improved power management.

Google is also doling out an update to Android that should help fix some of the battery woes afflicting many of the top-end phones at the moment, and while the S6 Edge+ is on Android 5.1.1, that should be upgraded pretty soon.

The battery life is still a worry though – for a phablet, that’s a small battery pack. Like I said, it’ll probably be fine, but with a phablet to play with it seems a shame to waste the opportunity to push in more mAh.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ the phone I expected to see? Not at all. Not only is it unlike Samsung to take its top end phone and just make it larger (although if it’s good enough for Apple, eh…?) it’s especially atypical to use that phone to replace the Note range.

The Galaxy Note 5 is still being released, and seems like it might make it to the UK at some point if the rumours are to be believed, but it won’t be at launch sadly.

And there’s no way the S6 Edge+ can use the S Pen as the screen isn’t set up in the same way to use the inductive technology, so anyone in the UK that was looking forward to getting their hands on the raw power upgrade the Note 5 would bring is sadly out of luck,

Still, this is a lovely phone to hold and use, has oodles of power and a beautiful screen, and if you’re simply after a bigger-screen experience, it ticks the boxes nicely.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Factory Unlocked International Version

A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-32GB-Factory Unlocked

eBay Price: US $479.99

Storage Capacity: 32GB
Features: Bluetooth Enabled, Fingerprint Sensor, GPS, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Capable
Camera Resolution: 16.0MP
Unlocked: Globally Unlocked for all GSM carriers.
CDMA: NO. Does not work on Verizon, Sprint, Boost, Crick
UPC: 8806086738897
Brand: Samsung
Model: Samsung Galaxy S6
MPN: SM-G920i
Network: Unlocked
Contract: Without Contract
Operating System: Android