Gmail gains new gestures on Android in the latest update

Google recently pushed out a new update for the Android version of Gmail. The update brings a couple of new features and improvements meant to further enhance the app’s functionality while on the move.

The first change that you’ll only notice if you head to General settings / Swipe actions is the addition of new gestures. You’ll now be able to swipe right or left on an email, but you’ll have to enable these actions from the new Swipe actions menu.

There are different actions that you can set your swipe gestures to do, such as Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread, Move to, Snooze, …

Google Voice gains option to record voicemail greetings on Android and iOS

It appears that a new update went live recently for both mobile versions of Google Voice, Android and iOS. Although the official changelogs don’t mention any new features, it looks like Google added the option to record voicemail greetings.

Up until now, Google Voice users had to go the web client if they wanted to record and manage voicemail greetings, but after the latest update, it’s possible to do all these actions directly on your Android and iOS device.

Since Google hasn’t yet updated the official changelog of the update, you may want to know that the …

Fortnite for iOS gains customizable HUD, voice chat, Android version coming this summer

Fortnite is making tens of millions on mobile and the folks over at Epic Games haven’t even launched the game on the Android platform. Although developers said they plan to make it available in the Google Play Store when Fortnite was launched on iOS, they didn’t announce any time frames.

Today, in a blog post that details all the changes that have just been added to the iOS game, Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite is coming to Android “this summer.” The studio said that when they’ll have more information to share about the release, they will make it public immediately.

As far as the …

YouTube TV gains “voice remote” on Android devices

It appears that Google has started pushing out a brand new feature to those using YouTube TV on their Android devices. The new feature called “voice remote” appeared for the first time several months ago, but only as a support page that didn’t offer any details on what’s to come.

Suddenly, many YouTube TV users noticed their Android clients have been gifted with the option to control the app by voice. Apparently, you’ll be able to access “voice remote” from the floating action button that now appears in the Android app.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t an update that you …

OneDrive for Android gains the option to move the app on an SD card

One of the most user-requested features for OneDrive, the option to move the app on an SD card is now finally available to Android users. Microsoft has just released OneDrive version 5.9, which has some improvements over the previous iterations, including the one mentioned earlier.

Apparently, the developers made some under the hood improvements to the Photos view to make it faster than before. As far as the SD card support goes, you will now be able to move the OneDrive app into such a gadget so that you can have more space for files and offline content.

If you’re using OneDrive …

Fortnite gains new cinematic replay feature and cyberpunk heroes in latest update

Epic Games continues to improve its “golden goose,” Fortnite, with brand new features that are probably meant to make players keep coming back for more. The latest update fixes some issues on PC and PS4, but also adds new features for the iOS version of the game.

The most important is the new “cinematic replay” feature that allows players to capture their most memorable moments, highlights and cinematics. Epic Games also hints to possible prizes that players using the Replay system will be able to redeem in the future.

Furthermore, the update adds 4 new cyberpunk heroes, new Neon …

SwiftKey Keyboard gains new Location and Calendar features in latest update

SwiftKey released a major update a few weeks ago, which brought Toolbar on both Android and iOS devices. Today, the developers announced another update is making its way to Android users over the next few days.

The new update brings Location and Calendar features on SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, but not everyone will be able to enjoy them. Apparently, Location will only be available to users in US and India, but the feature will be expanded to other countries in the future, whereas Calendar should be available to all users.

But what exactly these new features do and how are they …

Microsoft's OneDrive for Android gains new camera features

Good things happen to OneDrive users on Android, as Microsoft recently decided to push yet another important update. As with the previous updates, the latest one focuses on a few aspects of the app, in this case, it’s all about the camera.

The latest version of OneDrive for Android comes with three new improvements that slightly change the way you’ll be using the app to edit and navigate photos.

First of all, you can now crop rotate, and choose from a set of filters to digitize the physical world with the new enhanced Scan feature. But that’s not all. Microsoft’s changelog states …

Google Maps for iOS gains quick access to transit and traffic info in the latest update

Google Maps development is a little bit ahead on Android, but the iOS app is getting the same features sooner or later as well. The latest update brings one improvement that’s been added to the Maps for Android last year: quick access to transit and traffic info.

The search giant has just announced it is now rolling out the same useful update to Maps for iOS. If you’ve already received the update, you can now swipe up to get access to three tabs: explore, driving, and transit.

These tabs will allow Maps for iOS users find a nearby restaurant much easier, or even catch the next bus. …

Microsoft Outlook for iOS gains new Search-related features, major improvements

Outlook has just received a new update on iOS that brings a handful of improvements meant to enhance the Search experience. The first thing you’ll notice after the update is that Search now has its own tab on a simplified navigation bar.

However, the most important addition to the app is the option to search for emails, files, and contacts in multiple accounts from a single search box. Furthermore, Microsoft added a new sport for the search icon, at the bottom of Outlook. In order to get access to top contacts, upcoming itineraries, package deliveries and recent attachments, simply tap on …