Google Docs, Slides and Sheets finally gain iPhone X and better iOS 11 support

Google has silently updated its Office-related apps for iOS devices to make them fully compatible with Apple’s latest hardware and software releases. If you’ve been using Docs, Slides and Sheets, you’ll be pleased to know that all three apps are now fully compatible with Apple’s iPhone X.

Basically, this means iPhone X users will now be able to take advantage of the whole screen, as toolbars have been included with the phone’s unusual form factor. There aren’t any other visual changes aside from the added iPhone X support, or at least Google doesn’t mention anything …

Security woes as backdoor in OnePlus devices is discovered, allows for easy gain of root access

A potentially dangerous backdoor in multiple OnePlus devices has been just unearthed by a knowing developer, revealing a hidden app that can be potentially used to gain root access and take control over the device.
Dubbed “EngineedMode”, the app has been created by Qualcomm to most certainly test out hardware, but OnePlus has taken it to itself to tamper with the app, customize it, and preload it on a plethora of devices, including but not limited to the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T. The app gives unprecedented access to a host of security-sensitive …

LG G6 to gain 100 customized apps for its 18:9 display

LG Electronics is planning to increase the number of applications optimized for its 2017 flagship – the G6. The Seoul-based tech giant announced that by next month, its app store will boast 300 apps which will fully support the 18:9 “Full Vision” display of the G6.

At the time of writing, there are about 200 apps which support the unusual aspect ratio on the company’s SmartWorld store, so these numbers suggest that we will see a 50% increase in this particular segment of LG’s digital market. 
As Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ …

LeEco Le Pro3 and Le S3 gain an app drawer and much more in latest EUI update

Affordable smartphones have gotten insanely good over the past couple of years. The type of phone you’re able to get for $400 or less is tremendously better than what was once possible for this price range, and one company that’s very familiar with the world of good, affordable smartphones is LeEco. Both the Le Pro3 and Le S3 offer a great spec-to-price ratios, but one aspect to these handsets that’s not all that great is the software they’re running.

LeEco decided to stick its own custom skin on both smartphones rather than sticking with stock Android, but a recent update to …

What You Gain By Unlocking An iPhone

Unlocking your iPhone has likely already been an option you have considered. What you might not know is that there are many profound benefits to consider when getting your iPhone to the unlocked status. In researching what you gain, you can make a better purchase decision in the future.

Because unlocking the iPhone may require opening the iPhone, this could break the warranty you received with your purchase. Instead you should consider services that can unlock your iPhone and keep the warranty for you if possible. Such services can be found on the Internet and sometimes in your local area if you have many tech-savvy friends.

When you buy an iPhone you will be able to buy applications from the Apple store to extend the functionality of your phone. Even though there are plenty of applications to choose from, you will be limited in using third party applications without unlocking the iPhone. Unlocking the iPhone will give you a wider variety of applications to choose from as a result, and helps support developers who didn’t get approved by Apple

Another major reason iPhone users unlock their phone is to use it with a carrier of their choice. When first launched, the iPhone was famous for only being able to be used with the AT&T network. With the iPhone unlocked, users can use the iPhone with whatever carrier they wish. This only seems fair considering you paid for the iPhone- and not for the inability to choose a phone carrier.

Like many phones today, the iPhone will make use of what is called a SIM card. This card allows users to store data and configuration settings for future use. The SIM card that the iPhone comes with isn’t necessarily the best, and you may wish to use a different one- but you’ll find that you can’t without an unlocked iPhone. This is just yet another way to get the freedoms you deserve when you spend big dollars on your iPhone.

Developers have legitimate reasons to unlock their iPhone too. Since third party applications can’t make it on the iPhone, developers will need unlocked iPhones to distribute their application for local testing. This is a good idea before a developer submits a final product to Apple for inclusion in the Apple store. Otherwise you may miss a mistake and fail the review done by Apple.

In Conclusion

Getting an iPhone unlocked has become easy thanks to advances in iPhone technology. You should outsource the process to a service that is experienced in doing so, so that you don’t waste your money in losing your warranty or breaking your iPhone.

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