That recent "LG G7 render" is a fake, and here's why

It was last Friday when an image claiming to reveal LG’s next flagship smartphone – the LG G7, or whatever it might end up being called – appeared on the internet. The device pictured had dual front cameras, super-slim bezels, and a spacious screen filling nearly all of its front side. Hardly a surprise, the image was quick to spread around media outlets, ours included, drawing the attention of many eager to see one of the most highly anticipated upcoming phones. 

Alas, the image is a fake. 
We came to this conclusion …

LG G7 development might have been restarted from scratch by LG CEO

According to a new report from South Korean outlet The Investor, LG’s VP and CEO Jo Seong-jin has ordered the company’s mobile division to start work on its upcoming flagship device from scratch. Citing an anonymous LG official, following CES 2018 the team responsible for the development of the upcoming flagship device which might not be called the G7 after all has been instructed to cease the development and review the project from the ground up.

It seems that the development team received word on these recent developings promptly after LG’s CEO revealed that the company …

LG G7 render surfaces revealing dual front-facing cameras

A render of what allegedly is the LG G7 has appeared and if legit, it tells us a little about the front of the phone. The bezels are trimmer than ever, and it appears that LG’s 2018 flagship will once again feature an aspect ratio of 18:9. A glance at the image also reveals the dual camera setup on the front of the handset. LG is reportedly planning on releasing the device in April, later than it had in the past so that it won’t get shut out on using Qualcomm’s new top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845 chipset.

Last year’s LG G6 had to make do with the prior year’s Snapdragon 821 SoC thanks to …

LG G7 release date set for mid-March, OLED display and 6GB RAM in tow

While we were musing yesterday whether the upcoming LG G7 will sport a Snapdragon 835 or 845 chipset, based on its official listing on LG’s UK website under the Quick Charge 4.0 category, a Korean publication is spilling the beans on its specs and even release date. 

It turns out that the G7 may ship with Snapdragon 845, after all, which would be a huge jump from the 821 in the G6, but there are plenty of other novelties to look forward to. The sources claim that, in addition, G7 will sport 6GB RAM, shooting it directly into the flagship ranks where it belongs. Another nice …

The unannounced LG G7 now has an app on Google Play: LG Wallet

LG today released Wallet – a new Android app presented as a “secure
mobile payment application for LG’s premium mobile handsets.” What’s
really interesting about this app is that, according to its description, it can be used only on an LG G7 (at least at this moment).


Of course, an LG G7 doesn’t exist yet, or not commercially
anyway. We are expecting a G7 to be introduced in the coming months (as a
successor to last year’s G6), but the device will likely be released under a
different name, as LG is looking to refresh its flagship phone naming scheme. Most
probably, the description …

LG G7 rumor round-up: Specs, design, features, all we know so far

One of last year’s most underrated devices, the LG G7, is in for a timely replacement very soon as LG normally showcases its flagship devices at the prolific MWC trade show in Barcelona, Spain, which is normally the stage at which many a high-profile devices get announced and demoed. 

There’s no reason to believe this won’t be the case this year, too, as the rivalry between LG and Samsung is gradually getting more and more heated. Quite understandable, given that both have been outsmarting each other with every high-end phone generation.
As …

LG's next flagship won't be called the G7, rebranding options considered

LG is thinking of a new name for its upcoming flagship. A new report from South Korea suggests that the tech giant will be rebranding its signature G series in order to better compete with its major rivals – Apple and Samsung. 
In a statement to The Investor, one LG official has said that rebranding flagship models is nothing new in the industry, and added that the moniker of the upcoming flagship is yet to be decided. Another company official shared some information on what options are currently being considered: 

LG …

LG G7 may feature an advanced 'all-in-one' iris scanner

image source: LetsGoDigital

Up until now, LG phones, including the V30, have only featured the most basic form of face unlock – the ‘selfie’ method. However, this may change next year with the launch of the LG G7.

A patent submitted by LG and discovered by LetsGoDigital suggests that the LG G7, and possibly other LG phones in 2018, could utilize an iris scanning technology, similar to the one found in the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8. As such, it will be functional in different lighting conditions, but LG may be working on additional …

Premature launch: the Galaxy S9 and LG G7 might come out in January

LG and Samsung have been locked in battle for years now over every little piece of the smartphone market they have. Well, it’s generally been a one-sided fight for the last couple of years, as Samsung’s flagships have been blowing up… eh, we truly meant that one figuratively. LG has been stuck in an uphill struggle, trying to catch up to Sammy, while the latter has had its sights set on Apple and its iPhone bestsellers.

It seems that this odd love triangle might be the reason we see the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 make an early appearance in 2018. While the two …