Unlocked LG G6 officially "coming soon" to the US

The brand new LG G6 is already available to pre-order via all major US carriers, but did you know that LG is also getting ready to sell an unlocked version of the phone?

LG Mobile’s official US website has it that an unlocked G6 is “coming soon,” though it doesn’t provide more details on this. We assume that the unlocked handset will be sold starting April, once all carriers already have it in stock, but that remains to be seen.

At the moment, there’s no word on how much the unlocked LG G6 will cost. However, since carriers are offering the smartphone for …

LG G6 vs LG G5

Note: This comparison was made using a pre-production LG G6 running close-to-final software. While not much is expected to change for the final version of the phone, we’ve still decided not to display any benchmark results or charts. We’ll update the comparison as necessary once we receive the finalized software release.

If I had a dime for every time I saw someone using an LG G5 in public, I doubt I’d have enough cash to get me a bottle of soju. The phone didn’t sell as well as its maker hoped, and even though technically it wasn’t a poorly made device, its modular design …

What the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the LG G6 may look like next to an almost bezel-less iPhone 8

2017 is shaping up as the year of small bezels and big displays. Although phone makers have been trying to increase screen size without adding unnecessary bulk to their products for some time, it is only now that something of a more meaningful paradigm shift is emerging on the horizon. Yes, we’ve already seen a couple of “bezel-less” phones, but they didn’t have the mass-market appeal of your iPhones, and Galaxies, and Pixels, and they weren’t really meant to have it. Back in 2014, the Sharp Aquos was a bold and flawed device that showcased what smartphones could look …

The LG G6 is already shipping to some T-Mobile customers

T-Mobile today became the first US carrier to start shipping the LG G6, despite the fact that the smartphone’s official release date is April 7 (that’s more than two weeks from now).

As you may know, T-Mobile started taking pre-orders for the LG G6 yesterday. Somewhat surprisingly, at least two of the customers who’ve rushed to place orders received the handset today – and posted evidence on Twitter and Reddit. Most likely, other T-Mobile customers will also get their G6 way before April 7 if they choose to pre-order the device now.

Sold by T-Mobile for $650 – either outright, …

T-Mobile CEO is giving away 6 LG G6 phones (today only)

To celebrate the fact that the LG G6 is now available to pre-order, T-Mobile CEO John Legere is hosting a giveaway on Twitter. If you’re a US resident of at least 18 years of age, you have the chance to win one of the six LG G6 smartphones that John Legere is offering as prizes.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you have to do is follow John Legere on Twitter -@JohnLegere – and share your favorite feature of the LG G6 by tweeting at him using the #TMOLGG6 or #TMOLGG6sweeps hashtags. A very important detail: you can enter the giveaway only today, March 22, until 5 …

Best LG G6 accessories – case, car charger, headphones, and other essentials

Did you pre-order the LG G6 already? That’s a solid choice, no doubt. It’s one of the best all-around smartphones LG has ever come up with (the best being the Nexus 4, of course, and we’re only half-joking).

While you are waiting for your delivery or debating whether to get the LG G6, definitely check these ideas for accessories to trick out your smartphone with. We have some great suggestions for essentials like a case, a screen protector, a car charger, headphones (the LG G6 doesn’t come with any!), a microSD card, and a portable power bank, among other useful things (like …

You can save $50 on AT&T's LG G6 thanks to Best Buy

Available to pre-order in the US since last week, the LG G6 is hitting shelves in the coming weeks via all major carriers, and you’ll also be able to find it through major retailers. In case you’re planning to get AT&T’s version of the G6, you should consider purchasing it at Best Buy.

According to Best Buy, if you’re buying an AT&T LG G6 from one of its retail stores across the US – thus not online – you can get it for $50 less (paying just $669.99 instead of the regular $719.99 price). This deal requires an AT&T Next plan, with savings being “deducted off the full total price …

How to scale the LG G6 display for apps and games that don't fit in 18:9

LG got none other but the inventor of the 2:1 format on stage during the G6 unveiling to explain why it comes with a screen in the unorthodox 18:9 aspect ratio. When LG announced this brand new 5.7″ display panel with 1440 x 2880 pixels resolution, we thought “Oh, that’s just LG being LG, they are always doing something with modular phones or extra ticker screens like on the V-series, so that might be it.”

It turned out that LG had a deeper meaning when it crafted a 2:1 Dolby Vision-certified display for the G6. This standard is called Univisium, and is not widespread …

How to take a screenshot on the LG G6

The LG G6 is the first of a new breed of phones: full-screen, nearly bezel-less designs that make the most of the space that is on the device.
This requires a lot of the buttons that were previously on the front of a phone to move to its back, and might make it confusing for users to figure out simple shortcuts that are used for things like taking a screenshot.
So how do you take a screenshot on the LG G6?
Method #1 is in fact simple: press and hold simultaneously the power / fingerprint key …

Where to pre-order the LG G6 in the US – carrier prices and promotions compared

With the exception of T-Mobile, all the national US carriers have started pre-orders for the LG G6. On the side of retailers, only Best Buy has carrier versions of the smartphone up for pre-order (click here), but the LG G6 will be sold by LG, Amazon, and B&H as well. We’ll have to whip up a separate table with the retailer offers once they are revealed.
Carrier prices vary across the board, with Verizon and US Cellular seemingly presenting the most compelling offers. T-Mobile has set up a lean, no-frills offer devoid of promotions beyond the free …