Sony Xperia XZ Premium vs Huawei P10 Plus vs LG G6: three-way specs comparison showdown of MWC's finest

MWC has indeed cemented its reputation as the world’s largest and most important exhibition for the mobile industry. While Samsung’s decision to delay the unveiling of its Galaxy S8 was regrettable, the other big Android phone makers stepped up and displayed some truly remarkable handsets. 

LG, Sony and Huawei have all thrown the proverbial gauntlet down at the show with the announcements of their 2017 flagship models – the LG G6, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Huawei P10 Plus. Each of these smartphones has its strong sides and appeal, so we can’t help …

Do you like the LG G6?

After admitting that the G5 was somewhat of a failure sales-wise, LG got back to the drawing board in search of ideas for a new and better flagship smartphone. That’s how we got the LG G6, which was officially announced yesterday at MWC 2017.

Right now, it seems that the G6 is indeed better than the G5 in pretty much every aspect, but we want to know if you like it.

The first thing that strikes you about the LG G6 is that, although it sports a very generous 5.7-inch screen, the phone itself isn’t larger than devices featuring 5.5-inch, or even 5.3-inch screens. This …

LG G6 vs Galaxy S7 edge, iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20: camera comparison

As I said in my early look at the LG G6, the phone delivers on many levels – it is fast, it is sleek, and it comes with the promise of unparalleled durability. But the camera has yet to truly impress me. Yes, it takes decent shots from what I’ve seen so far, but can it beat what’s already out there? And can it match the camera performance of LG’s top phone so far? Perhaps this camera comparison will help us answer these questions. The devices we’ve chosen to compete against the LG G6 are the Galaxy S7 edge, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the LG V20. Here’s a quick rundown of their camera …

LG chief tips an $800 price tag for the G6 in Korea, March 10 release date

With the newly announced G6, LG broke a number of traditions for its flagship line – the phone is no longer with a removable battery, and at the same time carries a chassis made out of premium, glass and metal materials. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful LG phones in the G-series, and has the specs to match, with a novel 5.7″ display that is Dolby Vision/HDR 10 certified, flaunting a fresh 2:1 aspect ratio to make it futureproof.

The V series focuses more on multimedia experience such as audio. The G6 will appeal to mass-market users.LG pulled …

Protection from day one: VRS Design launches 5 new cases for the LG G6!

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VRS Design is a case manufacturing company, whose products often end up in our “Best cases for…” articles. Over the years, it has built a pretty steady portfolio and offers a variety of cases for a variety of needs — from armored to stylish, to slim. Naturally, with the LG G6 soon to be announced, VRS Design has made sure it’ll be ready to offer protection …

MWC 2017 recap: best new phones and devices (LG G6, Huawei P10, Sony, new Nokias and more)

What a day and what a show: MWC 2017 has been a flurry of new phones. For the first time in a while it all feels like some true excitement is coming back to the mobile space: the new LG G6 is a stunning device and the clear highlight of the show, we’ve got the date for the Galaxy S8 unpacked event, Huawei has made two outstanding new phones, Nokia returned with three new phones and a reimagined 3310, and Sony has got a new generation of Android phones.

A flurry of new phones, with one bright starIf you are a phone lover, this is a great time: it …

LG G6 vs OnePlus 3T: First look

LG lifted the wraps off the G6 at MWC earlier today, finally making the sleek flagship official. It is truly a sight to behold with its beautiful 5.7-inch “FullVision” display and its almost bezel-less design, but for all the bells and whistles that it offers, at its core pumps last year’s Snapdragon 821 processor.

With that said, and apart from all its fresh luster, what more does the LG G6 have to offer when compared to a similarly spec’d phone, say, last year’s excellent OnePlus 3T, which too is powered by the SD 821?


When it …

LG G5 vs LG G6: first look

Well, LG’s new flagship is here in all of its fullscreen glory. Well, to be fair, we haven’t reached that futuristic point in time where all we will be holding is a display just yet, but the G6’s bezels are impressively thin. But does that mean that you should be throwing the G5 out the window? And how well does the new handset perform next to the rather snappy 2016 flagship? Let’s take a closer look!

Another year, another change in concepts for LG. The modular idea that was introduced with the LG G5 wasn’t exactly a success and has quickly been dropped …

LG G6 vs G5, G4: should I upgrade?

The LG G6 is out and it’s definitely a drool-worthy piece of hardware. Amazing screen-to-body ratio, beautiful design, and a lot of time spent on fine-tuning its operation and performance, as per LG’s own word. Surely, there are LG device owners out there right now, spending more time than one would consider reasonable staring at pictures of the new phone and then beaming over to their own G5. There’s that burning question:

Should I upgrade to the LG G6?
There are always a few things to consider when buying a new phone — is your model obsolete, does the new device offer more than just …

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: From Korea with love

It’s perfectly safe to say that the LG G6 is the de facto star of MWC 2017. LG’s latest flagship, the brazen new LG G6 just arrived with the hopes of smashing its existing competition and becoming the new catwalk star in the spotlights. Achieving this, however, will not be the walk in the park LG might have in mind – exciting or not, the LG G6 will still have to tackle some serious competition on the way.
The Galaxy S7 edge is one of the main ‘old’ rivals of the G6. It’s a phone that resides in the same market segment and is among the more popular devices …