LG V30 wide-angle camera produces less distortion than G6 and V20; here's the difference

Wide-angle cameras are a bit of a double-edged sword. While they have an enormous field of view, distortion spoils the image, stretching it out of proportion. LG’s previous dual-camera phones – the G6 and the V20 included – were all affected by this, as anyone who’s ever used their secondary wide-angle shooters surely knows. The new LG V30, however, promises to differ.
One of the camera upgrades LG brings with the V30 is reduced distortion in wide-angle images. At the same time, its secondary camera retains an impressively wide viewing angle of …

LG V30 vs Galaxy S8+ vs LG V20 vs LG G6: A specs comparison

LG is stepping things up with the LG V30 today, announcing the third entry in its acclaimed V-series family, which is shaping up to be quite the stunning device. A fitting competition to the current top Android phones and also quite the deserving follow-up to the LG V20 and, of course, the LG G6.
But how does it fare against Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ and LG’s own G6 from the first half of this year? Is it really that big of an improvement over the V20 from a year ago? There’s an easy and there’s a detailed answer to that question. 
We’ll …

LG V30 size comparison versus Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, LG G6, OnePlus 5, HTC U11, iPhone 7 Plus

It’s big, it’s sleek, and it’s got small bezels: meet the best LG device to date, the V30.
With specs that don’t skimp on anything, design that’s up there with the most beautiful handsets on the market, and finally, has a slew of intriguing features that are more than just random party tricks.
We’ve already explored how the V30 fares up against its more notable rivals, but one thing we haven’t done yet is a size comparison to clearly illustrate how it measures up against the other contemporary flagships. Well, it’s time to do that …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8+ vs LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus: specs comparison

The time has come for Samsung to try to redeem itself for last year’s Note 7 blunder and show everyone that there’s no bad karma when it comes to its S Pen-boasting productivity-oriented phones. 
Indeed, while it already proved it can do great things when it’s hungry by coming up with the great Galaxy S8 and S8+, there’s still some weird aura surrounding the Note series, but the brand-new Note 8 is already shaping up like the one that will break the spell.
However, the competition never just stands there and observes, it acts …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 size comparison versus Galaxy S8, S8+, LG G6, iPhone 7, Pixel XL, HTC U11, OnePlus 5

Bezelless is here to stay, with the Note 8 being the latest catwalk star to push forward the one trend that will likely end all other design trends.
The Note 8 is an exquisite device, just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ – With the tall, 2:1 stature of its 6.3-inch display, it towers above the phones of old times that had bezels aplenty.
But how does the Note 8 compare against the current and former competition on the market? Check out and compare at your heart’s content right below!

T-Mobile has limited time "One for you, One for Me" deal on the LG G6 and LG V20

T-Mobile has a deal on two of LG’s top shelf handsets. For a limited time only, you can buy the LG G6 or the LG V20 using the carrier’s Equipment Installment Plan. When you add a line, another LG G6 or LG V20 is yours for free after a rebate. With the deal, you can save $500 while picking up a pair of  powerful LG handsets. Just keep in mind that the LG V30 is expected to be unveiled on August 31st, so you might keep that in mind when deciding whether to take advantage of T-Mobile’s promotion.

The LG G6 is $20 down and $20 a month with a full retail price of $500. The handset is available …

40+ Awesome high-resolution wallpapers, perfect for your Galaxy S8/S7 edge, Pixel XL, LG G6, HTC U11, XZ Premium and others

It’s that time of the week again, folks! “Which time,” you may ask, and let me tell you – it’s the time of the week when we post our regular pick of awesome, high-def wallpapers! If you’ve been following our various columns on customization, then you should know by now that we like giving our home screens a fresh coat of paint every now and again. And by “every now and again”, we mean almost every week! This means doing a wallpaper rotation at the very least, and/or applying a custom set of icons in the case of Android users to really freshen things up.

However, …

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active size and specs comparisons vs Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, LG G6

In case you missed it, the Galaxy S8 Active became official yesterday. As is tradition with the ‘Active’ version of Samsung flagships, this one will be an AT&T exclusive initially, but is poised to arrive on other carriers and be available unlocked at some point in the future.
So far, so good, but is it the right phone for you, and more importantly, how does it fare against the Galaxy S8 and all the contemporary Android flagships out there? Taking tons of pages from Galaxy S8′ s book, the S8 Active is a more rugged and durable alternative to Samsung’s …

OnePlus 5 vs LG G6

Let’s say that you’re looking for a new Android phone, and around $500 is all you’re willing to spend. Until recently, one of your best options would have been the LG G6 – a feature-packed, water-resistant handset with attractive design and a versatile dual-camera setup at the back. But now there’s also the OnePlus 5 to consider within this price range. It may not be as flashy as the G6, but assets like the top-notch hardware specs and the dual-camera arrangement make this one of the best value-for-money Android device money can buy right now. So, which one should you go for: the …

FYI, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have been certified for being environmentally friendly

Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are the first smartphones to receive an EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certificate, directly approved by the Green Electronics Council and Underwriters Laboratories.

The smartphones were subjected to multiple tests focused on many environmental aspects, including the using of toxic materials, energy efficiency and corporations’ social contributions.

But this isn’t why Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are the first to get this special certification, but because the new mobile phone category for EPEAT has been …