Google's JPEG encoder reduces image size by 35%, could help you save mobile data in the future

Google’s new open source image compression algorithm is capable of reducing the size of JPEG files by 35 percent, without compromising image quality too much, and the results it produces are compatible with all web browsers and image editing software.

Called Guetzli, which is apparently Swiss German for cookie, the new JPEG encoder does its magic during the so-called quantization stage of image compression, which is when the encoder tries to strike a balance between removing detail to keep size down, without obliterating the source image.

Guetzli uses what …

Samsung to phase out the fingerprint scanner on future handsets?

It happened so quickly. From 2011’s Motorola Atrix to now, we have seen the fingerprint scanner go from a rarity to a feature found on even low priced handsets. At the same time, smartphone owners have had their feelings about the biometric reader go from “what the hell do I need a fingerprint scanner for?” to “I’d be lost without my fingerprint scanner.” Well, maybe that overstates the thinking of device owners, but today’s smartphone user has apparently lost the ability to unlock a device or verify his identification without having his fingerprint scanned.

But now, we could be looking …

Patent application reveals how Apple might use flexible OLED displays in future devices

A recently published Apple patent application might have just given us an idea of how Cupertino will employ the flexible OLED display technology in the future. This application is named “Electronic devices with retractable displays”, and it describes a scroll-like portable device hosting such a screen which retracts into two cylindrical casings.

Before you start looking for a high-tech toga to match, it is worth noting that we probably won’t see Apple pushing this type of gadgets on the market soon due to the current high production costs and limited availability …

Possible alarm clock integration coming to Google Play Music in future update

The latest update for Google Play Music brings a handful of new things to the table, including a “Recents” tab in the app’s menu, an animated visualizer while playing songs, and slims down the overall size of the music storefront to around 18 MB. That’s all sure to please users of Google’s on-demand music streaming service, but we are more interested in a feature that has not yet been implemented into the app.

A recent app teardown by Android Police revealed that Google may be slating Play Music for some sort of alarm clock integration in the near future. Evidence …

ZTE is looking into the 5G future with the ZTE Gigabit Phone

The 5G era is not too far away. However, most smartphone manufacturers are in no hurry of exploring it, trying to focus on solid present-day devices, instead of dreaming about the future. But other brands, such as ZTE, are looking to push towards new and exciting technologies, as they try to play with the big boys.

This is probably why ZTE just announced that it will have a “forward-looking” device on display at MWC – the ZTE Gigabit Phone. According to the Chinese company, the handset will be setting new standards for download speeds, at 1 Gbps. This should allow …

A $250 million office space is vying to be the future home for New York’s startup culture

New York City skyline Three years might as well be 50 in startup land. It’s hard to say precisely where New York City’s tech community will be by the time 2020 rolls around, but living in the Big Apple certainly doesn’t look to be getting any easier for recent grads looking to make a name for itself.
As Fast Company notes in a new profile on the upcoming 14th @ Irving workspace, the whole… Read More

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Low cost Blackberry Devices: Sow this seeds connected with future technological know-how

Blackberry mobile phone devices are the favourite QWERTY keyboard mobile phone devices which can be purchased in cheaper price tag but has each of the great features with it.

Cheap Bb Phones are recognized for introducing your working computer type keyboard from the mobile handsets that is certainly called QWERTY keypad. Sooner, it got tough to help even visualize having such style of key forms within a mobile phone but also in this era of rapidly technology, nothing is usually impossible and and this Blackberry possesses proved. Two years back, cheap Bb phones were obtained in Black coloration only although now, they far too have introduced the majority of the fantastic in addition to demanding colors into their gadgets. Blackberry smartphones have absolutely brought completely new mobile wonders that had been unseen until finally date.

QWERTY keyboards within a wide measurement and present screens are classified as the basic specialty on the Blackberry Devices. Not solely this, they integral their gadgets with new software’s in addition to hardware’s. Its keys assistance in smooth writing over computer keyboard which posts tip tapping sound for the back foot or so. If is quite beneficial in writing over desktops then automatically he’s going to have a simple typing in excess of QWERTY mobile phone devices.

There usually are many phone deals where one can have cheap Bb contract, pay as you go and sim cost-free phones. These deals will not be only beautiful, but can also be very effective. Purchasing some sort of Blackberry contact phone is a good idea since they bring the majority of the uncountable gifts with these individuals.

Blackberry possesses introduced the home and property of touchscreen technology too into their handsets. Bb Storm 3, Storm 9500 for example are superb capacitive touchscreen mobile phone devices. Through from any of the contract specials, available already in the market and on the net too you possibly can get Bb phones available on all communities. Service services which produce excellent services on their customers usually are namely Lime, O2, Vodafone, Virgin, T-mobile in addition to Three.

Other versus Cheap Bb Contract Specials handsets come in pay as you go and Sim cost-free forms far too. There isn’t a doubt that choosing a contract phone is usually a plus advantage with regards to customers even so the other a couple types usually are no awful too. The solely thing you want to do for choosing a pay as you go and Sim cost-free phone is that you should make payment in the time purchase solely. It may very well be made with cash or maybe through ones credit or maybe debit greeting cards.

Low cost Blackberry Devices: Sow this seeds connected with future technological know-how

Nokia Should Want Android For Future Phones

Various attribute Nokia’s decline realize it’s a huge to the country’s exclusive reliance on Microsoft’s Home’s windows Phone principle as the country’s only outlet throughout the world about smartphones. Now a analyst argues that in case Nokia comes with any intend of righting all the ship, the software must begin the process of manufacturing Android OS smartphones.

Pierre Ferragu about Bernstein Explore urges which usually Nokia has to “take all the pill prior to when one cannot really afford to do anymore… its exposure to the vanishing feature contact market and the void of traction about Windows phone could amount Nokia a lot of money in all the near time frame, in restructuring, marketing/distribution sustain, and functional losses, which means former mate too late to cope with the condition in many years. “

Nokia’s union with Microsoft is actually anything still what whether company was longing for, even any time recent signs and symptoms are helping. The Finnish contact maker and therefore the Windows Phone operating-system found on a good deal of its appliances are struggling to earn the smartphone the three-horse run Elop was debating when unveiling the latest strategy.

Nokia is constantly on the rely intensively on the country’s feature contact sales to continue finances down, as confirmed by its current ad campaign for those S40-powered Nokia Asha 501. However, the key feature phone markets, once a fabulous pillar about Nokia’s prominence, is also needs to crumble. Even on the conservative Western European smartphone markets, where Nokia’s finish shipments experience dropped just by 30% year-over-year.

It’s confusing what would it cost just for Nokia to make sure you dip the country’s toe throughout the Android vacation pool, though. Similarly Microsoft comes with given the required permits to Samsung, HTC and additionally Huawei to earn WP-powered devices from the own despite all those also needing Android cell phones. On one another ever ever since day a and Ms Nokia wine basket clear which usually their partnership differs to which usually between Microsoft and therefore the other WP OEMs.

Sanjeev Sharma lives in INDIA and has knowledge of android smartphones technologies. He is an expert writer for numerous topics related to mobile Review.

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The Apple Iphone And Its Future In The Years To Come.

Let’s talk about some figure here. Apple has already reported a staggering 12.992 million units of the iPhone 3GS sold since its unveiling and release.

They have also reported an estimate of around 1.7 million units of the new iPhone 4 since its release last June 24 in only a matter of 3 days. So just by these numbers alone, we can be sure that the iPhone mania may still be well positioned in the next 5 years or so.

Though through out its history, it wasn’t really that perfect, receiving some negative comments from users about connection issues, it still managed to get the attention of many patrons world wide.

Particularly the new iPhone 4, we have heard of reports of its poor connection and reception problems that were actually acknowledged by Apple. They apologized and even offered a free update on the software that is supposed to correct the low signal in the signal bar of the phone.

They have already told their clients that if they are just completely not satisfied with their iPhone, then they can simply get a refund on their money providing that they return the unit only within 30 days upon purchase with out damage.

But despite these weaknesses, a majority of customers in the US, Canada and UK are still fans of the popular smart phone and according to recent surveys, 83% would still chose an iPhone than use another brand of mobile phone and would purchase iPhone insurance along with their brand new unit.

Though in Japan, they have a more different way of looking at the iPhone. It is very unpopular amongst Japanese citizens due to the fact that they are more into pictures and videos which are some what weak points in the Apple iPhone.

Some say that it will almost be impossible to tap the Japanese market since the majority of them don’t want to use foreign brands.

But in other countries, definitely the demand and popularity of the iPhone is still there specially in Europe and America because there is still a continuous demand for accessories and iPhone insurance is a regular search in Google.

This ever continuing demand for the iPhone and iPhone insurance are signs that indeed this Apple smart phone will be here to stay in the next 4 -5 years. We can expect some improvements like maybe a upcoming iPhone 4i or a iPhone 5 version. But will Apple still retain the famous design that made them millions in sales? Let’s just wait and find out.

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