New Essential Phone update enables fingerprint sensor functionality, adds November security patch

The Essential Phone is definitely not a perfect phone, even though it wears the pedigree of Android’s creator, Andy Rubin. First off, the smartphone did not get released and the company said it would. Then, the Essential Phone was plagued by numerous software issues especially when it came to the camera.

The good news is the US-based company is trying to patch it up as fast as possible. Several updates have already been released since the phone’s launch, which addresses some of the major issues that were reported by early adopters.

The latest Essential Phone …

Adobe Lightroom scores a big functionality update on iOS

The mobile version of Adobe’s Lightroom has just scored a neat functionality update that is quite likely to be a notable improvement for all fans of the app.

Probably the biggest new change is the new Brush Selection tool, which lets you create precise selections and apply various basic adjustments to any photo. On top of that, you can also utilize 3D Touch for your selections, provided that your iPhone has 3D Touch on deck. You’re also now given direct hold over the reins of Noise Reduction and Sharpening, which has been oft-requested by the regular users of Lightroom.
The …

Google Keep for Android adds long overdue undo and redo functionality

If you’ve ever found yourself accidentally deleting a bunch of text you weren’t supposed to while writing a note in Google Keep (thanks, Gboard!), you’ll know immediately just how great the following piece of news is: the Android version of the app has finally added undo/redo functionality.

The feature is visible immediately when you start editing a note, and can be accessed from a pair of arrow-shaped buttons that appear at the bottom of the app screen. However, so far the option is limited to the current writing session only, meaning once you exit a note your writing history …

What's new in Control Center in iOS 11: design, functionality, customization

With its launch in 2013, iOS 7 brought more than just a radical visual redesign to Apple’s mobile platform. It also added tons of functional, practical tweaks to iOS, Control Center being a prime example of that. With a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen, it provided iPhone and iPad users with easy access to various settings and controls from any screen.
Fast-forward to 2017, and iOS 11 is now introducing the biggest Control Center overhaul we’ve seen yet. We’re now about to walk you through it, but before we proceed, a disclaimer is due. …

Verizon's Galaxy S8 offers even more limited functionality when using Bixby

If you’ve been reading our Galaxy S8 review, then you already know that Samsung’s own personal digital assistant, Bixby isn’t yet ready for prime time. Although the South Korean company was pretty clear about the situation and confirmed that Bixby would reach full potential after the market release of the Galaxy S8/S8+, we can’t pass the fact that this is a marketed feature.

The things are even worse for Verizon’s customers since some of the limited features available on most Galaxy S8/S8+ are not accessible on the carrier’s units yet.

According to a …

Bixby to expand its functionality and support new languages in Q4 2017

Bixby, Samsung’s new AI assistant, is one of the key features of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The fact that Sammie has decided to add a dedicated physical button for Bixby on each of the new flagships speaks for itself, but many were disappointed to find out that the virtual helper will only speak English and South Korean upon release, and probably won’t come with a full range of functionalities.

So, when will Bixby be updated with new capabilities and languages? Until recently, no one really knew, but the support page of Samsung Germany might have just given us the …

Google moves Keep shopping list functionality to Google Home and Express

Google’s Keep application will suffer small changes starting April 10, the search giant recently announced. It looks like some of the app’s functionality will be added to Google Home and Express services, such as shopping lists.

So, effective April 10, whenever you’ll try to add an item to your shopping list with Google Home, it’s either the Assistant or Express apps that will save it to a primary Google Shopping List. Basically, this means that you won’t be able to use Google Assistant to save your items to a list in Google Keep.

In order to save items …

Samsung to cut battery charge functionality in all those Note 7 holdouts that remain

Samsung is done with the Note 7 saga, it seems, as it plans to push out an update that will completely stop recharging for those who still hold on to their dear phablet in Korea, endangering themselves and maybe others in the process. There are still a bunch of folks who find it hard to part with the Note 7, and there are even online groups and threads for owners of active Note 7 units, and Samsung apparently will be targeting those in the final acts of the Vikings Note 7 saga. 

US carriers already did something similar by shutting down access to …

Spotify and Waze form an unlikely partnership, integrate their respective apps' functionality

There’s nothing quite like a road trip: it gives you the thrill of going on an adventure to lands unknown, and forces you to spend more time with your loved ones (though whether that is a good or bad thing is up for debate). But the best part is always the soundtrack: even when that one person plays the worst, most insufferable noise, the act of travelling together somehow makes it bearable, and even fun.

It appears Waze and Spotify are also aware of the magic of road trips, and have launched an unusual partnership to accommodate for it. A new feature …

Improve the Functionality of Your HTC Phone with HTC Accessories

HTC is one of the best and affordable brands in the mobile world. Users admire the phones of HTC and they are equally satisfied with the functionality. When any mobile phone comes with reasonable price tag, the accessories have to be evenly affordable. You can buy any of the HTC mobile phone and HTC Accessories, as HTC is a trust worthy brand. There are many kinds of accessories which includes of bold and bright colors, elegant designs, and cool materials.

The mobile mart is full of HTC accessories which can be used to personalize your mobile gizmo in a different away. Nowadays users have numerous options for buying mobile accessories on several websites, online portals as well as mobile stores. These accessories are designed for HTC. These accessories comprise of battery, chargers, phone cases, screen protectors, etc. Each has different functionality related to it. Choice depends upon your requirement that which accessory suits your requirement.

HTC is a phone for everyone and best thing about its cell phones is that they can be repaired at no extra cost. HTC parts required for these bestselling phones are easily available and also there are technicians that can make even an old phone look new. Cheap HTC parts are available online and you could buy them for your Smartphone as and when required. You could get cables, battery, touch screen, earphone, Bluetooth, memory card and every part that could enhance your mobile experience from online shops at affordable price.

The first thing that gets damaged in a HTC phone is LCD screen. Cracked, broken, scratched or bruised screen can reduce the view quality of the phone and in the long run, it can affect the functionality of the phone. A broken touch-screen needs immediate replacement or fixing otherwise it would make the phone useless. Touch-screen phones are operated with the touch sensitive buttons available on the screen. In case the screen breaks, it becomes useless and the user has to struggle with the screen to access the menu.

There are HTC repair shops that can refresh the cell phone that has been badly damaged by water. It is called water recovery. If you think that repair is going to cost you dearly then you are mistaken as the service charge could never be as expensive as a new phone is. Buying a new phone would be more expensive than servicing a broken device. Changing phone for broken screen, non-responsive keypad or clogged ear piece is not a good idea as these problems can be fixed.

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