Pokemon GO now fully compatible with iPhone X, but drops support for iOS 8 devices

Many developers must update their apps and games to support Apple’s new iPhone X due to the unusual display of the smartphone. Niantic announced recently it has issued such an update for the ever popular Pokemon GO game.

In fact, Niantic released two updates for each of the game’s platform version: Android and iOS. The iOS update brings support for the iPhone X screen resolution and some optimizations for this specific device. However, along with the addition of iPhone X compatibility, the developers removed support for devices running iOS 8.

Other changes …

Take that notch and shove it in the display's corner: check out the leaked fully bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

2017 was the year when two major events happened in the smartphone world: the fall of the bezel and the rise of the notch. We are talking, of course, about manufacturers slimming out the frame around their phone screens more and more. As a result, some were forced to put their selfie cameras and other front-facing sensors in a cutaway in the display’s real estate, which is now affectionately called “the notch”. You may have seen it on the iPhone X, but the Essential Phone is also notable for featuring the little bundle of love.

Manufacturers that don’t have “the notch” will have a bit of …

Results: are we over fully black phones now?

Black phones have been trending for the past year. Apple revived the color and made it cool again by introducing not one but two new black finishes with the iPhone 7. Since then, things picked up, and we got most major player making black-on-black versions of their flagships now. Is it cool? Sure, it’s Matrix Neo levels of cool. But are we getting a bit overexposed with phones in the low-key color?
We thought we’d ask you how you feel about it and it turns out we are not quite sated with blackout handsets yet. 73% of voters want more of them, while only 15% …

Are we over fully black phones now?

So, when Apple announced two new colors for the iPhone 7 last year, which were “matte black” and “shiny black”, it made for a good couple of jokes, right? But hey, the iPhone is the iPhone and before we knew it, black was cool again. Samsung raced to launch a “limited edition” Galaxy S7 edge in Pearl Black so that it can have a black phone before the Galaxy S8 launches, OnePlus got super-inspired and introduced a Midnight Black edition of the 3T, with the color moving on to the OnePlus 5 now… and a lot of the new models in 2017 have been quite blacked out.

Hey, …

Anker-backed startup to launch super-tough, fully wireless smart earphones

If you’ve been into smartphones for a while, you’ve probably heard of Anker. It’s a company that provides a wide array of phone accessories, from car chargers to protectors, stands, and even quality cables. It has also dipped its toes in portable audio in the past but now it seems to be going all out.

Anker has provided a business incubator for a startup called Zolo, which will be focusing on smart, wireless headphones — wearables, which the company endearingly calls “hearables”. The first product to come out from Zolo is the Liberty+ — a set of wireless earbuds …

Google Talk (GChat) is finally getting fully transitioned to Hangouts; G+ leaving Gmail

Ever so slowly, Google is doing… something to sort out its messaging app strategy. Yesterday, we heard that Hangouts would be losing SMS support because Google wants to focus on Android Messenger for text messaging. Now, Google has decided it is finally time to kill off Google Talk (aka GChat), despite keeping the app around for years after it should have died.

Apparently, even though the Google Talk app in the Play Store was switched to Hangouts back in 2013, Google never shut off the Talk app for anyone who still had it running. That is finally changing, shutting off functionality …

Asus's ZenFone Live will allow you to livestream a fully beautified version of yourself

This past Saturday, we caught wind of an upcoming smartphone from Asus by the name of the Zenfone 3 Go. The Go appeared to be a budget version of the Asus Zenfone 3, but the leak at the time left the device looking incredibly bland and unexciting. Reported specs for the Go included a Snapdragon 410 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 5-inch display with a measly resolution of 1280 x 720p HD. Albeit rather underwhelming, those are specifications that are still serviceable for a smartphone with an affordable price tag that isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. However, thanks to …

Microsoft Brings a Fully functional Windows PC to a Stick

In partnership with the Indian tech device maker iBall, Microsoft has released the Splendo- a fully-functional and PC stick running on Windows 8.1 that can convert your TV into a fully functional PC and thus makes it a Smart TV.


Microsoft-backed iBall’s Splendo is priced just at $140 (Rs. 8,999) and it includes a wireless deskset including a keyboard and a mouse. All you have to do is to plug this device in the HDMI port of your TV and get a full-fledged Windows PC experience.
At its launch, Microsoft said: “The iBall Splendo is for people who love devices and want to be connected all the time using multiple form factors. These users are tech enthusiasts who love gadgets, have access to multiple TVs at home, love the Smart TV experience and use Windows for browsing, social networking and multimedia consumption.”

The iBall Splendo runs on the Intel Atom Quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage space. Apart from these, the other features include multi-channel digital audio, a micro SDXC slot, USB port, micro-USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and HD graphics. This device runs on a fanless design and comes bundled with a one-year warranty.

“The new era of exciting, easy to use, miniaturized and affordable devices is becoming the trend. iBall Splendo PC-On-Stick is one such device which will be useful for every home and office conference room providing different dimensions to use the PC as well as get great multimedia and internet experience by attaching it to the TV. A true convergence of technology for every age group and for every need,” said Sandeep Parasrampuria, Director iBall.

The iBall Splendo will start shipping from July and the Indian users could avail it major outlets. The availability and release of the device in other parts of the world is unclear at the moment.