Footage of dog being rescued from frozen creek will thaw your ice cold heart


2017 is in dire need of heartwarming tales, so here’s one about a dog that fell into a frozen creek and was successfully rescued by a team of firefighters.

Last week, Denis Pilon, a fire chief at Swift Current Fire Department in Canada, shared a video on Facebook of several firefighters and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police rescuing someone’s pet dog. 

“STAY OFF THE ICE!!” Pilon wrote, explaining that the dog wandered onto the ice and fell through after its owners let him run off-leash. 

To bring the dog back to shore the team secured one of the firefighters with a rope and sent him out onto the frozen water. The ice was so thin that the firefighter also fell through, but thanks to the rope he was able to recover the dog and pull it to safety. Read more…

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Blizzard to launch new Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion on August 10

Officially unveiled in early July, the next Hearthstone expansion will drop on August 10, Blizzard announced today. Knight of the Frozen Throne is the sixth expansion for the card game and should go live in the Americas region on August 10, while Europe and Asia regions will get it on August 11.

The new expansion comes with 135 new cards and a new type of hero cards that replace the player’s hero and Hero Power. Moreover, Knights of the Frozen Throne brings a new Lifesteal mechanic, already known to many players since it’s a standard ability for some creature cards.

Players …

Blizzard announces new Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion

As expected, Blizzard has just revealed the name of the next Hearthstone expansion: Knights of the Frozen Throne. Since this isn’t an adventure, you won’t have to buy it. However, in order to get any of the 135 new cards, you’ll have to purchase card packs. The good news is these card packs can be bought with in-game money.

Knights of the Frozen Throne will make its debut on all compatible platforms in August, as no specific release date has been announced yet.

The upcoming expansion will feature a new keyword: Lifesteal. Knights of the Frozen Throne will …

LeEco chairman has $182 million in assets frozen after failing to pay off company's debts

Call it schadenfreude if you will, but LeEco’s massive death spiral is getting ever more interesting to observe. Previously, the company officially halted its ambitious plan to expand onto US territory, fired about 80 percent of its workforce in the country, and sold off the property on which it had previously planned to build a Silicon Valley HQ. But this wasn’t nearly enough to cover all the debt, though, as a Shanghai court has now frozen $182 million in assets tied to LeEco’s founder, Jia Yueting.

The freezing of the assets, which are property …

Apple iPhone 7 still works after spending 13 hours in a frozen lake

An Apple iPhone 7 recently went through a real life testing of its ability to withstand exposure to extreme temperature. The owner of the handset was doing some ice fishing in Lena River in Siberia. Temperatures in that part of the world are typically bone chilling and the fisherman had to endure a frigid reading of -36 degrees centigrade. No matter how you slice it, that is cold. Trying to limit exposure to the air, the man was sitting inside a plywood hut with the ice hole cut out inside.

The fisherman would be used to such temperatures. After all, he lives in Yakutsk which is known as …

If your iOS 10 powered iDevice is frozen, it probably is from this malicious text

There is a text message that can freeze an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 10 through iOS 10.2.1. Unlike the last malicious iOS text message we told you about, this one has an easy fix that will unfreeze your iPhone as though nothing ever happened to it. The text is made up of four characters. They are a white flag emoji, a character known as VS16 (which is not visible), a zero and a rainbow emoji. This text will freeze any iOS 10 powered device for two to three minutes before the phone crashes and comes back to life.

The reason that this works is believed to be due to the …