French consumer fraud watchdog opens investigation into Apple "planned obsolescence"

France’s DGCCRF, the consumer fraud watchdog arm of the French Economy Ministry, has opened a preliminary investigation of Apple and the company’s alleged deception and planned obsolescence practices.

This, of course, refers to recent findings that Apple artificially slows down iPhones with older batteries. Apple had not admitted to the practice until a user investigation uncovered it and benchmarks confirmed. Apple has only then issued a public apology and reacted by slashing $50 off the cost of its battery replacement program, bringing the price down to $29.
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Google Allo's Assistant updated with support for French and Spanish languages

The Google Allo app has just been updated with two new languages that are now supported by the integrated Assistant: French and Spanish. Also, Google announced the Assistant would allow Allo users to search, play games or have a conversation.

The French language support is available in Canada only. In order to start using the new feature, you must say “Talk to me in Canadian French” whenever you chat with the Assistant in Google Allo. Furthermore, the latest update allows Google Allo users to adjust the language setting for the Assistant.

Besides French speakers in Canada, Spanish …

Google keyboard for Android gets live translation update so you no longer have to excuse your French

One could do a lot worse than choosing to stick with Google’s stock Android keyboard, so we understand if you are a happy user. We also have great news for you – Big G has updated the keyboard with Google Translate integration and predicative emoji support. As you start typing, the Google Translate technology will instantly output your phrase in a language of your choice. This greatly simplifies your attempts at multi-lingual communication.
What’s more, emoji and moving GIFs can be chosen straight from the predictive text section instead of having to go inside the …