WaterMinder just might save your life; it's the free iOS app of the week

If you don’t drink enough water during the day, you’re leaving yourself open to some health issues. Dehydration can be a serious problem. To prevent it from occurring, you need to monitor your water intake during the course of a typical day. To do that, you can download the free iOS app of the week, WaterMinder. The app will determine how much water you need to be drinking daily based on your body weight. Using graphs and animation, you’ll know exactly how much water you need to drink the rest of the day to make sure that you are properly hydrated.

You might think that keeping track …

T-Mobile adds a year of free Hulu for those who switched from AT&T

Last month, in an effort to attract those AT&T customers dissatisfied with the carrier, T-Mobile offered them a free year of streaming video content app DirecTV Now if they would switch to T-Mobile from AT&T. Of course, there was some irony attached to this offer since it was AT&T, not T-Mobile, that purchased DirecTV earlier in 2016. The nation’s second largest carrier tried to use its expensive acquisition of the satellite television content provider to bundle deals that included DirecTV content with AT&T’s wireless service. And while DirecTV Now is zero-rated, it still carries …

Deal: Get a free Samsung TV when you purchase a Galaxy S7 from Best Buy

In case you’re not waiting for the Galaxy S8 and you want to purchase a high-end Samsung smartphone right now, Best Buy has a deal for you. If you’re buying a new Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge handset, you’re entitled to receive a free 32-inch Samsung 720p LED Smart HDTV.

The offer only includes carrier versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. More exactly, the phone that you’re buying needs to be activated on Verizon Device Payment, AT&T Next, or Sprint 24-Month Installment. T-Mobile customers are excluded from this deal, since Best Buy does not sell T-Mobile …

U.K. buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge get rewarded with a free Gear Fit 2

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to launch in April, Samsung is trying to help retailers reduce inventories of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. So in the U.K., consumers who purchase the Galaxy S7 edge will also receive the Samsung Gear Fit 2 for free. This deal runs to February 28th and works like this. Purchase the handset from any participating U.K. retailer in a physical store or online, and then go to Samsung’s website to arrange the receipt of your fitness tracker.

Actually, there are four steps to the entire transaction. It goes like this:

Purchase an S7 …

JetBlue completes its roll out of Fly-Fi, with free high speed WiFi on all planes

jetblue JetBlue today announced that it has officially completed its fleet-wide rollout of Fly-Fi, bringing free wireless internet to all of its planes. The carrier first introduced to the service in late 2013, bringing speeds of around 12 to 15Mbps – far surprising the wireless offerings available on other domestic flights at the time. Along with installation on all of its planes, JetBlue has… Read More

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Chariot offering free holiday transit services around Tahoe ski resort

chariot-tahoe Chariot’s roots may be in easing the grinding urban commute in the San Francisco Bay area, but the crowdsourced commute company is getting a little more recreational with a pilot holiday season project with Tahoe’s Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows ski resort. Chariot, which is owned by Ford Smart Mobility as of earlier this year, is deploying a free transit service that will operate… Read More

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Free 6 apps you should install for personal management on your cheap tablet pc

1) Evernote Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: It is a typical cloud technology software and we can access it anywhere since all the data will be synchronized to their server. We can access it in our tablet pc, smartphone, laptop and PC with the same account. It helps you to jot down every piece of information whatever that is text, pictures and voices. Furthermore, it allows you to organize and give you an easy retrieval of information. To sum up, it is a knowledge management app.

2) App: Remember the milk Platform: iOS(iphone) / android. The ipad version is currently still under testing and should be available soon. Functions: “Remember the milk” is a To-Do-List software. All the stuff were synchronized to the server. It is also known as Cloud technology. That means you can access it anywhere with almost any devices as well. You can also set the priority for the tasks and the User interface is simple and friendly.

3) App: Toggl Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: it allows you to time tracking your tasks and manage the time resources spent on each task. You just have to press a button when recording the tasks’ time when you are doing the task. You can pause it when you switch to other tasks. Then you resume the time count of that task when you change to work on that task latter on. After a day or a week, you can review your time resources by the project category. This helps you to improve your efficiency.

4) Dropbox Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: It is would be the most user-friendly online file storage and management app. Again, thanks for the cloud technology, the data you put on the Dropbox were located on server securely. You can access the same files and same data anywhere with one account. We don’t have to waste time in synchronizing files. We can drag and drop the files easily with this Dropbox and it is so easy.

5) App: ThinVNC Platform: after it was installed in your computer at home or office, it can be accessed by almost any platform including iOS(iphone/ipad) and android. Functions: it is a pure-web remote desktop solution. After it was installed in the host pc, we can access it via HTML5 compliant browser. It is good software allowing you to remote access your pc at home or office. 6) App: Google Platform: android / iOS (iphone and ipad) Functions: it allows you to check email, read your favorite news with your Google reader, edit document with Google doc and share with team members, do scheduling in Google calendar, watch YouTube. There are still many free services offered by Google to replace our previous paid services.

Free 6 apps you should install for personal management on your cheap tablet pc

About Free Wifi Hack Application – Iwifihack

WiFi is a development of the new technology that is currently very popular. It is a technology that allows an electronic device to transfer data electronically.
This also includes high speed internet connection. A device that can use Wi-Fi can connect to network resources such as internet via a wireless network point.

Many institutions have installed internet connection within their premises. In order to enable sharing of the internet resource many of these institutions use Wi-Fi.

Imagine you are in or around such a place and you need to access the internet with your iPhone or ipad. You would surely find it difficult to access this resource if it has been encoded with a password. However with a cracking app you would easily crack the internet for everyone’s convenience.

You could easily get these kind of programs at no cost. This app is efficient in its task and simple to use.
I will give a little insight on how this and any many other programs work.
First of all with the three levels of protection, that is, WEP, WPA and WPA2 WEP keys is the easiest to get past.
And i really doubt whether many people take any measures to install the other sophisticated levels of protection. So what the hacker application does is that it spy’s the network to survey the traffic and try to find a password.
With a series of steps after, you may then be in a position to access the system you want to get through.

Some times these app’s could be used for some good. In some instances you could be a member of a certain institution and you need to access the network system.
Your intention is to get some files that you need to work on that you probably forgot to pick latter when you could freely access the system. Having Iwifihack could just save you a lot of headache. You just use it to get past the security, download the files you need and leave the system as it was.

Such an app could also of great help when you need to use the internet of certain place. Hacking the WiFi that covers the place could be just convenient to you.
And since you are not out to cause any harm then this application could be a positive avenue for getting your problem solved.

In some instances you may wish to put your program to a test, this is to ensure that it is secure. For this purpose you may therefore need Iwifihack that comes freely at your disposal.

This Wifi hack will enable you to enhance your security system. Therefore you will be able to have hack-proof system after putting it through a series of testing and sealing where there are loop holes.

Truth be told a Wi-Fi network is as safe as the person who installed it is knowledgeable. It is therefore not surprising that someone like you with minimal networking experience can get this done with such a free hacker application.

About Free Wifi Hack Application – Iwifihack

Free return shipping for your iphone 4g

Money and time are essential factors that every one is concerned about. So many people are very busy and can seldom get time to go to insurance companies much more to get iPhone 4g Insurance when they are burdened with so many other issues that they feel are of much more importance. If you fail to insure your iphone 4g, you are just risking getting many more problems in the future. iPhone 4g Insurance time provisions is so important if you do not want to suffer any down time periods whenever your iphone 4g gets damaged. If you get a reliable iPhone 4g Insurance company like GoCare, you would also be able to get the added advantage of having any lost data retrieved.

GoCare iPhone 4g Insurance company provides an easy way to have your iphone 4 completely protected. You might be so busy that you are not able to bring your iphone 4 for repairs or to do follow ups for cover. Our courier can ship it to our technicians without causing any inconveniences to you. After servicing, the GoCare iPhone 4g Insurance couriers would again have it delivered to you. It is just the right time to have iPhone 4g Insurance cover from GoCare because it is so easy and convenient every step of the way.

Loaner iphones from GoCare iPhone 4g Insurance company, can also be shipped to you absolutely free of charged. For a fee which is as little as $ 20, you can get a loaner phone shipped to you and back to GoCare iPhone 4g Insurance company once you have finished using it. No matter your reasons for getting a loaner phone, everything has been made so easy and convenient by the GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance company. iPhone 4g Insurance claims are also provided and serviced very fast. There are never any inconveniences to be suffered if you choose to work with GoCare iPhone 4g Insurance company.

If time has been your issue, GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance is the best solution you have been looking for. It is a company which is capable to work for you the way you ask them to for as long as they are still able to deliver their services as required. With GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance, all your issues can be solved the moment you make the decision of filling iPhone 4g Insurance online forms. For those who are too busy, GoCare iPhone 4g Insurance company can make a reliable partner for all iPhone 4g Insurance needs. It is the best iPhone 4g Insurance company in the industry. You can trust our iPhone 4g Insurance cover and allow us the chance to serve you.

GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance company has a reliable courier that ships iphones into the company and back to their owners. GoTronics iPhone 4g Insurance technicians only commence any repair work on your iphone 4g if you have consented to the evaluation provided to you.

Download Blackberry Master Control Program Portable Free

Get Blackberry Master Control Program Portable for Free. MCp is an innovative tool designer to blackberry users, all leave users can access to this program.


You can use this program to take screenshots, set the device time, turn the radio/on off, recover memory, gather information, view/clear event logs, display modules, gather module information, create ALX/JAD files, backup and restore third party applications, factory reset, load, save and erase modules.

Download Blackberry Master Control Program Portable Free