Free Samsung GEAR VR after Purchase Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone

Free Samsung Gear VR With the Purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone


Immerse yourself in virtual reality fun with a Galaxy smartphone and the Samsung Gear VR headset. Whether you want to experience movies on the big screen or enter your favorite gaming world, simply snap in a Galaxy smartphone to make it possible.

Get a Samsung Gear VR headset free with purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge smartphone (unlocked or with a plan).

Shop Galaxy unlocked smartphones
Shop Galaxy smartphones with plans

How to get your free Samsung Gear VR:
1. Purchase or lease an eligible Galaxy device at Best Buy from 9/8/16–10/9/16
2. Go to the Samsung promotions page and use the drop-down menus to fill out your information and generate an offer claim form
3. Submit the offer claim form with an image of your receipt by 10/17/16
4. Claim form will be reviewed within 4-6 weeks after submission
5. Once your claim is approved, you will receive your Samsung Gear VR within 12 weeks

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Get a Free Apple iPhone 3gs

Apple has done it again with their latest iPhone 3G ‘S’. The new iPhone yet again reinforces the belief of the company to constantly strive for excellence. The new iPhone 3G ‘S’ has many new and improved features that have never been seen in previous versions of Apple iPhones. The new features are so revolutionary that you will fall in love with the iPhone 3G ‘S’:

Speed: Wow, this iPhone is fast. It is loaded with an operating system that has 256 MB of RAM and a processor that clocks at 600 MHz per speed. The iPhone 3G ‘S’ is far faster than other previous versions of Apple iPhones. When clocked during normal operations statistics indicate that viewing attachment in this new iPhone is about 3.6 times faster and browsing and webpage loading is about 2.9 times faster. Not only the opening of faster but also the transition between Apps has speeded up with the new iPhone.

Great gaming experience: For those who are fond of playing games, the new apple iPhone has great gaming experience in store for them. Enabled by Open GL ES 2.0, which is the latest API supporting 3-D for mobile phones and specific graphics processor, this new iPhone has both the software and hardware required to lay great online gaming grounds.

Appearance: Though there is not much difference in appearance the screen of new iPhone 3G S has an oleo phobic coating. This prevents any fingerprint impression or smudges on the screen. Now no more shirt sleeve cleaning of your mobile phone screen!

New Navigation features: While previous iPhones have GPS (global positioning system) The new iPhone 3G S has an additional inbuilt compass app that point in the direction that you are facing. This is a very useful application to give you direction while trekking or sailing. This new phone has one more very interesting feature. Though with earlier iPhones you could locate your position on the map, with the compass apps combined with the Maps app, when you tap the location button once again the map will reorient itself in your direction.

Voice control: Even though voice control is not a new feature, Apple iPhone 3G ‘S’ offers revolutionary voice control apps. Even dialing a number has become new school. You do not need to trouble you fingers anymore. Just speak the name of the contact from the contact list and the iPhone will take care of the dialing part. For example if you want to call up Ben from your contact list, just speak Ben and the number is dialed. Also if you have to call up a number, then speak the number and iPhone voice control will dial it for you. You can use voice control to also play your favorite song. With 21 languages to choose from, the voice control is very versatile.

Improved Security: The new iPhone 3G ‘S’ comes with hardware based encryption of data. The additional feature of ‘wipe it clean’ option of find MyiPhone and encrypted iPhone backups make sure that not even the most seasoned thieves are not able to access your data until you leave it unlocked.

Better camera with video shooting: The new phone has 3 mega pixel of resolution capacity over 2 mega pixel of its predecessor and comes with improved brightness, low light adjustment and auto focus functionalities. The new ‘tap to focus’ functionality also allows you to define your focus while shooing. The new iPhone camera is equipped with an auto macro mode adjust the zoom in well even for very close objects while shooting.

Another big add-on in the iPhone 3G ‘S’ is that you can capture videos using the camera in both widescreen and portrait orientation. This 30fps VGA gives you all the features of that of camera and even allows you to modify the start point of the video.

Earn a free iphone today by taking advantage of our offers.

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Engraving tattoo on custom phone skins for free

Mobile phone tattoo laser engraving machine from DAQIN can engrave tattoo on custom phone skins to create unique pattern and texture. It can engrave on not only custom skins for phones, but also for electroplated mobile case, TPU mobile case and screen protector…etc. Also, it can directly engrave on the back of mobile phone.

Signature, personal saying and vector picture can be engraved on the mobile phone. The machine and some samples are showed as below:

Above custom phone skins are made by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, which made up of the designing software, sticker printer, lamination machine and cutting plotter. You can easily start your own small business by this kit. A large number of sticker papers with unique textures are available from DAQIN, such as zebra-striped, crocodile leather, desert stone, wood grain, rose gold, gold electroplated, super shining, diamond shining, 3D water drops, translucence color shining, leather…etc. Each kind of special texture film has multiple colors to choose from, such as black, red, pink, blue, purple, green, white, gray, silver, gold…etc.

DAQIN has been sold over 2,000 kit of 3D DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine all over the world, such as in India, Saudi, Dubai, Oman, Egypt, England, Turkey, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, America, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala…etc. Thousands of merchants start their own mobile skin business and successfully eared money.

Not only mobile skin, DAQIN also provide software and machine for manufacturing custom tablet and laptop skin for any brand and model. The golden skin becomes popular after the release of the Gold iPad Air. DAQIN machine can cut the golden film into custom skins for any tablet and laptop. The ultra-thin layer of golden film stick tightly on the device as if it’s part of the original device. The skin keeps the device slim, which remains the natural beauty of the design.

Anti-shock tempered glass screen protector cutting machine is available in DAQIN. It can cut 9H Anti-shock tempered glass screen protector for all models of mobile phone in the world. Newly released model will be added into the software monthly, such as Samsung Galaxy A5, Huawei Mate 8, Xiaomi 4i…etc.

If you’d like to start your own small business at home, DAQIN will be your ideal choice. In DAQIN, you can get the most powerful off-line mobile skin designing software called 3D DAQIN mobile beauty master and get monthly update for free. Online after sales service will be available through Skype and TeamViewer.

Custom Cellphone stickers, custom skins and custom phone skins are the popular Mobile Phone Skin Design System and these deals are available on DAQIN MOBILE PRINK.

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Iphone 4G For Free Deals Are They Genuine?

You have looked at these free of charge iPhone 4G deals all over on the web. And in the event you have, one question might have lingered in your mind: are these free iPhone 4G deals real?

These offers are negotiated by reputable online advertising companies. We’re referring to established web businesses like Clickbooth, Mojiva, and Neverblue, all of these are internet advertising professionals that have been in existence for a long time.

Obtaining a unit is often part of the task required by the package. Some of these offers are in the test or own format, as the firms driving these need evaluators to look for defects with Apple’s newest mobile phone 4g. Therefore, obtaining an iPhone is a portion of the offer. Really, how can you test something you don’t have, right?

You can easily get an Iphone 4g. Software system tests may appear tricky although it actually is not. That’s since there are two types of screening. First, the software designers test the phones application to determine if it meets all the technical parameters after which the company sends it out to regular people to obtain an idea how it’s viewed by the consumer before it reaches stores and whether or not it is simple to use and enough for most people.

You’ve got nothing to lose. These iPhone 4G giveaway units are totally free, signing up for these giveaways would be free of charge as well. There’s no monetary concern involved. No challenging work is required. The only investment asked is a bit of your time and energy.

Being part of a testing team is fun, easy and very rewarding. You don’t need previous expertise and everything is done from your home so the testing won’t interfere with your day job or schedule. What you must do is to accept iPhone 4 you will receive with the software installed on it and use it for a full week just like a typical consumer normally would. After that you will have to provide the software company with your candid comments about their software program.

Everyone has got two or three email addresses now a days, and some folks have email address for giveaways, sign ups, coupons, etc. Just use that email address. From there you will complete a few surveys and perhaps a free of charge trial. Just make sure to cancel the free trial in case you don’t really want the product. You may be wondering: “Why would businesses give a way these totally free products?”

That’s the easy question to respond to. The knowledge these firms gather from you in the test phase offers them invaluable information for future marketing of future products. These companies will discover what forms of advertising campaigns will work to reach you, as part of a marketing audience. Where could you get a iPhone 4g free?

Testing programs, should you want a free of charge iphone. It is easy to find a Iphone test offer promotion or giveaway.

Here is the best to look at to get your free of charge iphone then visit this video site on how to get a iphone 4g for free for your own needs.

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Free Mobile Recharge App

With the growing population and increasing smartphone penetration, our country is getting Digital India. Gone are the days when smartphone and internet were just for the Richie riches of the society. Today, due to cost effective and tech innovative mobile technologies an average middle class people are also racing efficiently to get their access in the crazy world of mobile internet. Experts say India will soon overtake the US as the second largest market for smartphones in the world by 2016 as smart mobile devices become affordable.
E commerce market in India is in revolutionary stage, m-payment, m-recharge and m-banking segments have shown significant growth over the last few years. Researchers say if smartphone sales continue their journey of around 51% every quarter, the mobile commerce (m-comm) market may grow by around 55% from its present size of $ 2billion to $ 19 billion by 2019. With such a massive market potential and mega growth opportunities comes the expansion of various mobile application features in smartphone and one of the hot pan cakes of the modern day times is the mobile recharge app. Nowadays mobile recharge app has become very exceptional choice for most of the people as they have the benefit to recharge instantly at anytime and from anywhere. Besides, markets are flooded with lucrative offers, free vouchers, discount codes etc. to cater your recharge needs. In simple words, the recharge market is gradually growing as people don’t have to go to any shop for bill recharge.
A Free mobile recharge app is a software program which helps you to recharge your mobile instantly by just selecting your suitable service provider and hitting on the amount icon. Once you proceed ahead you need to put any of the promotional codes that you have along with you to get the discount and move ahead to the payment gateway. Payments could be done via credit, debit, ATM or IMPS modes. Hit the “PAY NOW” icon and with couple of minutes your phone will be recharge with sufficient amount. The medium through which you can get free recharge would be joining bonus, filling up surveys, forwarding promotional messages, playing games and much more. The application provides free mobile recharge, free talktime, free mobile apps, free discounts, free offers and other rewards.
The task is simple. To download and use a Free mobile recharge app you need to have a smart phone or any other kind of device with an internet access, however, smart phone will be much preferred. Before downloading a mobile application you need to check if your phone OS (Operating System) supports the application. It is not necessary that every apps work on all mobile devices. The Android, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry mobile operating systems have app stores online where you can look for, download, and install mobile recharge apps. Therefore, choose an app store that works with your device’s operating system. To set up an account, you may have to provide a credit/debit card number, especially if you’re going to download an app that isn’t free.
Ofcourse, you can access the internet using a data plan provided by your phone service, or through a Wi-Fi hotspot. Phone companies generally charge a monthly fee for data plan that can connect you to the internet. For prepaid you need to refill a monthly pack and for postpaid the data charges are pre-decided and get reflected in your mobile bills. Get in touch with your service provider and they’ll help configure the exact internet settings for your phone.
Smartphones are shifting the paradigm for consumer by focusing more upon interned based media marketing system. Cheaper handsets on the other hand are creating opportunities in emerging markets for lower section of the society to enjoy the luxury of recharging phones instantly through mobile recharge app anytime and anywhere.
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Aditya Raw is a professional investment analyst who specializes in Mobile Accessories news and an ongoing contributing investment researcher of Indian investment market. Free Mobile Recharge App

Three ways to create iPhone Ringtone for free

Are you tired of using iPhone’s standard ringtones? Want to use your favorite songs as ringtones? Then you come to the right place, here is an article teaching you how to create or customize your own ringtones, make your iPhone more special and unique!
1. Ringtone Maker Apps (iPhone)
Install a free application from AppStore
Choose a 40s part of a song chosen from your music library, edit the song and choose the part you’ like to make it for phone calls. Do not forget to tab Play to pre-listen to your future ringtone.
Create a ringtone if you confirm everything is ok.
Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes to install the ringtone. Save the file from the program onto PC or Mac and add again to your iTunes media library. Then transfer the file back to iPhone and set as a ringtone in Settings.
This kind of applications are free ones and with a simple interface.
2. Create a ringtone file in iTunes
Add the song you like to make it as ringtone to iTunes. Then find the song in iTunes (on PC or Mac) and right click on it and choose “Get info” from the drop down menu. Go to “Options” and set start and stop time of the future ringtone – exactly the part that will be playing when you have phone calls, and it is no longer than 40 seconds. So remember choose your most favorite part from the song.
Click OK after you finished. Right click on the song again and choose “Create ACC version”.
Then 40-second-song will appear in iTunes. Now you need to rename the extension from m4a to m4r. Right click on the short song and choose “Show Windows Explorer” or “Show in Finder” if you are using a Mac.
Rename the file in the folder. In case you don’t see the file extension, go to “Tools”–“Folder options”–“View Tab” and uncheck “Hide extension for known file types”. Now you can easily rename the song. Delete the short version from iTunes (but keep the file on PC/MAC) and add the renamed one to iTunes Tone library.
Transfer the file to your iPhone and set as a ringtone.
Advise: if you want to create a ringtone from a movie or video audio track. You can use Any Blu-ray Ripper Platinum to extract the audio track from the movie or video and then add to iTune for creating a ringtone.
Suppose you like to extract an audio from a YouTube video, you can use Any Video Converter Freeware to download YouTube videos firstly, then extract the audio to MP3 file, and then add to iTunes for making a ringtone from your favorite song.

3. Make ringtones with Syncios
Syncios is a DVD to iDevices synchronization tool and it also provides ringtone making feature.
Download the latest version of Syncios
Run Syncios, then click Ringtone Maker on the left to get Ringtone Maker.
Find the file you want to turn into a ringtone.
Click Open file, and then get access to the audio file or even video file that you want to convert to a ringtone.
Set Start and End to the iPhone ringtone.
Choose certain part of the source file and make it as your iPhone ringtone. You can play the song or video, and then click Set start button and Set end button to adjust the start and end when playing. You can also adjust the start time and end time of your ringtone in the text boxes next to Start and End manually. It should be no longer than 40 seconds for a ringtone.
Start to make iPhone Ringtone.
If everything is ok, simply click Save button and choose the output path, then Syncios iPhone Ringtone Maker will start to make your personal iPhone ringtone quickly.
Transfer the iPhone Ringtone to your iPhone with Syncios.
After converting, go to the output path you set, and you would find .m4r file in certain folder.
You can easily transfer the .m4r format ringtone to your iphone through Syncios, because it is not only a free iPhone Ringtone Maker, but also a strong iPhone Transfer Tool. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB and launch Syncios, go to the left panel of Syncios, unfold Media tab, click Import, then go to the output path and choose the ringtone file to sync your iPhone.
When it’s done, you can head into the settings and select your new ringtone.

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Download Free BlackBerry Apps

Blackberry devices get noticed as a first choice of people, who would like their smartphone to function as a unit, which may enable them to not merely in telecommunication, but probably in exploring, sending emails, multimedia system etc. The holder’s seduction for Blackberry is making strength lately.

Blackberry, presented by Research in motion, never shies from the competitors. Storm, the high-end touch screen mobile phone from Blackberry attests this. Ever boosting technological innovation invites programmers globally. Thousands of programs, video game titles, themes along with web browsers get produced everyday.

In cell phone product sales, Blackberry has got the share of the market of approximately 15 percent. In North American region alone it offers the market share of 55 %. Blackberry is used by much more than 28 million users, approximately 91 nations around the world. The amounts are getting higher daily in a large percentage.

Blackberry continuously maintain a previleged position, along with an uncertain aggressive current market. Despite the fact that several handset systems are available now, Blackberry is able to improve steadily. Thanks to robust Blackberry Operating system. After Nokia’s Symbion, Google’s Android as well as Apple’s iOS, Blackberry OS is definitely the fourth well-known platform in the smartphone setting. It facilitates Blackberry devices to function as a hassle-free Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

BlackBerry apps like Address Book, Calendar, Notes, To-do-list etc., support Blackberry to get world of business in the direction of it. The internet sites is generally viewed shortly then one can examine emails in seconds with Blackberry. The QWERTY keyboard, large and clear display are definitely the increased to Blackberry handsets.

An average iPhone end user has 40 applications established in his cellphone as well as an average Android end user has 25 apps installed. Yet in terms of Blackberry users, they just have 17 apps mounted in their smartphone. That does not imply Blackberry consumers are tired in the programs. However it implies there is an enormous demand for high-quality applications for Blackberry.

BlackBerry applications World makes it easy for consumers to search and also locate BlackBerry accessories and in addition it presents the current market for developers. There Blackberry Apps Development, Blackberry Mobile Apps, Demand Blackberry Apps is sufficient place for innovative ideas in Blackberry application development. Without a doubt, the need for Blackberry applications is still improving.

To set up an application for Blackberry, obtaining a beneficial manufacturer is important. This company have to have proficient as well as a dedicated squad of developers for Blackberry. It ought to present excellent program at affordable price tag. It ought to be able to support you in advertising your software. An knowledgeable and expertized corporation could satisfy all of these needs. It’s possible to measure the business by getting comments from the shoppers.

Without doubt, it is possible to flourish in Blackberry apps development market, in case you have a cutting-edge notion and an qualified associate to give you support.

Jasper Gratwick has been writing computer and technology articles online for nearly 3 years now. Find more about the newest, useful and interesting smartphone operating system news such as the BlackBerry apps.

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The Best Free FLV Converter for Mac OS X

All of us are not new to the scene of watching online flash videos, which are fomatted in FLV. FLV format has been accepted as the default online video format by many sites. Notable users of it include YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, and many other news providers. After downloading some funny videos/movie clips/music videos from these video-sharing websites, you may want to play FLV videos on iPhone iPad for enjoying on the move, edit them in iMovie/Final Cut Pro to create your own videos or anything else.
However, FLV videos can not be compatible with the portable devices and the Mac editor tools. How do you do these tasks? At this time, a free FLV video converter would serve you in the troube. As you can hardly pick the best free Mac FLV video converters from various ones, here gives you a either-or choice: MacX Free FLV Video Converter or FLV Crunch for Mac?

Best Free FLV Video Converter for Your Choice
[Option 1]: MacX Free FLV Video Converter
MacX Free FLV Video Converter is a totally free FLV video converter for Mac users to convert MOV, MPEG, WMV, MP4, M2TS, AVCHD, MOD, MKV, AVI to FLV format for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Not just being a free FLV converter for Mac, it’s also a professional FLV to MP4 converter, allowing you to free convert FLV to iPhone SE/6S/6S +, iPad Pro, Galaxy S7 etc. as well as mainstream formats like converting FLV to MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV etc. It offers superb fast conversion speed and outstanding audio/video quality.
Salient Features:
1. Convert High-Definination Video to FLV, including MOV, MP4, MKV etc.
2. Convert FLV Video to AAC, MP3 on Mac
3. Convert FLV Video Free With Fast Speed and High Quality
4. Versatile Video Editing Function
5. Support converting FLV videos on the Latest Mac OS X (El Capitan/Yosemite incl.)

[Option 2]: FLV Crunch for Mac
FLV Crunch for Mac is based on the ffmpegX engine and converts your video files with ease from multiple formats to FLV which you can play on your iPhone or iPod. FLV Crunch supports conversion to and from most major formats including MPG, AVI, MP4, WMV and 3GP etc. Although the interface is very basic and retro looking, it is quite powerful and feature packed. All in all, FLV Crunch for Mac is a straightforward, free and powerful FLV video converter Mac to convert media files between multiple formats.
Main Features:
1. Convert FLV videos to various other video formats.
2. Change the video size during conversion
3. Convert video files in batches
4. Quick conversions available using presets
5. Mac OS 10.1 or higher, Mac OS 10.7 or higher is not supported – but will probably still work

How to Free Convert FLV to MP4 with The Best Free FLV Converter?
As most of Mac users update to the latest Mac OS X, including El Capitan and Yosemite, we’d like to choose MacX Free FLV Video Converter as the best free FLV video converter Mac to accomplish the daily mission of converting FLV videos.
Step 1: Free download this free FLV to MP4 video converter, run it, and then import source video by clicking “Add File” button. It accepts all popular used video formats like FLV, MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc.
Step 2: Select the output format. There are much more output video format to be chosen, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. and you are also encouraged to convert FLV to iPhone, iPad, iPod, YouTube etc.
Step 3: Click “Browse” button in output setting area and select a destination folder to save your converted video.
Step 4: Click “RUN” button to start the FLV to MP4 conversion. You can view the conversion progress and are able to cancel the converting process at anytime.

Upgrade the Best Free FLV Video Converter: MacX Video Converter Pro
MacX Free FLV Video Converter may be functional enough for those who only need to convert FLV to common formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MTS/M2TS etc. Actually, it has much room for improvement. And MacX Video Converter Pro, the advanced edition of this free FLV converter for Mac, precisely makes up for deficiencies.

Other than converting videos to FLV or convert FLV to AVI/MP4/MOV/WMV, this advanced Mac video converter is competent to many tasks:
1. Convert HD video to any formats, such as AVCHD, MTS/M2TS, MKV HD videos to MP4, H.264, MPEG4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc;
2. Free downloading videos (4K/8K, 1080p/720p HD, 3D) from YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, etc.
3. It updates constantly so that you are able to convert FLV to iPhone SE/6S/6S+, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy S7 etc.
4. It ensures 5X faster video conversion speed than tranditional converters.

This guide helps you free convert FLV videos with the best free FLV video converter for Mac. Just have a try if you have piles of FLV videos awaited to converted.

Powerfull Android Secuirity Apps

When we talk and discuss about the new and latest technology coming very prominent theme in our mind is Android and smartphones and due to its large trade and use , so many Android users are facing this kind of security problems types . To do this, I decided to share some applications and security tools for Android and smartphones , which are totally free.


The main reasons for having one of these security applications on their Android phones because of different security problems like malware, remote locking , encryption safe navigation , etc. According to the latest report from AV -Test its come to my knowledge that each new day the different removal tools malware detection applications thousands of new viruses , Trojans and worms, so its very necessary to ensure your Android Smartphone to be a Jailbreak or rooting and I protect it by installing a better tested and Android

Why is Android important safety?

There are many risks to be unprotected and unsecured, as I mentioned in my previous paragraph that each new day as many applications damage, viruses, trojans means malware has been detected by the provision of security android companies, ie, remote locking, Geolocation, Call Blocker, spam messages, password protection, downloading apps, etc. piates

Best Free Android Apps Security & Tested for malware

Many applications have been designed with additional features for android phone proper insurance with great performance and tested without any means of side effects that will not impact mobile battery or any type of slowness just use your phone in normal speed. So check below for a full list of proven safe applications for Android phones.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security will keep the phone away from viruses, so we will provide information in case you lose your phone. When choosing a location option function cell phone , you will receive information from your android . At the same time giving you immense new features such as application locking detector ad, password checking , and many more.

Avira Free Android Security

This is not a new name, after providing great protection and security to PC computers such , they also have an accumulation of a security application for Android users to secure and protect against virus , theft , remote locking , so you can find the best reviews of his nickname from the download link on Google Play.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

Enjoy your time safely on social networking web site , Internet surfing / surf or download anything without any worry or doubt means this application gives you a complete Internet security for your Android smartphone.

Best Vpn For Run Blocked Android Apps In Your Country ( Free Proxy )

Any audio video call apps blocked your country or internet provider you can use this vpn for audio video calling.


Many Virtual Private Networks (VPN) apps in android store you can Browsing,Downloading,Uploading,Texting.But when you audio video call every vpn not support your apps like imo,Facebook Messenger,Skype etc.

I have used this vpn apps for calling good working.

Super vpn…………………………..Download On Google Play

Hotspot shield……………………Download On Google Play

Openvpn connect……………….Download On Google Play