Forget the S9 launch, Apple wants you to switch from Android

In a slew of suspiciously well-timed ads, Apple takes to the airwaves with a couple of videos that explain how easy it is to switch from Android to iOS, and why you would be better off for it. The first of the videos explains how the transfer is done, then the next puts the emphasis on the iOS updates speed and security.

The other two extol the virtues of Apple’s support ecosystem, and its commitment to be environmentally-friendly. In any case, all four vids take you to Apple’s Switch section of its website, which explains to you step-by-step how not …

Forget OnePlus 5T vs Galaxy S8 vs iPhone charging tests, how about a steak?

The OnePlus 5T Dash Charge feature is one of the best fast-charging options out there, pumping the Snapdragon 835-equipped phone full of electrons at lightning fast speeds. It couldn’t be otherwise, as the OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo brands are members of the same parent company, BBK, and we all know how fast Oppo’s VOOC charging system is, thanks to its 20W output, same as the Dash Charge, in fact. 

That is why OnePlus is so adamant on advertising how quickly you can top up the 5T in any creative way imaginable. First, it was direct comparison with …

Forget guitar lessons — this device will teach you how to play like a pro


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If you’ve always wanted to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix but the idea of music lessons gives you high school band flashbacks, don’t worry. There’s an app(-enabled device) for that.

The Jamstik+ is like a portable guitar lesson that you can learn on your own. The device looks like a short, stubby guitar neck with real strings and frets. It also comes with an adjustable strap just like a regular electric guitar. This one, though, pairs to an app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth instead of a traditional amp.  Read more…

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Forget the iPhone 8, the first phone with an in-screen fingerprint scanner could come from Vivo instead

By now you’ve surely heard the widespread rumors about the iPhone 8’s fingerprint scanner situation: there’s a distinct possibility Apple’s latest flagship will be equipped with an in-screen sensor (or will it?), instead of the regular, standalone solution employed by everyone on the market. However, as is becoming increasingly common, a relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer, namely Vivo, may beat Apple to the punch.

Vivo, for those not in the know, is something of a sister company to the slightly more well-known Oppo, most commonly known as being …

Don't forget about these beautiful political bromances, too


Some would argue that the word “bromance” does not belong in the world of politics, but they’d be wrong. It’s hard not to get swept up in the budding friendships of international leaders with all the photo ops and viral videos. 

You may be familiar with Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s solid relationship, but that’s not the only political bromance you need to know. Here are some friendships that have lasted through the rumble-tumble of public affairs. 

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

I mean, this one is a given. 



Image: Getty Images Read more…

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Forget smart wristwatches, these Samsung Gear S3 pocket timepieces are absolutely amazing

BaselWorld is a Mecca for any timepiece admirer. The trade show is held annually in the Swiss city of Basel, and each spring, top watchmakers from around the globe gather to show off their latest collections. It’s a bit like the MWC of the watch world, save for the fact that BaselWorld began about 100 years ago, and that jewels are also included in the mix.

Why am I mentioning all of this? Because a certain South Korean tech giant is also present this year, and some of the items it showcases are as unexpected as they are excellent. Luxury watch designer Yvan Arpa …

Forget about keys and open the front door with your smartphone like a boss with these 5 smart locks

Unlocking your car doors with your smartphone sounds rad, right? The next logical step on your way to 2017 technological supercoolery is entering or locking up your house or office using just an app on your phone or tablet, secured with all sorts of mechanisms – from lock screen codes or patterns to biometric security like fingerprints and iris scanning. To do that, you’ll have to install a smart lock. They come in many shapes and sizes and offer all kinds of unique functionality. But most importantly, they are sturdy, secure, and convenient. We have rounded up five of the better …

Forget Facebook and Google: The ad world thinks this tech giant is 'terrifying'


The mad men and women of the ad industry have plenty of reasons to toss and turn at night.

Money is increasingly trickling from television commercials to digital media — a market that Facebook and Google currently have in a duopolistic chokehold. Inter-agency competition is at a fever pitchUnconventional upstarts are eating their lunch. If Don Draper were around today, there’s a good chance he’d work at Facebook.

But it’s not internet advertising giants that keep the industry’s top chief up at night. Nor is it his three-month-old daughter.


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Forget iPhone 7 Check Out Two Amazing iPhone 8 Concepts

The iPhone 8 may be a long way off, but designers have come up with fabulous designs for the smartphone. Take a look at two groundbreaking concepts of the iPhone 8.


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may be the “it” smartphones to have. However, with rumors of the iPhone 6s mini creating a stir, iFans are looking forward to the next-gen models.

While rumors pertaining to the production of the A9 chip for the iPhone 7 may be gaining traction, we have two amazing concepts of the iPhone 8 that will take your breath away.

The first concept of the iPhone 8 is courtesy of Steele Drake from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, who shared his vision of the smartphone on Bechance.

The glass unibody design for the concept iPhone 8 is reminiscent of Sony’s Xperia smartphone. The concept sticks to the slightly curved edges and metal design. However, the top and bottom edges of the device are encased in a glass display.

Drake kept the look of the volume button the same. The middle area of the smartphone looks like it has been donned up in a plastic-rubber combination. The phone seems a tad bulky than the preceding models, but the curvy design makes it fabulous looking.

Mihael Merkler has also devised a concept iPhone 8 that is quite futuristic looking. The concept may have a 4.5-inch screen, which is smaller than the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch display, but it shows off the UI via the laser keyboard projector.

The model has an Apple logo in RGB Micro LED, which flashes different hues for the specific notification received by a user.

Merkler’s concept of the iPhone 8 packs a colossal 25-megapixel primary camera with an LED flash in tow. The concept smartphone also imbibes a 5-megapixel secondary camera with flash and special light sensor to cater to all your selfie needs.

The stylish-looking premium smartphone is made of 14 karat gold, glass, carbon fiber and aluminum. It also houses the fingerprint scanner; however, in our opinion, the Home button seems a little too big.