Samsung foldable phone unveiling closer after Galaxy X receives another certification

The last we heard about the oft-rumored foldable smartphone from Samsung, dubbed the Galaxy X (and no, it doesn’t stand for the number ten) was that the phone would arrive some time in 2018. This hopeful outlook came from Samsung’s top mobile executive, Koh Dong-jin, who made the statement about two weeks ago. Now, it’s believed that the foldable Samsung handset has been certified in South Korea by the country’s National Radio Agency.

The phone seen by the National Radio Agency sports the model number of SM-G888N0; that is the same model that received its Bluetooth certification back in …

Samsung's mobile chief says to expect a foldable smartphone in 2018

Perhaps in a bid to distract all of those smartphone fans watching out for Apple’s introduction this afternoon of the tenth anniversary Apple iPhone X model, Samsung had a big announcement itself. Samsung’s top mobile executive, Koh Dong-jin, said today that the company will be releasing its long awaited foldable smartphone in 2018. The manufacturer has been working on this for some time. Back at CES in 2011, Samsung introduced a 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED display.

Samsung’s press conference today was held to show off the highly regarded Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phablet to the media in the company’s …

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X gets Bluetooth certification

The long rumored foldable Samsung handset, known as the Samsung Galaxy X, has possibly received its Bluetooth certification from the Bluetooth SIG. Before you get overly excited, the certification went to a Samsung handset with the model number of SM-G888N0. The model number doesn’t correspond with any known device in Samsung’s current lineup, nor does it match with known upcoming Samsung products.

In addition, the model number was previously seen receiving it’s Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. At the time, the device was running Android 6.0.1. The Bluetooth SIG revealed that …

Lenovo's foldable tablet makes a second consecutive visit to Tech World

You might remember how Lenovo grabbed the attention of the tech world on June 9th last year during the company’s Tech World  gathering. YouTuber Meghan McCarthy displayed a bendable phone that was folded into a contraption that she wore around her wrist. She also presented a tablet that was folded into the size of a phablet, and put up to her ear in order to simulate a phone call.

Today, the company continued the conversation by introducing the Lenovo Folio concept during Lenovo Tech World 2017. The device features a flexible touchscreen that grows from 5.5-inches to 7.8-inches …

Latest patent images reveal what a Microsoft foldable tablet could look like

The latest images related to patents filed by Microsoft for a foldable tablet reveal that the device will be closer to the size of a smartphone than a slate. As you can see from the schematics that accompany this story, a complex series of hinges allows the tablet to offer three configurations; at 0 degrees, the tablet is closed. At 180 degrees, the device is flat open, and at 360 degrees, it is fully open.

When in the 180-degree configuration, the inside screens show a single user interface. In the other configurations, each screen will display its own interface. When opened in …

Samsung will reportedly produce 2,000-3,000 foldable phone prototypes this year

There have been plenty of rumors floating around the Internet in the past few years, regarding Samsung’s foldable device, named the Galaxy X. According to the latest one, the foldable handset will not be commercialized by 2019. However, a new rumor has surfaced, which seems to suggest otherwise.

According to the Korean media The Investor, Samsung is going to produce a bunch of prototypes before the second half of this year. Citing anonymous sources, The Investor claims that the South Korean OEM has ordered enough components to make between 2,000 and 3,000 prototypes of its foldable phone.

The …

LG Display reportedly partnering with Apple on foldable OLED for upcoming iPhones

Following a report in October claiming Samsung and LG were both attempting to win orders for OLED displays to be used in future iPhones, a new report today says Apple has partnered with LG Display for a foldable OLED panel of sorts.


According to the report from etnews, LG Display is partnering with Apple, Google, and Microsoft on what it describes as ‘out-foldable’ OLED displays.

LG Display secured global manufacturers as its partners. Apple, Google, and Microsoft were listed as first buyers of LG Display’s foldable displays. It is heard that LG Electronics joined a group of buyers of foldable displays late… LG Display already developed a prototype of out-foldable panel and it is heard that technical level of this prototype is significantly high. Although it is working with outside businesses, it is heard that it developed major parts of this prototype.

Back in October, a report from BusinessKorea noted that Samsung and LG were collectively investing a combined record amount of around $11.6B into the development of flexible displays for 2016 as the two companies competed to secure Apple’s orders for future iPhones.

While LG and other possible suppliers including Foxconn-owned Sharp and Applied Materials could provide Apple with OLED displays for future iPhones, as of October it was estimated Samsung was producing around 95% of small-to-medium OLED displays in the market. It’s unclear if LG Display will be the only company providing Apple with OLED panels or if the partnership is specifically for upcoming 2017 iPhone models expected to include OLED displays.

LG has previously shown off flexible and foldable display prototypes, including a larger flexible, rollable, and transparent OLED panel that it originally planned for 2017 production.

While there have been several reports so far that Apple is planning to use OLED displays on at least some models in next year’s flagship iPhone lineup, the latest from The Wall Street Journal last month said the company was also prototyping a hi-res curved-screen model as possible top-tier iPhone.

Flexible foldable future of smartphone displays

Flexible displays are yet to fully realise their potential in our mobile devices, but one British firm has a range of screens it’s hoping will soon change that.


We’ve already seen flexible displays in a handful of products, with the likes of the LG G Flex and Samsung Gear Fit dabbling with the bendable form factor, but you can’t fold them in half or wrap them round your arm.

Heading over to the FlexEnable stand at MWC 2016, we were shown some exciting screen technology from the Cambridge-based firm.

It’s created a range of full colour screens which can be folded, rolled and flexed with ease. While its LCD solution can be bent round a coffee up, its transistor solution can be rolled around a HB pencil.

This kind of durability opens up a whole world of opportunity for device manufacturers, and the hope is we’ll be treated to some truly unique products, including ones that can fold in half and sport roll-up screens.

Another area interested in FlexEnable’s smarts is the auto industry, as car manufacturers are keen to replace the flat screens their currently forced to use in the centre console and dashboard with more elegant curved solutions.

While this tech may sound expensive, we were told the screens are pretty much the same price as the displays we currently have in our phones, tablets and wearables today.

FlexEnable can scale its technology to pretty much any size, and while the non-touch demo unit we saw only had a 130ppi pixel density, the firm can push resolutions to 300-400ppi and make them touchscreen-enabled with the addition of a flexible touch layer.

FlexEnable is already working with a number of Chinese manufacturers, and the first products using the displays are due to hit the market in about 18 months time.

Samsung patents Foldable Tablet Displays

It’s not the first time we see Samsung filing a patent application for a flexible mobile display, and getting it approved, but in light with the CEO hint that next year we might see a foldable device become reality, the latest patent is worth your attention. The application has been filed last year, and granted July the 7th.


This time the twist is that Samsung has filed for a foldable screen not only of the OLED variety, but an LCD one, too, with roughly the size of one of its Galaxy tablets. The circuit board for the LCD one is on the outside of each half, while with the foldable OLED it is integrated into the package, and bends together with the panel.

Another interesting recent Samsung patent approved by the USPTO involves near-invisible virtual buttons. These are active areas situated near the edge of a touchscreen, which can command the camera app, for instance. The so-called “sensor pads” can apparently be mapped to different functions, too, so imagine a back button that is constantly under the tip of your thumb on the side of the phone, without taking physical space below the screen, or a shutter button that doesn’t take away from the scene framing. If and how are these becoming reality, remains to be seen, but the R&D departments keep inventing and patenting, so at some point we will see a variation of those materialize, hopefully not too much further down the road.