Galaxy X foldable phone gets listed in Samsung support

Where there’s smoke there may be fire, too. Samsung’s alleged foldable phone (no, not that one), dubbed tentatively Galaxy X, already got certification from the Bluetooth SIG, and from South Korea’s National Radio Agency, but it is now getting much closer to reality, as Samsung itself included the unorthodox SM-G888N0 model in the support section of its Korean website. Does that mean that we are to expect the announcement and pilot launch of the Galaxy X first on its home soil?
Probably, and there might only be 100,000 units produced to gauge acceptance …

Oppo patent application reveals phone with a foldable top

Amid talk that Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X could arrive in 2018, and reports that Huawei already has a working foldable model ready for next year, Oppo might be another firm gearing up to enter this arena soon. A patent application filed by the company reveals a smartphone with a bendable display that covers the top 25% to 35% of the screen. Looking at some of the images that Oppo included with the application, it appears that part of the screen would be able to flip over backward.

With the selfie camera on the top half of the device, it would be possible for one camera to be both the rear-facing …

Report: Microsoft's foldable tablet to focus on note-taking, may be released in 2018

A lot of ink has been spilled in the topic of Microsoft’s spectacular failure in the smartphone realm, though one would imagine such musings would stop now that Windows 10 Mobile is pretty much officially dead. And yet, there’s that one rumor that has simply refused to die: the one about the foldable Surface device that’s been in development seemingly forever.

But if a new report from Windows Central is to be believed, the reason as to why it persists is simple: Microsoft is actually working on such a prototype. Commonly referred to as “Andromeda” (though …

Huawei has a "working" foldable phone, could release it next year

Huawei, which recently announced the interesting Mate 10
smartphone series, has exciting plans for the next few years. According to
Cnet, the company is working on a foldable phone that could be released as
early as 2018 – perhaps at about the same time with Samsung’s long-rumored Galaxy X foldable


Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed to Cnet that the company
actually has a “working sample” of its upcoming foldable handset. However,
the device needs improvements related to mechanical design, plus “better, more flexible
screen technology” in order to become a product that’s ready …

Apple tipped to use LG as a foldable iPhone supplier, since Samsung may leak the design

Samsung may finally be producing its unicorn of a foldable phone in a limited batch, but Apple is taking notice, it seems, as Korean media reports today it has tasked LG with the production of flexible OLED panel and circuit board for an eventual bendy iPhone prototype of its own, some Apple patents for which you can see above. Currently, Apple’s OLED screen needs for the iPhone X and, likely, for the 2018 crop, will be supplied by Samsung, but the team from Cupertino may break that monopoly a year or two from now by investing in LG and other smaller OLED makers.

LG …

ZTE's foldable smartphone spotted at FCC one week ahead of official announcement

“Axon M” seems to be the name ZTE picked for its first foldable smartphone. Information about the said device emerged online last month, although it didn’t come through official channels.

Well, it appears that ZTE is indeed planning to launch a foldable handset and, as the previous report claimed, the Axon M may be officially unveiled on October 17.

A foldable phone with model number ZTE Z999 recently made a stop at FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which means the device is one step closer to launch.

The main selling point of the ZTE Axon …

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X will be a limited edition model with just 100,000 units produced?

Samsung has been slowly clearing the decks, getting things ready for a possible 2018 launch of the bendable Samsung Galaxy X. The oft-rumored handset has received certification from the Bluetooth SIG, and from South Korea’s National Radio Agency. With the model number of SM-G888N0, we could see the Galaxy X surface just prior to the CES show in Las Vegas next year. In 2018, the trade show debuts on Tuesday January 9th, and runs through Friday January 12th.

A CES appearance for the Galaxy X makes sense since the MWC event in Barcelona is usually when the latest version of Samsung’s new flagship …

Samsung seems to be rushing the development of its foldable smartphone, but why?

With today’s leaked photo of ZTE’s foldable Axon M smartphone, a curious question sprung up in many people’s minds: in a foldable smartphone, which fold direction is the better one, inwards or outwards? While the only two implementations of the idea we can think of —  the Sony Tablet P (which is phone-sized by today’s standards, nevermind the name) and the Kyocera Echo — have used a design where the screens point to the inside when the device is closed, the Axon M does just the opposite.

And such a debate might not seem like that …

Foldable, dual-screen ZTE Axon M (Multy) leaks out, could be announced on October 16

A few weeks back, we heard about the ZTE Axon Multy, an
upcoming smartphone that reportedly packs two displays in a foldable design.
Now, Android Authority seems to have a photo of said handset (included above), showing it semi-unfolded.


It’s said that the two screens of this new ZTE Axon smartphone
are both Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels), and, when the device is fully open, they
form a flat 6.8-inch display area with 1920 x 2160 pixels. To be clear, the two
displays themselves are not foldable, but the device is, thanks to what appears
to be a hinge system. Interestingly, the two screens …

Samsung foldable phone unveiling closer after Galaxy X receives another certification

The last we heard about the oft-rumored foldable smartphone from Samsung, dubbed the Galaxy X (and no, it doesn’t stand for the number ten) was that the phone would arrive some time in 2018. This hopeful outlook came from Samsung’s top mobile executive, Koh Dong-jin, who made the statement about two weeks ago. Now, it’s believed that the foldable Samsung handset has been certified in South Korea by the country’s National Radio Agency.

The phone seen by the National Radio Agency sports the model number of SM-G888N0; that is the same model that received its Bluetooth certification back in …