Apple overhauls software strategy: switches focus back on quality, even if new features take more time

iOS 12, the new version of Apple’s phone and tablet software that is expected to arrive this fall, will offer a lot new features, but at the same time, Apple has cancelled plans for others as the company is looking to fix bugs and has a renewed focus on quality and reliability over novelty. The information comes from a report by Bloomberg that claims to have inside sources.

While Apple will continue to publicly release new iOS versions every year, inside, the software team will have a new two-year plan that will allow more time for testing and it will have more freedom to push …

Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 (2017) updated with selfie focus, other camera improvements

Although we should be talking about the new lineup of Galaxy A series smartphones, a new update makes the previous models newsworthy. It appears that both Galaxy A5 and A7 (2017) smartphones have received an update that brings some important camera-related features.

The most important is called Selfie focus and it’s a new mode for the front camera that when enabled allows users to take a picture without having to tap the screen to focus on a subject. It’s supposed to add some sort of bokeh effect and make the background blur while the subject of the picture is right …

Report: Microsoft's foldable tablet to focus on note-taking, may be released in 2018

A lot of ink has been spilled in the topic of Microsoft’s spectacular failure in the smartphone realm, though one would imagine such musings would stop now that Windows 10 Mobile is pretty much officially dead. And yet, there’s that one rumor that has simply refused to die: the one about the foldable Surface device that’s been in development seemingly forever.

But if a new report from Windows Central is to be believed, the reason as to why it persists is simple: Microsoft is actually working on such a prototype. Commonly referred to as “Andromeda” (though …

HTC's stand alone VR headset to be named Vive Focus?

Back in July, HTC introduced a new standalone version of its Vive VR headset at the ChinaJoy trade show. The headset doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, and is powered by the same Snapdragon 835 chipset that you will find powering today’s high-end Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Originally named the Vive Standalone, that might be too much of a mouthful to spit out when you’re ordering the device.

A couple of new trademark applications that HTC has filed might have outed the real name that the manufacturer plans on using for the VR headset. Last week, HTC requested …

Huawei leaving the low-end market, focus is on premium smartphones

Let’s face it, long gone is the time when Huawei was mostly known for its budget-friendly smartphones. The Chinese company is now world’s number 3 handset maker, and not due to mainly selling low-end smartphones.

After trying to build itself an entirely different image, one that would not be associated with cheap smartphones, Huawei has decided to drop the budget-friendly smartphone market altogether.

Richard Yu recently confirmed that the profit his company makes for selling low-end handsets is too small, which means the business model is not sustainable …

Rogers BlackBerry KEYone receives update starting tomorrow; focus is on bugs, not security

A leaked internal document reveals that starting tomorrow, July 17th, the Rogers branded version of the BlackBerry KEYone will receive an update. Unlike other handsets in the Rogers family that are receiving updates tomorrow (such as the Moto G4 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+), the new files being sent to the KEYone are related to bug fixes instead of security.

The issues that need to be addressed by the update are apparently related to the Rogers’ network. Early last month, several Rogers subscribers complained about their inability to receive incoming phone …

'Destiny 2' introduces a new raid with a very specific focus


Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2 and one of the key architects behind the series, looks at all of the raids to date as his children.

“I love all of them and they’re all unique in their own way,” he said during an E3 interview.

Smith led the raid team across the finish line with Vault of Glass, and he’s continued to work closely with Gavin Irby — who took over after Smith leveled up to Game Director — on one of Destiny‘s signature features. The six-player co-op activities — which, fundamentally, are hours-long group puzzles — are widely acknowledged as the sprawling game’s most unpredictable and play-changing activities. Read more…

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Apple is enlarging its Seattle engineering center to focus on machine learning and AI

Apple, usually famous for being a very secretive corporation, has made a rather interesting revelation this Thursday. Carlos Guestrin, a University of Washington professor, former Turi CEO, and now director of machine learning at Apple, announced that the company will be expanding its offices in Seattle:

We’re trying to find the best people who are excited about AI and machine learning – excited about research and thinking long term but also bringing those ideas into products that impact and delight our customers… The bar is high, but we’re going to be hiring …

Bluetooth 5 will bring higher speeds, better range and a focus on IoT

img_0651 The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) gave the green light to Bluetooth 5 this week, a new spec that promises some pretty radicular performance enhancements over its predecessor, according to the organization. The latest version of the ubiquitous wireless technology is said to offer twice the speed, four times the range and eight times the capacity for broadcast messages. All of those… Read More

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Samsung Galaxy S6 speed and productivity focus

With around two weeks to go until the start of the 2015 Mobile World Congress, we will finally learn if all the rumors in regard to the Samsung Galaxy S6 turn out to be true or not. We can safely say that many of them will not, although a handful seem rather plausible, such as this latest one that discusses how to improve its speed and productivity.

There is no denying that the Galaxy S range of phones pack a punch in terms of power, but its software usually holds it back. We often feel as though these range of handsets enter the smartphone market as if it were in a three-legged race, as its bloatware hampers it from the start, something Apple does not have with its iPhone.


However, don’t expect this to happen with the Galaxy S6, as we are being told that the bloatware that often slows things up and takes up space may not be there. SamMobile has learned that Samsung could be about to remove a ton of its pre-installed software, and while it will still come with its TouchWiz, it is said that the S6 performs just as fast as a Nexus device now.

That is such a big claim, although removing a ton of apps and giving the user the opportunity to download them at their own leisure is surely a far better option.

However, to help improve productivity, the Galaxy S6 will come pre-loaded with a selection of Microsoft apps, such as Office, OneNote, OneDrive and even Skype.

We already feel as though we know so much about the Galaxy S6, such as its rumored design, specs and even what sort of cases we can expect. However, with MWC 2015 fast approaching, it is not long until some of these rumors will be debunked.