Google Pay updated with support for movie, concert and flight tickets

Google Pay got many solid improvements in the last six months, evidence that Google has major plans for the service. At the recent Google I/O conference, the Mountain View company confirmed Google Pay is getting even more improvements starting this week.

So, if you’ve been using Google Pay on a regular basis, you’ll be pleased to know that developers have decided to add support for flight, movie and concert tickets. You’ll find all of these available in the new Tickets section that’s been added after the update.

Once you purchase a ticket, you will also get live alerts, updated departure …

A pilot drew a massive heart in the sky using flight radar


In case you hadn’t already spotted the onslaught of heart-shaped everything in the shops, it’s Valentine’s Day. 

And, one cheeky pilot decided to have a bit of fun by drawing a giant love heart in the sky. The Virgin Atlantic pilot—who was out on a training flight—took a heart-shaped route off the coast of Cornwall, UK. 

The love-heart flight path was visible on, and was first spotted by eagle-eyed plane spotter Philip Davis. 

Virgin A330 drawing a heart off the north Cornwall coast ❤

— Philip Davis (@PlanePhil5) February 14, 2018 Read more…

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Google Flights can now forecast how late your flight will be even before the airline knows

Google Flights not only helps you book a flight, it will now tell you if your flight will run late even before the airline knows. Witchcraft? Black Magic? How does Google do this? Actually, the Search giant uses historical data and AI-based algorithms to come up with realistic flight times. Google says that it won’t call a flight delayed unless it is at least 80% confident with its call. Google will also give an explanation for the tardiness, such as a previous flight arrived late, or there is a problem with the weather.

Another new feature, designed with …

Passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flight got to kiss 2017 goodbye twice


Back to the Future is real, just not the way our ’80s selves imagined it would be.

Last night, Hawaiian Airlines Flight HA446 took off in Auckland, New Zealand in 2018, and arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017, proving that time travel is real — sort of.

The flight technically left Auckland at 12:05 am on January 1st, before arriving in Honolulu at 9:45 am December 31st, having crossed multiple time zones.

Time travel is possible!
Flight #HA446 just took off from New Zealand in 2018 and will land in Hawaii back in 2017!

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 31, 2017 Read more…

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Travelers, Google will now track airline pricing and find you flight and hotel deals

Whether you travel often, or just every now and then, Google has announced some new features for its suite of travel related websites and apps that can help you save money. Using machine learning and statistical analysis, Google Flights will tell you whether flights from your location to a target destination are available at lower than normal prices. The information will also tell you how much cheaper these new prices are.

When you’re looking for lodging, Google Search results will include a notification if a holiday, conference or trade show is making it harder to find an unbooked room. …

Yahoo Mail adds new features to help you clip coupons, and stay up-to-date about your flight

Right on time for the holidays, Yahoo Mail is adding two new features that are available starting today. Coupons and Flight Alerts are both perfectly suited for the holiday season. First, let’s start with the coupons. Available on mobile and the web, this feature will collect all of the coupons you receive and put them in a list. On the mobile app, users can “clip” the coupons that they are interested in and receive an alert when they are about to expire. On the desktop version, clipped coupons are found in at the top of the inbox until they expire.

Yahoo says that its Mail app will receive …

Air France flight to LA makes emergency landing in Canada after engine blows out


An Air France flight en route from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada after its engine blew out over the Atlantic Ocean Saturday. 

The Airbus A380 left Charles de Gaulle Airport Saturday morning and landed around 1:40 p.m. in Canada, CBC reported

The plane landed safely, but part of its engine cowling was missing and it scattered debris across the runway. 

Fire crews arrived to help, but didn’t need to do much apart from clean up the debris. 

Passengers on the flight and others watching the landing observed that the plane definitely looked “broken.” Read more…

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AirAsia X flight shook like a 'washing machine' following mid-air problem


An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back on Sunday, after a mid-air technical issue left the plane’s cabin shaking like a “washing machine.”

Flight D7237 with 359 passengers onboard left Perth at 6:50 a.m. local time, then returned to Perth by 10 a.m., after what reportedly seemed to be a problem with an engine.

“I heard a loud explosion I think on the left-side engine,” passenger Tzeyau Chung told ABC News.

“After the explosion it started to shake, it started to bounce, but overall the captain did a very good job. Of course we were a bit worried but at the end of the day … we safely landed. I think that is the most important thing.” Read more…

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Find cheap flights with 5 of the best flight booking apps for Android and iOS

Organizing trips can be a messy process with all the planning involved, so it’s a blessing that travel apps exist. They let you find beautiful destinations, book the best-priced airline tickets, set up accommodation and rent-a-car services, all from one place. It’s fast, convenient, and mostly free – unless the app takes a small commission out of your bookings, which may or may not be fine with you! We have lined up 5 of the best apps for booking flights available on Android and iOS. Give them a try, and while you are at it, feel free to have a look at our best travel apps selection!

Download: …

Sprint's new sweepstakes promo gives customers a chance to take flight and get away

If you’re a Sprint customer and you’re feeling lucky, you might want to check out the carrier’s latest contest.

Through March 10, any current Sprint customer can enter the ‘Sprint Getaway Giveaway’ sweepstakes, which has a grand prize of 100,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® miles, $2,000 in pocket cash and a new Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge. If the grand prize eludes you, you’ll still have a chance to win one of 20 Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge handsets.

If you don’t happen to know the features of this model from Samsung, let us summarize: The J3 is the newest …