New Sharp Aquos flagship leak: bezel-less insanity

Just last week, Sharp announced the Aquos S2 — an upper-midrange handset with almost no bezels from all sides, save for a chin with a home button at the bottom. The Aquos family of devices was among the first to achieve that “tri-bezelless” look, but they haven’t been sold much outside of Japan. The only Aquos that reached Western markets was the Crystal, which was officially available through Sprint.

Anyway, with everyone doing crazy thin bezels this year, Sharp needs to up its screen-to-body ratio game a bit. And it seems it has.

An unknown “Sharp Aquos flagship” has been leaked …

Nokia 8 flagship is official with Zeiss dual camera and live-streaming abilities

For quite some time it has been rumored that a high-end Nokia phone would launch soon. Today, HMD Global made that phone official. It is known as the Nokia 8, and soon you’ll be able to get one. Here’s what this new Android-powered heavyweight has to impress with.

Design: keeping it simple

As expected, the Nokia 8 goes easy on the bells and whistles. Much like the other Nokia smartphones launched by HMD Global so far, the brand’s flagship follows a traditional design approach. It revolves around a metal body curved at the edges and …

Nokia 8 specs review: more than meets the eye or just another flagship?

Thes long-awaited Android-powered Nokia flagship phone is finally official and we’re here to see what makes it tick. Meet the Nokia 8!

After releasing a trio of more budget-oriented devices earlier on in 2017—the Nokia 3, 5, and 6—as well as the nostalgic, but rather pointless, Nokia 3310, HMD Global is finally ready to return the Nokia name to its former glory, and the company is placing all its bets on the Nokia 8 to achieve this difficult goal. With that said, let’s see what (if anything but the legendary name) sets this phone apart from the rest.
Design …

Sharp Aquos S2 is an impressive full-screen flagship with a finger scanner under the screen

It looks like an iPhone 8, but it’s not one. And it’s all yellow.
That’s the best way to describe the upcoming full-screen, bezel-less phone by Aquos. We saw the Sharp Aquos S2 leak out just several days ago, and now it’s official: the impressive new phone will be officially launched on August 8th at an event in Beijing.
Sharp usually sells its phones in Japan, so this will be its first such launch in China and a big one at that. The interesting thing about the Aquos S2 is that it is truly a full-screen, immersive …

Huawei's next flagship could be heading to AT&T during the first half of 2018

According to a report that was published earlier today, AT&T has agreed to carry Huawei’s next flagship phone starting in the first half of 2018. Doing this is a must for Huawei if it wants to fulfill a promise it made last year to top Samsung and Apple and become the top smartphone manufacturer in the world by 2021. To achieve that goal, Huawei is going to have to cultivate a strong relationship with one of the stateside carriers, which in this case appears to be AT&T.

The flagship rumored to be heading to AT&T is the Huawei Mate 10. As we told you earlier today, this device …

Prices rising, errors piling: 5 flagship phone 'fails' inflicted on us in 2017

Most of the spring and summer flagships have already been announced and are in the hands of consumers, so the first mishaps, grand and small, are starting to trickle down on forums and in customer complaints. 
The average selling price of a high-end smartphone will be quite a bit higher this year, given that what we called the “$400 flagship” seems to be a concept of the past, used to gain market share and customer awareness, then seeing its price slowly get jacked up with each subsequent model.

That’s not even mentioning juggernauts like Samsung or Apple …

Nokia 8 vs Nokia 9: What's the deal with HMD's flagship

When it comes to the Nokia 2017 flagship, there were so many leaks and rumors the past few months that we’re not sure what to expect. First of all, the name has been tipped to be both Nokia 9, and Nokia 8. Second, specs have been all over the place and the only thing we know for certain is that the flagship will come with Snapdragon 835 and a dual Zeiss-branded camera.

However, everything else is a complete mystery. This, of course, allowed for so much speculation that we’re not sure what to believe anymore. So, let’s take a look at the different options we see …

Here is the silver version of the upcoming Nokia 8 flagship

HMD Global, the owner of the Nokia phones license, is expected to unveil at least one high-end smartphone by the end of the year. There has been much talk around HMD’s first Nokia-branded flagship smartphone, but we didn’t quite get a better look at the device until recently.

If you’ve been following our news feed, then you already know about the Nokia 8, a high-end smartphone that will feature dual Zeiss camera and top-of-the-line specs. Thanks to Evan Blass, we now know what the Blue version of the Nokia 8 looks like.

Today, he decided to publish yet another …

Xiaomi's next flagship to sport a 6-inch OLED display from Samsung, according to report

If you thought Apple was the sole winner of Samsung Display’s recent expansion of its smartphone OLED display business, think again. A new report from Korean publication The Bell says Chinese powerhouse Xiaomi has recently signed a deal with Samsung for a supply of several million panels for its upcoming 2018 flagship.
The deal reportedly went through following a failed cooperation with LG Display, which fell through due to a delay in the building of a new plant. Curiously, this shift also impacted the unnamed device’s design, as LG’s display …

Results: what resolution do you have your Galaxy flagship set to?

Despite the feature being 3 years old already, whether QHD is useful on a smartphone screen or not is still a highly debatable topic. At this point, those against it have begrudgingly agreed to not bring it up, as there’s little sense to argue it — QHD is now mainstream. And those that are for it couldn’t be happier for the aforementioned reason — most flagships have it.

Samsung, however, decided to appease all tastes and just gave users three choices of resolution — HD (720 x 1080), FHD (1080 x 1920), and QHD (1440 x 2560) — on its latest flagships. Finally, whoever feels like a low resolution …