Google says its has fixed the problems with its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL trade-in program

As if the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL needed more problems, word came out the other day about a number of issues that consumers were having with the Google Store trade-in program. Under the terms of the plan, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL buyers would receive credit for trading-in older handsets in working condition. The amount of the credit received depended on the model of the phone sent in. The 2016 Google Pixel XL was on the top of the list with the 128GB model valued at $410 in a trade.

Unfortunately, there were several screw ups, with several buyers participating in the program receiving …

OnePlus 5 getting new OxygenOS 4.5.12 update, here's what's fixed

OnePlus’ flagship is in the process of receiving another small update that’s supposed many of the issues owners have been reporting since the phone’s launch. OxygenOS 4.5.12 for OnePlus 5 was released during the weekend and is currently making its way to all users worldwide.

Although it doesn’t bring any new features into the mix, the update fixes some pestering bugs that have been affecting the OnePlus 5 for some time now. Bugs like weak 4G+ signal in some regions, as well as display problems with some UI elements, are just some of the issues addressed in the update.

Below …

FIFA 18 Companion app released, but you might want to avoid it until it's fixed

One of the biggest game launches happening every year, FIFA made it to PC and consoles last week, which means a companion app is now available for Android and iOS users.

EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Companion app is supposed to connect players to the world of FUT 18 while they’re on the go. The app allows FIFA 18 players to manage their FUT Club and prepare their squads for their next important match.

On top of that, EA says that the app allows users to make transfers and bid for players, as well as purchase and open Packs using coins or something called FIFA Points. …

Apple has fixed Siri’s robotic voice to a human-like one, and you can hear the difference

Apple has fixed the way Siri speaks in a huge way since its release: from the robotic voice that we used to hear when the smart digital assistant was introduced to a much more pleasant, human-like voice in iOS 11.
How did Apple do it? It took a lot of deep learning algorithms and smart engineers to achieve that progress, and those engineers have just published a white-paper about the process over at

“Starting in iOS 10 and continuing with new features in iOS 11, we base Siri voices on deep learning. The resulting voices …

OnePlus 5 receives OxygenOS 4.5.8 after last update got pulled, stuttering and battery drain issues fixed

OnePlus has released a new update for the OnePlus 5, following the recent withdrawal of OxygenOS 4.5.7 due to issues with stuttering while gaming and battery drain. 
Unsurprisingly, the new version of Oxygen OS is 4.5.8 and the patch weighs in at the same 310MB if you’re switching from 4.5.6 (49MB if you managed to download 4.5.7).
The change log itself is pretty similar to the last software upgrade. The most notable additions include Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for 4K video recording and a …

911 dialing issue fixed in latest OnePlus 5 update

OnePlus has just released an update that fixes the 911 dialing bug experienced by some OnePlus 5 owners. As you may know, the issue became viral on Reddit over the past couple of days, after a user reported, and subsequently uploaded a video of his OnePlus 5 unit rebooting whenever he tried to call the emergency number. 
Although it was later found out that other Android phones also experienced the same problem, the Chinese manufacturer was certainly quick to react. The company’s tech support team contacted the user and now an OTA …

Big time Android flaw won't be fixed until next build is released

A serious flaw discovered on Android by cyber security firm Check Point is known by Google, but won’t be fixed until the next build of the Android OS is released later this year. The flaw can lead to a number of malware attacks resulting in “ransomware, banking malware and adware.” And while Android O does remove this vulnerability from the software, it still leaves a large number of phones not expected to receive the upgrade, wide open for attack.

It all revolves around a permissions category that contains one permission, SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW. Originally added with Android Marshmallow, this …

OnePlus co-founder says touch input lag has finally been fixed, alert slider about to get tweaked?

OnePlus sure makes great bang-for-the-buck devices. The original Flagship Killer — the OnePlus One — was a great performer and awesome all-rounder for half the price of its competitors at the time; the OnePlus 2 was a bit of a let-down; but the OnePlus 3 and consecutive OnePlus 3T knocked it out of the park with design materials, camera, and hardware, while maintaining a very accessible price, at $439. Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, and despite being pretty good devices, OnePlus’ phones are still plagued by a few issues, which can annoy the tech heads out there.

One such issue …

Users reporting that the latest Android 7.1.2 update has fixed the “shutdown bug”

So, a few days ago, Google released the Android 7.1.2 factory images and OTA files for the Pixel and Pixel XL. The update has been baking for quite and a beta program has been running for the past 3 months, for users who’d like to give it a whirl. It was highly anticipated, too, as some Pixel units have been plagued by an annoying “shutdown bug”, which the patch promised to fix.

Quick reminder — some Pixel phones seemed to not show the battery charge level right, so your phone might abruptly shut down even if the meter showed that you still have 35% of juice left. Curiously, the iPhone 6s …

Getting Tech Gadgets Fixed Is Easy Online

It is a sad fact, but those of us who rely on our tech toys to organize our day will feel somehow lost if they break down or will not perform correctly. Even something like dropping one on the floor is enough to damage them so we really need a reliable place to take them to when they need some attention. There are many online companies which offer MacBook repair and they will usually be able to undertake an HTC screen repair too. Of course, this does entail sending the goodies away but the turnaround time is usually quite fast with most of these outlets.

Looking for a great online site to do this work is not hard, of course. However, some promise all kinds of incentives to get someone interested. One of these sites offers to guarantee a part for life which means if the same part gets broken, the user will not have to pay full price ever again. One wonders about the wording though since ‘full price’ could cover a whole lot of hidden costs that we as the consumer would just not be aware of.

For those who will not trust someone else to carry out this work, the same sites will actually supply spares if necessary so that the owner can have a go at this job on their own. It does not take much to put in a new piece, particularly if it is anything to do with the outside casing etc., but the owner should avail himself of a plan and a full set of tiny tools so that he does no further damage. Once the plan is understood, it is just a matter of disconnecting what is not working and putting in the new bit. How hard can this be if the site promises to have the whole thing repaired and sent back within twenty four hours? However, for the technically challenged, get it done by someone else if any sign of nervousness is apparent!

Most sites are run by technicians who are heavily into anything technical and their qualifications are usually available online too. If the owner is still a little skeptic, try searching for any stories about the site to see what others are saying about it. Of course, bad and good news travels fast so if there is anything untoward here, the searcher will usually find it quite quickly.

These sites will usually fix most tech toys so do not hesitate to ask about one particular model if it is not listed. Even if they have never undertaken this model before, they will have enough contacts to work out what needs to be done, or advise the owner which other site is best qualified for the work. It is this kind of service that people should look for since we can all be taken in by flashy websites and people who promise the earth and come up with very little. With any luck, the site will be useful for future fixing jobs and, if they are that good, recommend them online and to friends and relatives.

Stewart Wrighter searched the term MacBook repair to find a reputable online company to repair his office laptop. He searched the term HTC screen repair to find a reputable online company to repair his office cell phones.

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