Apple releases bug fix so you can finally use the iPhone X in cold weather

The launch of the iPhone X was not as uneventful as the that of the other iPhones released by Apple this year. Many customers found weird issues with Apple’s flagship, some more serious than others.

Last week we reported about such an issue that made the iPhone X screen become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. At that time, Apple promised to address the problem in an upcoming software update, but aside from that, no other information was provided.

True to its promise, Apple has now released an update that fixes …

Is the YouTube app killing your iPhone battery? A fix is in the works

There are some doors left open wide in the YouTube client on iOS 11, as plenty of users have taken to the interwebs to complain that their iPhones and iPads updated to the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS, are experiencing heat and power consumption issues with it. Depending on whose complaint you listen to, the battery goes down 20% in fifteen minutes to half an hour of watching video, which, by all counts, sounds pretty terrible. 

Not only that, but the iPhones apparently get rather hot and bothered when the YouTube app is running, indicating …

Apple promises a fix for the iPhone X's cold weather blues

Some iPhone X users have noticed that their touchscreen becomes unresponsive with a rapid change of temperatures, like, say, going out of the house in cold weather. Well, the weather has to be near freezing, and the screen apparently stops being operational for a few brief seconds, plus locking and unlocking the display prompts the iPhone X to again register touches, but it must be annoying nonetheless, so Apple issued a promise for a fix. 

It turns out that this might be a software problem of sorts, as the phone is having a recommended temperature …

Google releases Chrome 62 on Android to fix major vulnerabilities, add some new features

After a short beta testing phase, Google released Chrome version 62 for Android devices. The new update for the mobile browser patches some security vulnerabilities discovered recently and brings some visual changes that are meant to better fit the Android design language.

So, for the most important part, this update includes fixes for the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. This severe exploit made all platforms vulnerable, but devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and newer were the easiest to attack.

Apparently, WPA2, the encryption standard that secures WiFi …

Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XZ Premium and XZs are getting a camera distortion fix

Four of Sony’s recent high-end smartphones – the Xperia XZ1,
XZ1 Compact, XZ Premium, and Xperia XZs – feature rear cameras with lenses that
are a bit wider than on most smartphones. While this means you can capture more
of your surroundings in just one shot, it also means photos can exhibit some
visible perspective distortion.   


Plenty of Sony fans have been complaining about the
distortions that the new Xperia cameras are producing, and, thankfully, Sony
now has a fix for the problem. 
The fix comes in the form of a software update,
and includes a “Correction for …

Pixel 2 voice call clicking (and how you can fix it)

A smartphone is a hugely advance piece of technology, and considering all that’s happening within its circuits on a microsecond-by-microsecond basis, it’s a small miracle that things tend to work as well as they do. Still, while we expect to run into glitches here and there when experiencing advanced new technology, working with things like augmented reality, advanced biometrics, or Google’s world-scanning Tango system, by this point we largely take it for granted that all the basics are running like a well-oiled machine.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and recently we’ve …

Some Google Home Mini units would spy on users 24/7, but a fix has already been deployed

Google introduced the Home Mini early this month and the AI speaker is already available for purchase in many countries. For example, in the United States, Google Home Mini costs $49 and ships by October 18.

If you’ve already got one, then there’s a slim chance that your speaker might have been spying on you 24/7 due to a hardware issue. A number of early units would constantly be triggered to listen to commands even when no one is around.

Moreover, these flawed Google Home Mini units were recording every time they were triggering and send the information …

Apple Watch Series 3 receives watchOS 4.0.1 update to fix connectivity issue

Apple device owners should be happy with the speed in which the tech titan is fixing some issues with its products. When Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus users heard static coming out of the earpiece during phone calls, Apple quickly pushed out iOS 11.0.2 to make calls sound great again. Besides the static problem with the latest released iPhone models, Apple also had some recent problems with the Apple Watch Series 3.

The first version of the Apple Watch to come with a built-in LTE radio, the Series 3 doesn’t need to pair with a nearby iPhone in order to send/receive texts and connect …

Apple will fix iPhone 8's earpiece noise issue with a software update

After the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus reached customers last week, some users noticed an issue with the handsets’ earpieces. More exactly, during phone calls or FaceTime calls, random crackling or static noises can be often heard – on various carriers and in different countries. Thankfully, Apple has acknowledged this problem, and is working to fix it. 

According to The Verge, Apple says the earpiece issue is only affecting “a small number” of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus owners. The company further said that an upcoming software update will solve the problem …

Skype keeps crashing on Apple's new iPhone 8/8 Plus, a fix is in the works

Apple has just started shipping its new iPhone 8/8 Plus smartphones and it looks like early adopters have issues with some of the apps that usually work smoothly on iOS devices.

It appears that the latest version of Skype does not function well on the new iPhones. Many customers who purchased the Apple’s handsets complain that Microsoft’s app crashes due to a mysterious bug.

That’s the bad news. The good news is Microsoft is already aware of the issue and is working on a fix, which will be delivered in the form of maintenance update sooner rather than later.

We …