Android version of the SwiftKey app receives an update; new toolbar quickly finds GIFs and stickers

One of the most popular apps of all time is SwiftKey, which offers third-party QWERTY keyboards to iOS and Android users. The company was purchased by Microsoft for $250 million back in 2016, and the app allows users to replace the stock QWERTY on their handset with SwiftKey’s customizable keyboard. Yes, this is a free app that according to the company, is employed by more than 250 million people worldwide.

SwiftKey for Android has just received an update to version 7.0. One of the new features is a toolbar that allows users to quickly call up stickers and GIFs. It even allows subscribers …

Study finds Android user loyalty is actually higher than iOS

Android users are very loyal to their phones and they are not switching to iPhones as much as you might think. In fact, Android loyalty has remained at a record high 91%, higher than the 86% loyalty rate for iOS users, when measured as percentage of US customers who stayed with their mobile operating system when they upgraded in 2017. The data comes from a new study by analysts from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and contradicts the usual Apple narrative about unsurpassed brand loyalty.

The graph above shows that Android brand loyalty …

Apple has a change of heart and approves an app that finds net neutrality violations

Senate Democrats are frantically searching for the one more vote from the other side of the aisle they need, which would guarantee the passage of a resolution to restore net neutrality. The Trump FCC has repealed net neutrality and the Senate has 30 days left to overrule the FCC’s decision. For those unfamiliar with the concept, net neutrality prevents carriers/ISPs from charging more for subscribers to visit certain websites or to favor certain content.

Speaking of net neutrality, Apple originally rejected an app that would have allowed users to determine if net neutrality is being violated. …

Chinese app finds you a surrogate drinker if you're a lightweight

In China, the amount of alcohol you consume is in relation to the amount of respect you have for your host. But what if you want to remain sober, or you are a lightweight when it comes to alcohol? In China, an app called eDaihe (which translates to “to drink on behalf of”) can find you a surrogate drinker who will consume enough booze to let your host feel very respected.

The surrogate drinking service is offered in 36 cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Pricing is determined through private negotiations between the app user and the surrogate drinker. Over 100,000 …

Google Maps still way ahead of Apple Maps in details and coverage, study finds

Google’s Maps app and the data behind it have a head start of six years before Apple Maps, and, although Apple’s mapping data is improving compared to the early days of its launch, it is still behind Google Maps, an in-depth study by cartographer Justin O’Beirne found. The difference is most pronounced in the level of details that Google shows, down to buildings’ HVAC vents, but also the coverage of remote areas. 

Google uses satellite imagery and its own cars are constantly scouting the the world’s routes for updating Street View, while Apple likely relies …

Apple iPhone X owner finds her co-worker able to unlock her original and replacement units

Usually the first question that many people ask when they come across someone wielding the Apple iPhone X is “How is Face ID working for you?” Despite the edge-to-edge screen and the very thin bezels, it seems that Face ID might be the most interesting feature of the tenth anniversary model. Well, if you ask that question to a woman in China, identified in a published report only by her surname “Yan,” the question about Face ID would probably elicit a negative response.

Yan purchased the iPhone X and setup the facial recognition system only to find that one particular co-worker was able …

Qualcomm needs a friend, finds one in BlackBerry

With everything that has been happening to Qualcomm lately, the various lawsuits, Broadcom’s merger attempt, and the potential loss of Apple’s business, the chipmaker surely can use a friend. And based on a report released by Reuters today, it seems that it has found one in BlackBerry. Mind you, the latter had been something of an outcast until it worked out a licensing deal with multiple companies. Now, led by the BlackBerry KEYone and the BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry is gaining some traction in the handset business.

This morning, Qualcomm and BlackBerry announced that they are teaming …

Nude is a new iPhone app that automatically finds your nudes and hides them from the camera roll

Nude is an app that… well, hides your nudes from the camera roll, deletes them from iCloud and moves them into the password-protected app. Simple, right? What’s new and exciting is that this app does not require you to do anything: it uses AI to analyze your photos (on your phone, it does not send your photos online), and then when it finds nudes it will automatically remove those from the camera roll.
Unfortunately, this trick does not work with videos yet, so you’d have to take care to protect them from curious eyes yourselves.
If …

Being near your smartphone makes you stupider, study finds

We all knew that we’ve been slowly
nurturing an addiction
to our smartphones, but researchers at the University of Texas at Austin
have further concluded that simply being in close proximity to our phones is
having adverse effects on our cognitive abilities. Using a sample size of
nearly 800 phone users, the study examined “the brain’s ability to hold
and process data at any given time.”


Subjects were selected at random to either place their phone
face down in front of them, inside their pocket, or in another room – all of
which were instructed to put their devices on silent. …

T-Mobile survey finds mobile devices bring families together, not apart

These days, mobile devices have become a scapegoat for breakdowns in parent-children relationships. How many times have you seen a father or mother scold a child for using his or her phone or tablet at a time that the parents considered to be inappropriate? But a new survey taken by ORC Caravan for T-Mobile is revealing something different. Surprisingly, 70% of parents said that mobile technology is bringing their family together.

The 70% of parents who responded favorably to the survey said that smartphones and other forms of mobile technology enable them to communicate to their kids via …