We bet you can't find all the crafty cats hiding in these photos


Cats are the masters of hide-and-seek.

Whether they’re stalking through the undergrowth or sliding beneath carelessly placed piles of clothes, those whiskery queens of disguise know how to disappear when they want to.

On Sunday night, Twitter Moments rounded up 16 gloriously puzzling “spot the cat” photos. Some are fairly obvious, others take a moment or two, and a few are fiendishly difficult.

See how many cats you can find.

Spot the cat. We’re going to stay up all nightpic.twitter.com/tfTHbCDYLW

— cat (@irnbrudreaming) June 8, 2017 Read more…

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Here is why you can't find your favorite Nokia-branded smartphone yet

It’s true that HMD promised to bring all three Nokia-branded smartphones in just about every meaningful market by the end of June. Unfortunately, the Finnish company has yet to achieve what it said in its previous statements.

Although it might be that many countries have already received one or two of the Nokia smartphones, stocks are dwindling, and HMD is hardly able to keep up with the high demand.

If you’ve already purchased the Nokia 3 or 5, then you can consider yourself lucky, as HMD is now gathering data from suppliers and will announce new release …

Facebook rolls out Find Wi-Fi feature everywhere in the world

Last year, Facebook launched a new feature called Find Wi-Fi on iPhone and Android, but it was only made available in a handful of countries. The new functionality would allow Facebook users who are traveling to find Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.

Well, starting today, Facebook announced that it’s expanding the availability of Find Wi-Fi globally on both the Android and iOS platforms. Users who receive the feature on their smartphones will be able to locate available Wi-Fi hotspots that have been shared by businesses with Facebook from their Page.

In order to find …

The wait is over to find out the sexes of Beyoncé's twins


After Beyoncé and Jay Z did such a great job of being themselves, they kindly welcomed miniature versions into the world.

The superstar couple’s twins are reportedly a boy and a girl. What a perfect Father’s Day gift for Jay Z, who is the only dad in the entire world today. 

According to TMZ, the twins were born a few days ago but remain in the hospital due to a “minor issue.” 

The dedicated Bey Hive discovered images of a floral delivery at the hospital that looks suspiciously like something one of their celebrity friends would send to parents of a twin boy and girl whose names happen to start with B and J.  Read more…

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Here is how much Google pays to those who find Android security holes

Do you know that you can get paid for finding security issues in Android? It is basically what Google offers with its Android Security Rewards (ASR) program, launched about two years ago. Rewards vary wildly depending on the nature of the vulnerability discovered, but Google says the average compensation paid to individuals is $2,150 for every valid claim they make, and dozens of researchers have received payments of $10,000 or more over the last two years. In total, over $1,5 million have been paid so far to teams and individuals contributing with vulnerability reports.
Two …

How to find great deals and discounts on Android and iOS apps

Name someone who doesn’t like deals, we’ll wait! Getting a quality or, in all honesty, any paid app on the cheap is one of life’s little pleasures. 

Thanks to Google’s recent policy change Android apps can now go completely free. The same applies to iOS apps, which have had the ability to go free for a long time now.
But with so many apps on both the App Store and the Play Store, it’s really hard to keep track on the ones that have had their prices slashed. Of course, most media outlets usually break the news if a high-profile app gets a price change, …

Old Nokia feature phones find demand as sex toys

A new survey on female masturbation conducted in India, has revealed a whole new niche use for Nokia’s old feature phones. It seems that the vibrating components used on older models like the Nokia 3310 (the original unit, not the new 2017 version) are so powerful that women are using the phones to replace their personal vibrators. On the Agents of Ishq website, 100 women responded to the survey with several stating that they use their old Nokia feature phone to pleasure themselves.

Somehow, we can’t see Nokia including this information in a television ad as a special feature of the phone. …

Google wants to help people find their perfect job, and companies to find the best talent

Closing out the Google I/O keynote, CEO Sundar Pichai talked about a new project that Google is working on, which should help employers find the right talent, and people to find the right job for them. According to stats that Mr. Pichai quoted, 46% of US employers are struggling with filling up vacant job spots, and Google decided to use the thing it does best — search and machine learning — in order to lend a helping hand to the job market.

The initiative is called “Google for Jobs”. The new feature will be available inside the Google app — you just need to type out …

New Oppo Find 9 image gives another wishful glimpse at the phone that never was

We first wrote about the Oppo Find 9 in early 2015. The Oppo Find 7 came out a year before that, and a lot has happened since then. Apple made big-screen phones. BlackBerry turned a profit. Cars started driving themselves. DiCaprio won an Oscar. But Oppo keeps not releasing the Find 9. We actually considered bluffing its announcement as our April Fools piece this year, but we didn’t want to hurt those that still care.

While Oppo, China’s second largest phone maker, pretends its Find line never existed, Weibo users keep the Find 9 legend alive by sporadically sharing rendered images and alleged …

So, how do you find that Red iPhone 7?

Today, Apple silently launched a new iPad, and also started offering the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus duo in a flaming red color. The latter is a part of the Product Red campaign — a part of the profits go towards AIDS relief efforts. This pretty much means that the iPhone 7 brought 3 new colors to the iPhone line — Black, Jet Black, and now Red.

You can only get the red color if you opt for a 128 GB or 256 GB storage tier of your chosen device — just like Jet Black, Apple is treating this as a more “premium” finish. The handset has a silver Apple logo on its back and a white front — a color …