'Harry Potter' fan-fiction film about Voldemort's origin has over 4 million views


It’s not the first time a fan-made film has blown up online, but ooh-wee, over 4 million views is a lot.

Tryangle Films has put out their unofficial Harry Potter fan-flick Voldemort: Origins of the Heir. The film acts as a fan-built origin story about Tom Riddle’s school career and early career as Voldemort, dark wizard extraordinaire.

All we want to know is, why wasn’t the title Tom Riddle: Misunderstood Genius? Read more…

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What cost film studios millions of dollars can now be made with just an iPhone X and few extra costs

What used to cost millions of dollars and was possible only in special movie studios can now be done with just an iPhone X and a few extra costs.

A brilliant illustration by KNL Studios shows how you can use a cheap body mockup model and body trackers with an iPhone X to achieve impressively accurate virtual avatar of your own self.
The technology is possible thanks to the Face ID camera in the iPhone X and below you can see a demonstration of the avatar in action, plus you can see the somewhat crazy mounts and gear used. It’s mind-boggling to see that …

New shot-on-iPhone short film Vortex shows you don't always need expensive cameras for great video

Shooting a cinematic video on just a phone is a bit of a cliche these days: we know that it’s possible and we know people do it more and more, but this latest one is worth sharing because it pushes the boundaries with shooting technique.
Vortex is a new, 1.5-minute short movie that is shot entirely on an iPhone with the help of some tools and with a lot of creativity, and it exemplifies novel camera movement that gives an exciting new perspective on New York City.

Watch a phone camera perform 360° barrel rolls!

The …

You can pre-order Samsung's Gear Sport watch today, watch the official launch film here

The Gear Sport is Samsung’s newest smartwatch in the Gear series, tailor made for those who want a sports-oriented watch in a smaller (43mm) form factor than the Gear S3. And the company has just released the official Gear Sport launch film, showing the look and some of the functionalities of the Gear Sport.
While the Gear Sport lacks some functionalities of the Gear S3, it has a better water protection with 5ATM rating that makes it a great choice for swimmers. It also has Spotify Offline capabilities and a more affordable price that the …

Samsung Gear Sport gets an "official launch" film, but no release date

In late August, Samsung announced the Gear Sport, a new
Tizen-based smartwatch aimed at very active users. While the company didn’t say
exactly when the Gear Sport would be released, the smartwatch is likely going
to hit shelves in the near future. That’s because Samsung today published a
Gear Sport “official launch film.”  


As you can see above, the launch film’s main idea is that
the Samsung Gear Sport is a smartwatch that enables you to “go beyond
fitness.” It can do that thanks to stuff like water resistance (up to 50
meters), weight management features, built-in GPS for accurate …

Best film and glass screen protectors for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple raised the prices for replacing a broken screen on your iPhone, and the new 8 and 8 Plus will set you back $149 and $169, respectively. That’s twenty bucks more than what Apple used to charge for the screen swaps on its latest iPhones, so if you know you can’t be bothered caring for your phone, better put a case on it… and a screen protector. 

Granted, Apple says it is using its toughest ever glass both for the screen cover layer, and for the chassis, but until drop tests definitely prove the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hard nuts to crack, …

Master of zombie film genre, George A. Romero dead at 77


The man who kicked off the popularization of the modern zombie genre, director George A. Romero, has died at the age of 77. 

His death was first reported on Sunday by the Los Angeles Times. Romero died in his sleep after suffering complications from lung cancer, according to a statement given to the paper Romero’s producing partner, Peter Grunwald. 

Romero was best known for his cult classic film Night of the Living Dead, which debuted in 1968 and went on to influence some of the biggest directors in horror and Hollywood in general.  Read more…

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Watch ‘Détour’ – the new Apple-produced film shot entirely on an iPhone

Apple certainly likes to show off the camera capabilities of its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, and has done so on many occasions over the last few months. From portrait-mode-promotion videos, to actual magazine photo shoots, we have seen iPhone 7 and iOS’ video and image production skills from many angles. However, Cupertino seems far from done with the campaign, as new Apple-produced videos that focus on iPhone’s camera productivity were published this Thursday.

The result of the production is an 11-minute film, called ‘Détour’, which was shot entirely on an iPhone and …

Mark Zuckerberg posts Oculus VR film profiling prison inmates changing their lives


Mark Zuckerberg made a big splash last week with Facebook’s dive into social VR in the form of Facebook Spaces. But Zuckerberg knows that social media is just part of the VR picture, and on Sunday he demonstrated that by posting a short VR film called Step to the Line. 

Shot using the new Nokia OZO camera, directed by Ricardo Laganaro, and produced in partnership with Defy Ventures, the film is part of the Oculus VR For Good program. The Oculus initiative was launched last year to support VR film projects that encourage positive social change.  Read more…

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The best TV and film Easter eggs of the year


Easter eggs mean different things to different people. They might mean a time-honored tradition or an excuse to hunt for prizes and candy (or both). For a rabid entertainment fan, Easter eggs are friendly little inside jokes in your favorite pieces of pop culture that reward the voracious viewer.

In honor of Easter here are some of our favorite Easter eggs (ha, get it?) from the past year. 


Image: DIsney

Disney/Pixar films are connected in a way Ryan Murphy will envy for all time, and Moana was no exception. The animation included lightning-fast glimpses of characters from The Little Mermaid, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, and many from Aladdin, which was also directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. Read more…

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