Updated Chromecast with Bluetooth support on its way according to FCC filing

Google is working on a new Bluetooth-equipped Chromecast dongle. The current second-generation Chromecast will be three years old this September, but according to new FCC documents, Google has plans to update its popular product with support for Bluetooth radios.

See, Google’s current offering already supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy. In its current state, though, the Chromecast dongle fails to support traditional Bluetooth frequencies, which is what the FCC documents refer to. This additional support will entail only a small update to …

Moto E5 & E5 Plus processors revealed by FCC filing

A new FCC listing pertaining to the upcoming Moto E5 line has revealed a number of processor details. It’s been known for some time now that Motorola has plans for not one, but two new Moto E5 devices, with recent leaks showing off their designs in full. Now, shortly after the lineup’s colors were also revealed, information regarding the processors has leaked via an FCC filing.

Looking at the documents, the devices are listed under their model numbers. The first, which relates to the regular Moto E5, is included under the XT1924-4 and XT1924-5 names and is listed as featuring Qualcomm’s …

Unreleased Gold iPhone X shown off in FCC filing

An FCC filing by Apple reveals an unreleased gold iPhone X. Before the September reveal of the device, the iPhone X was expected to be available in three colors, among which was set to be a new gold variant. Unfortunately, this model never materialized despite a number of dummy units appearing. Due to an FCC filing, however, it appears Apple did initially have plans for the device, perhaps hinting at a future release.

The filing in question was under a 180-day confidentiality period which has now expired, opening up the device images to public viewing. As can be seen, the variant retains …

Moto G6 Plus release drawing near, new regulatory filing shows

Info about Motorola’s upcoming phones is leaking from all sides these days, indicating that Moto may launch a G6, G6 Play and G6 Plus very soon, as the phones have been popping up in certification databases already, indicating a nearby release. 

In the latest installment of those filings, the Taiwanese NCC has stamped its approval onto the G6 Plus, which is expected to be the top of the crop, complete with the supported plethora of LTE bands you see below.
The leader of the new Moto pack will be buzzing with an upper midrange Snapdragon 630 …

LG patent filing shows two different foldable phones

A patent filing made by LG to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) revealed not one, but two different concepts for a foldable phone than can be turned into a tablet and vice versa. The patent itself calls the product a “mobile phone with flexible display which can be folded in half.” One version appears to have two handset bodies side-by-side, with a single display that can be folded in half. When the display is folded, the device resembles a smartphone and shows an “always on” display with the time. Unfolded, it looks like a tablet.

The second version of a foldable device …

Microsoft's latest SEC filing confirms that it has given up on mobile and is focusing on AI

So what was the moment when Microsoft’s hoped for success in mobile turned? Was it when Steve Jobs walked out on stage with the Apple iPhone on January 9th, 2007? After all, during the presentation, Apple’s co-founder and CEO managed to get some jabs in on certain smartphones powered by Windows Mobile such as the Samsung BlackJack and the Motorola “Q.” And that was only the beginning.

Microsoft’s comments posted in the company’s latest SEC filings indicate that mobile is no longer an important part of the software giant’s outlook. Previously, the strategic vision for Microsoft listed on …

Snapdragon 845 appears in Qualcomm's ITC filing seeking a ban on U.S. iPhone imports

Earlier this year, we had some information pertaining to the unannounced Snapdragon 845 chipset, rumored to be Qualcomm’s next flagship SoC. First reports had the chip using the 7nm process, which would have increased performance by 25% to 35% over the currently used Snapdragon 835 chip. But that rumor has since been spiked since the 7nm process won’t be ready for mass production next year.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to be the first handset to use the Snapdragon 845, LG said back in May that it will use the chip inside its 2018 flagship model. This year, LG had to use 2016’s …

Microsoft's SEC filing confirms that Windows Phone is dead

Microsoft’s latest quarterly filing with the SEC confirms what everyone has already known. Windows Phone is dead. The filing, in which Microsoft lists investments in products that it will be making in the future, included Windows Phone in the fiscal Q2 report. The new report filed for the fiscal third quarter has no mention of Windows Phone. And if you want to tell us that Microsoft is focused on Windows 10 Mobile, the latter wasn’t included in the report filed with the SEC just three months back when Windows Phone was listed. So yeah, we’ve heard that punchline.

Microsoft knows that Windows …

Apple SEC filing hints at an OLED panel for next iPhone

The rumor that Apple will be moving to an OLED panel for its anniversary iPhone in 2017 has been around for so long now, that we would be surprised if it didn’t materialize. Perhaps the biggest proof in this regard thus far has been a comment from president of Sharp, Tai Jeng-wu.


In a new development, the J.P. Morgan investment firm has managed to find poof in numbers as well. It came after a big investigation into Apple’s most recent Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K filing. In it analysts found a purchase order which extends more than an year in duration and has a total cost of around $4 billion. It is believed to be a long-term OLED sourcing contract, likely for the tenth anniversary iPhone next year.

Samsung might very well be at the receiving end of said deal, as producing OLED panels is a costly and very fiddly process that requires a good amount of expertise to carry-our efficiently. There is also a chance that Sharp might be trying its hand at fulfilling Apple’s OLED needs. This would obviously be the more comfortable choice for Cupertino, since Sharp is currently owned by its long-term Foxconn partner and Japan Display.

It is also worth noting that some industry insiders believe Apple won’t ditch its current LTPS panel technology and rightfully so. The latter has come a long way and is truly one of the best LCDs on the market. Instead the next iPhone might come in a total of three variants. Only one of them is said to be a special anniversary 5.5-inch OLED one. It is also likely that said panel will be curved. As for the other two, they might retain the traditional LTPS technology – one in the traditional 4.7-inch form factor and the other in a middle-ground 5 inches.